Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September Week 2

Monday - 9/8:  1 around the home course with team.

Tuesday - 9/9:  4 at Kilburn in the morning.  It was 55 degrees this morning.  I had the day off in order to take the kids to the doctor's office.

Wednesday - Friday:  0.

Saturday - 9/13:  8 w/team up Pisgah Reservoir Rd.  Great morning to run.  7 athletes woke early to enjoy the long run.

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Week 1

9/1 - Monday:  4 miles around school and rail trail.  Oppressive humidity today.  Legs felt slow.  Probably a result of yesterday's long run, all the mowing and chores yesterday, and the killer humidity today.

9/2 - Tuesday:  0.  The kids ran a hill workout today in the most brutal heat and humidity Mother Nature could conjure.  Everyone survived.

9/3 - Wednesday:  4 w/team.  Another hot one!

9/4 - Thursday:  3 w/team.  Not really loving July like conditions in September.

9/5 - Friday:  0.

9/5 - Saturday:  2 around KSC during meet.  Last day of oppressive conditions for a while.

9/6 - Sunday:  3 roads of Hdale from school.  I couldn't get out until noon.  It was 75 degrees with crisp air.  Just a beautiful day.  Go Pats!  I'll be watching while grading.

Total:  16