Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer 2015, week 2

Monday - 6/29:  4 miles around school.  Parked at the boat landing and ran Stage/River/Main Street loop.  My legs felt tired today, and I didn't have much motivation to run.

Tuesday - 6/30:  0.  We took the kids to the Friendly Farm in Dublin.  They had fun chasing the ducks and chickens.  I rested as I felt a little PF in my right foot potentially coming on.  I usually get this when I have sore/tight calves.

Wednesday - 7/1:  4 from Greg's house to short Friedsam loop and back.  Humid run today.  I snuck out between rain showers.  My legs felt ok.  I wore my old shoes because I thought I would do a run in Pisgah today and I didn't want the new ones getting soaked.

Thursday - 7/2:  6 w/athletes at Kilburn.  Beautiful morning for running.  Ran with three members of the boys' team.  We all took a dip in the pond afterwards.  Felt very stiff (upper back) in the morning. Loosened up during the run.  Legs feel good.

Friday - 7/3:  0 today.  I went fishing in the morning with the intent of running after a few casts.  During my fishing, I had to wade through a lot of poison ivy, so I went home to wash my legs.  I never hit the roads after - oh well.

Saturday 7/4:  5 at the Four on the Fourth.  I ran 31:29.  I notice Jonny got hosed in the official results - they don't even have him listed.  He ran great, and Greg and Pard ran strong as well.  I wanted to break 32.  I went out with a coworker who eventually pulled away on the big climb after 2 miles.  I felt awful as usual on the last mile.  I'm not in any kind of fitness for racing.  My upper back was an issue during the run and still is now.

Sunday 7/5:  I am supposed to run with some athletes tonight at 6.  I'm hoping my upper back can handle it.

6pm:  4 on HRT.  Very easy pace.  Felt ok.  My upper back has been extremely stiff.  I need to lift weights.

Weekly total:  23

Summer total:  55

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Begins

6/22 - Monday:  0.  Last day of school.  I went golfing with a coworker afterwards.  I got a par on the first hole and got worse from there.

6/23 - Tuesday:  4 at Kilburn in the am.
                           2 on Oxbow Rd pm.

6/24 - Wednesday:  4 from Boat Landing to the Town Hall and back.

6/25 - Thursday:  6 w/athletes at Kilburn.  Fun running with company.

                            3 w/athlete around school in pm.

6/26 - Friday:  0.  We went to check out couches and the YMCA.  We had a nice family day.

6/27 - Saturday:  4.5 on HRT.  Beautiful running weather for late June.  I ran at 10am and it was only around 67 degrees.
                             2.5 around school in pm.  I felt decent tonight.  Third easy double of the week.

6/28 - Sunday:  6 w/athletes and Greg at Kilburn.  Rainy and cold morning (for June).  Felt good.

Weekly total:  32