Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Week 3

Monday:  3 at practice.

Tuesday:  We travelled comfortably via coach bus to Moultonborough to compete in the Granite State Conference Championship.  I got 3 miles in.  We had some good performances on a tough weather and air quality day for racing.  Our girls were 3rd overall out of 10 schools represented.

Wednesday:  2.5 at practice.

Thursday:  4 at practice.  Humid and hot with rain mixed in.

Friday:  3 miles at the Hillsboro Invite.  Fun day for racing.  We had some good results.

Saturday:  0.  We went to Pumpkinfest in Keene.  Not my cup of tea, but everyone seemed to have fun, and we got out of there before the rioting began.  Next year, we'll be looking for a quieter event!

Sunday:  0.  My run in the morning didn't happen.  I was unable to get out the door later in the day.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Week 2

Monday:  3 at practice.

Tuesday:  3 at practice.

Wednesday:  4 at Derryfield meet.

Thursday:  1 at practice.

Friday:  0.

Saturday: 10 in Pisgah.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Begins

I've gotten behind (as usual).  This is because I got a nasty cold that hit the whole family for about 9 days mixed with busy weeks at work.  Going off memory here is my most recent week.

Monday 9/29:  Zero.  Very busy day at school replete with grades being due, meetings, deadlines for goals, and other fun.

Tuesday 9/30:  Zero again.  Tuesdays are always tough to get a run in with after school meetings and a workout day for the team.  The athletes ran a great I paced workout.

Wednesday 10/1:  3.  1 mile warm-up than I jumped in to help an athlete hit her last two tempo miles.

Thursday 10/2:  1.  I went on a hawk watching field trip today at Pack Monadnock.  We didn't see any hawks as it was socked in.  The weather cleared back in Hinsdale and I saw a kettle of about 10 broadwings riding a thermal over the school.  I ran a mile with some of the team and lifted weights.

Friday 10/3:  3.  The team needed an easy day, so we ran down to the Ashuelot and soaked the legs before heading back.  Very relaxing day.

Saturday 10/4:  3 miles as part of the team's warm-up and cool-down at Fall Mountain.  Nice rainy day for a race.  We had some good performances today.

Sunday 10/5:  6.  I met up with three athletes for a run up Broad Brook in Pisgah.  It was my first day where I got to break out the gloves on a run.  It was 45 degrees and just perfect for running.

16 for the week.  Now that my health is back, I'd like to get more miles this upcoming week.