Monday, December 31, 2012

12/31 - 1/6/2013

Monday:  4 miles w/Jimmy on snowshoes at Kilburn.  My calves were fatiguing even though I felt decent energy wise.  27 minutes in, I ripped the snowshoes off because my calves couldn't take it anymore.

Tuesday:  3 miles w/Jimmy on Rail Trail.  Nice early morning run to try and loosen up before the Millennium Mile later this afternoon.  I am tight!  Upper back and lower back.  Hopefully I'll feel better in the pm.  I'm hoping I can break 6.

PM:  3 miles at Millennium Mile in Londonderry.    We got their with little time to spare because we got a little lost on the car ride.  No real warm-up plus starting with 500 people in front of me equals crappy race.  People were actually holding hands and walking in front of me as I swerved, weaved, and juked my way through the throng.  Even if I started up front I wouldn't have run too well today.  I had no turnover.  It felt like I was running 8 minute pace.  I ended up running 6:11 on my watch.  This has the potential to be a really fun event.  Next year it's on!

Wednesday:  0.  Meeting after work + I have to go back to school to work the books for the jv and varsity boys' basketball games.  Hopefully this zero will make me motivated for tomorrow.

Thursday:  I woke up to no heat on the coldest morning of the season.  I stayed home to deal with the furnace (it's fixed) then I ran for 20 minutes on the rail trail.  Nice and slow w/Jimmy.  2.5 miles.  It's cold out there today and should be colder tonight.  We had -2, but I know a lot of people had colder temps around the Keene area.  Greg probably had -10 in the cruel Pisgah range.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention that the run was the best part of my day!

Friday:  0.  Just felt lazy.

Saturday:  3.5 on the Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  I put this run off until the pm.  In the am I worked on chipping ice off the driveway so the oil truck could make the hill.  It made it!  Upper body is going to be sore.

Sunday:  5.5 on Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  I felt pretty darn good on this one.  I moved at a good clip.  I threw in 3 R paced pick-ups towards the end.  44 min total.

Weekly Total:  21.5
Days lifting:  0

Last week:  25.5

Monday, December 24, 2012

12/24 - 12/30/2012

Monday:  2.5 miles on Hinsdale Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  Nice morning.  I kept this short and easy.

Tuesday:  5 miles w/Jonny, Pard, and Jimmy around the Brrrlingame 15k course.  I have no idea what trails we ran except for the North/South Trail, but they were fun.  I'm running a track workout with the WTAC crew tomorrow at Chariho.  I'm looking to run an R workout consisting of 200's.

Wednesday:   5 miles at CHS.  I met up with the WTAC guys Jonny, Gazelle, Muddy, and Tommy Fivek.  We ran a 2 mile warm up together then I ran my own workout consisting of a tempo mile followed by some rep work.

Goals:  mile - 7:25
4 x 200 - 47 w/ full rest

Result:  mile - 7:23
41, 42, 45, 43 + 100 in 18.5

.5 mile cool down around the old Fun Run course.  I used my current vdot (45)  to come up with the times.  I really feel I need a lot of rep work because of my tight/arthritic spine.  My stride is very labored.  I need to add some hill sprints too.  We'll see if this one workout yields any results on Saturday and Tuesday.

Thursday:  7 w/ Cody and Jimmy on the Rail Trail w/River Loop extended.  Pretty awesome run.  Blowing snow and breaking trail made for some tough conditions.  I could tell Cody was enjoying it.  We started a little too fast which made the middle miles pretty tough.  We were able to grind out the last mile at a pretty fast clip.

Friday:  3 miles on Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  Nice sunny morning.  We got about 7 or 8 inches of snow yesterday.  Took this one nice and slow.

Saturday:  3 miles at BU Mini Meet #3.  I raced the mile in 6:20 and the 800 in 2:48.  Both were improvements from last week.  Both hurt a ton.    A lot of fun once again.  We had a looonngg drive back in the snow from Boston.  I'm worn out and my calves are sore.

I felt a little smoother thanks to racing and my workout on Wednesday.  I need to continue doing R paced workouts.  I might not race the Millennium Mile on Tuesday so I can recover fully.

Sunday:  Lifted Upper x 2 in am.  I'm not feeling very motivated to run.  Maybe I'll get out this afternoon.

Nope.  Didn't happen.  I did run 3 hill sprints in the driveway.  Good week.

Week Total:  25.5
Days Lifting:  1

Last Week:  19

Saturday, December 22, 2012

BU Mini Meet #2

As I watch the Lions play the Falcons I can't help but reflect on how much fun I had today down in Boston.  The Mini Meets are a blast.  They probably take up too much of the day, but man they are fun.  Today I drove down with Cody (a former student), Greg (The GOAT), and a current student.  The ride down was fun with the normal pre-race banter.  The total experience is fun.  I enjoy watching the fast heats and getting ready for my races.  I am a lot slower than my pr's from 13 years ago, but a race is a race.  When you toe the line and go for it, it's the same feeling no matter how fast (or slow) you run.  I was the slowest seed time in heat 12 of the mile.  I was thinking I could hit 6:20 today, but I really just wanted to be better than last week.  I ran 6:27 and it hurt.  There's nothing like chasing it and hearing people cheer for you.  The Keene running community which consists of a lot of former Keene State runners, and of course Greg and Boj, let me hear it on every turn.

Cody, who had never raced before, broke 6 and later asked if it was normal to taste blood.  We all had that copper taste from the ultra dry air.  Cody and I had about 30 minutes to hack and cough before our 800 race with Boj.  Despite the very short respite, I was ready to race an 800 for the first time since high school.  I had real fears that I might not break 3 minutes.  The gun went off and I shadowed Cody.  Once again, the crowd support was awesome.  Even though I was battling for the 3rd slowest 800 of the entire meet, the Keene crew cheered for me like I was in the Olympics.  Very motivating, and it helped me crack 3 in 2:53.  Yeah f#$#%r!

My high school athlete had an awesome day running a pr (and school record) in the 400 and a near pr in the 800.  He seemed hooked and declared his intentions to race again next week.  Greg won his heat in the 400 and broke 2 in the 800.  Boj battled a sh*t eating cold to get a season's best in the mile, and Goup and Mac the Knight ran tough doubles.

I can't wait to chase the pain again next week!  See you there.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/17 - 12/23/2012

Monday:  0.  Worn out from grading all night and morning.

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy on Hdale Rail Trail.  Slow, sloppy conditions.  I was able to get out before it got dark.

Wednesday:  Lifted upperx3 after my meeting at school.  0 running.  I'm scheduled for a run on the rail trail with a former student tomorrow.  He used to be about 270 back in high school now he's getting very close to the 200lb mark.  He looks great, and he just ran a 5:50 (edit) time trial mile on the track this week.  Unbelievable!

Thursday:  4.5 w/Cody and Jimmy at night on the Hinsdale Rail Trail.  We saw a barred owl and heard some coyotes.  We also ran on a new section of trail right across the river from Vt. Yankee.  Time flew.  It barely felt like I was running until Cody dropped me on the last 3/4 mile back.  Calves are sore.

Friday:  4 miles w/Jimmy on Reservoir Rd.  Legs were sluggish and heavy.  Hopefully this is the famed feel like crap run the day before a good race.  I'm running at the BU Mini Meet tomorrow.  I'm not sure if I should run the mile or the 8.  Maybe I'll do both.

Saturday:  3.5.  1 mile race - 6:27.  800 - 2:53.  I improved from last week.  I thought I might run a little quicker in the mile.  I was happy that I recovered enough to jump in the 800.  The 800 is a really fun event.

Sunday:  4 w'Jimmy on Reservoir Rd.  I was a little underdressed for the 24 degree temps on this early morning run.  Felt pretty sluggish after yesterday.  PM - We hosted Fedorowicz family Christmas.

Week total:  19
Days lifting:  1
Last week:  14

Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10 - 12/16/2012

Monday:  Donned the headlamp for an easy 20 minute run on the Hdale Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  My calves are pretty sore.  I felt good despite the soreness.  Last night I ordered some new gear on Running Warehouse.  I can't wait for the early Xmas presents to myself.  2.5 miles.  Later at night, Gina and I watched the lady Pacers win against rival Monadnock in a close home game.  Fun Day.

Tuesday:  0.  Took a nap after school because I stayed up too late last night.  After I woke up, we went out to eat.  My calves can use the rest.

Wednesday:  1 in early am w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd.  I had time for a ten minute run this morning, so I went for it.  Nice crisp 23 degrees.
pm = 0.  I was the book keeper for the girls' jv and varsity game tonight.  They both won.

Thursday:  3 at night w/Jimmy on Hdale Rail Trail.  Felt decent.  New tights felt warm enough at 30 degrees.  I don't know if they'll work in much colder weather.

Friday:  Shot hoops and lifted upper x 2 in the early am.  Feeling good.  PM:  I went to an Xmas party/celebration for our former vice principal who is now the principal of the elementary school.

Saturday:  3.5 miles at BU Mini Meet.  1 mile race in 6:32.  Fun day.  I'm pretty darn slow, but I'm still moving!

Sunday:  4 at Kilburn w/Jimmy.  I felt sluggish and unmotivated today.  It could be the race yesterday, or it could be the mountain of grading I have to do.  Happy Sunday.

Weekly Total:  14
Days lifting:  1
Last week:  19

Monday, December 3, 2012


Monday:  I went running with the headlamp hat tonight on the rail trail with Jimmy.  I ran for 20ish minutes nice and slow.  I felt pretty good.  I ran into Tim T. who was out goose hunting with his mountain bike.  Nice global warming!  2.5.

Tuesday:  0.  I had a dr.'s appointment.  Things are looking good.  I'm still recovering.

Wednesday:  2 miles at night with the headlamp down Oxbow Rd w/Jimmy.  I had to duck in the bushes a couple times.  Luckily my road is pretty desolate.   Nice run.  I need to do this every night.

Thursday:  2.5 Reservoir Rd w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  I thought about going longer, but it was getting dark.  It's amazing what even a short run can do for you.  Felt great!

Friday:  0.  Went to the boys' home game; they won.  Saving it for something good tomorrow.

Saturday:  7.5 up Reservoir Rd w/Jimmy - 62 minutes.  I should have worn my bandaids and wind briefs on this one.  Awesome run despite it.  Fun Hermathon to celebrate Ferenc's birthday at night.  Got me pumped to keep at it.  I'm going to run in my first ever indoor race next Saturday.

Sunday:  4.5 Kilburn w/Jimmy.  36 minutes.  Nips started bleeding from yesterday's cold, wet run.  I thought vaseline would prevent this.  Wrong.  Legs felt sluggish.

Week Total:  19.

Good week.  My health is coming back.  I'm looking forward to each run.  Next Saturday I'm going to BU to find out what I can burn a mile in.  Hopefully I will break 6:30!