Monday, December 31, 2012

12/31 - 1/6/2013

Monday:  4 miles w/Jimmy on snowshoes at Kilburn.  My calves were fatiguing even though I felt decent energy wise.  27 minutes in, I ripped the snowshoes off because my calves couldn't take it anymore.

Tuesday:  3 miles w/Jimmy on Rail Trail.  Nice early morning run to try and loosen up before the Millennium Mile later this afternoon.  I am tight!  Upper back and lower back.  Hopefully I'll feel better in the pm.  I'm hoping I can break 6.

PM:  3 miles at Millennium Mile in Londonderry.    We got their with little time to spare because we got a little lost on the car ride.  No real warm-up plus starting with 500 people in front of me equals crappy race.  People were actually holding hands and walking in front of me as I swerved, weaved, and juked my way through the throng.  Even if I started up front I wouldn't have run too well today.  I had no turnover.  It felt like I was running 8 minute pace.  I ended up running 6:11 on my watch.  This has the potential to be a really fun event.  Next year it's on!

Wednesday:  0.  Meeting after work + I have to go back to school to work the books for the jv and varsity boys' basketball games.  Hopefully this zero will make me motivated for tomorrow.

Thursday:  I woke up to no heat on the coldest morning of the season.  I stayed home to deal with the furnace (it's fixed) then I ran for 20 minutes on the rail trail.  Nice and slow w/Jimmy.  2.5 miles.  It's cold out there today and should be colder tonight.  We had -2, but I know a lot of people had colder temps around the Keene area.  Greg probably had -10 in the cruel Pisgah range.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention that the run was the best part of my day!

Friday:  0.  Just felt lazy.

Saturday:  3.5 on the Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  I put this run off until the pm.  In the am I worked on chipping ice off the driveway so the oil truck could make the hill.  It made it!  Upper body is going to be sore.

Sunday:  5.5 on Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  I felt pretty darn good on this one.  I moved at a good clip.  I threw in 3 R paced pick-ups towards the end.  44 min total.

Weekly Total:  21.5
Days lifting:  0

Last week:  25.5


  1. Happy New Year! Enjoy your fast mile today (Tue).

  2. We only had -1°F at my house. I went for a 2mile
    run at 6am just to go out and play in the cold, fresh