Saturday, December 22, 2012

BU Mini Meet #2

As I watch the Lions play the Falcons I can't help but reflect on how much fun I had today down in Boston.  The Mini Meets are a blast.  They probably take up too much of the day, but man they are fun.  Today I drove down with Cody (a former student), Greg (The GOAT), and a current student.  The ride down was fun with the normal pre-race banter.  The total experience is fun.  I enjoy watching the fast heats and getting ready for my races.  I am a lot slower than my pr's from 13 years ago, but a race is a race.  When you toe the line and go for it, it's the same feeling no matter how fast (or slow) you run.  I was the slowest seed time in heat 12 of the mile.  I was thinking I could hit 6:20 today, but I really just wanted to be better than last week.  I ran 6:27 and it hurt.  There's nothing like chasing it and hearing people cheer for you.  The Keene running community which consists of a lot of former Keene State runners, and of course Greg and Boj, let me hear it on every turn.

Cody, who had never raced before, broke 6 and later asked if it was normal to taste blood.  We all had that copper taste from the ultra dry air.  Cody and I had about 30 minutes to hack and cough before our 800 race with Boj.  Despite the very short respite, I was ready to race an 800 for the first time since high school.  I had real fears that I might not break 3 minutes.  The gun went off and I shadowed Cody.  Once again, the crowd support was awesome.  Even though I was battling for the 3rd slowest 800 of the entire meet, the Keene crew cheered for me like I was in the Olympics.  Very motivating, and it helped me crack 3 in 2:53.  Yeah f#$#%r!

My high school athlete had an awesome day running a pr (and school record) in the 400 and a near pr in the 800.  He seemed hooked and declared his intentions to race again next week.  Greg won his heat in the 400 and broke 2 in the 800.  Boj battled a sh*t eating cold to get a season's best in the mile, and Goup and Mac the Knight ran tough doubles.

I can't wait to chase the pain again next week!  See you there.


  1. Nice races man. See ya there next week

  2. Thanks guys. Good to hear from you James. I hope you're having fun teaching and are recovered from your injury.