Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/17 - 12/23/2012

Monday:  0.  Worn out from grading all night and morning.

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy on Hdale Rail Trail.  Slow, sloppy conditions.  I was able to get out before it got dark.

Wednesday:  Lifted upperx3 after my meeting at school.  0 running.  I'm scheduled for a run on the rail trail with a former student tomorrow.  He used to be about 270 back in high school now he's getting very close to the 200lb mark.  He looks great, and he just ran a 5:50 (edit) time trial mile on the track this week.  Unbelievable!

Thursday:  4.5 w/Cody and Jimmy at night on the Hinsdale Rail Trail.  We saw a barred owl and heard some coyotes.  We also ran on a new section of trail right across the river from Vt. Yankee.  Time flew.  It barely felt like I was running until Cody dropped me on the last 3/4 mile back.  Calves are sore.

Friday:  4 miles w/Jimmy on Reservoir Rd.  Legs were sluggish and heavy.  Hopefully this is the famed feel like crap run the day before a good race.  I'm running at the BU Mini Meet tomorrow.  I'm not sure if I should run the mile or the 8.  Maybe I'll do both.

Saturday:  3.5.  1 mile race - 6:27.  800 - 2:53.  I improved from last week.  I thought I might run a little quicker in the mile.  I was happy that I recovered enough to jump in the 800.  The 800 is a really fun event.

Sunday:  4 w'Jimmy on Reservoir Rd.  I was a little underdressed for the 24 degree temps on this early morning run.  Felt pretty sluggish after yesterday.  PM - We hosted Fedorowicz family Christmas.

Week total:  19
Days lifting:  1
Last week:  14

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