Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bring on 2015 - Last week of December/First week of Jan.

Monday 12/29:  5 to the Vin Gormley Bridge.  Nice morning for a run.  I felt stiff from all the travel and sleeping on strange mattresses.

Tuesday 12/30:  3 on the Yellow Dot.  I ran this as a tempo run before we packed the car and headed back home.  I tried not to hammer too hard in order to save something in my legs for Thursday.  Fun little trip to MA and RI.

Wednesday 12/31:  4 w/Greg on 4H in Pisgah.  Last run of 2014.  It was nice and cold.  I had a hard time getting motivated to run today.  Greg was willing to run a double today which helped me get off the couch.  I'm not racing the Millennium Mile tomorrow, but I will attempt another mile time trial at Brattleboro.  It's going to be cold with a windchill around 10 degrees.  Definitely not ideal conditions, but I'll give a big effort tomorrow regardless.

Thursday 1/1:  6.5 w/Greg and 2 athletes around Brattleboro track.  We ran the mile (6:37), a 200 (40), a 400 (93), and an 800 (3:01) all in 12 degrees temps.  Fun way to celebrate the new year.

Friday - Sunday.  Sick with the flu.  I had to get two liters of IV on Friday morning after scaring Gina by fainting and smacking my noggin on the door.  No worse for the wear now, but it wasn't my top choice for ending Xmas vacation.

18.5 miles for the week.

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22nd - 28th

Monday 12/22:  3 solo on the HRT.  Felt a little sluggish after yesterday's long run.  Nice evening to run.  I finished right before it got dark.

Tuesday 12/23:  0.

Wednesday 12/24:  4 around Brattleboro.  I was planning on running a one mile time trial with some athletes.  We did a nice warm-up with drills and strides then got ready to race.  The track was nice and clear until we hit the far turn at 200 meters.  There was a 15 meter section of ice that covered every lane.  We almost wiped out on it.  We decided to pull the plug.  Kind of bummed.  I decided to grab a couple more miles around town.

Thursday 12/25:  3 miles around school.  48 degrees - nice GW!  I overdressed today.  I also felt incredibly crooked today.  Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Friday 12/26:  8 in Pisgah.  I hammered on this run.  A few of my splits were parking area to 1st gate 14:50, gate to gate up Spirit Breaker - 6:08, and gate to parking area back - 11:40.  Felt a lot better than yesterday.  Trails were in great shape - just muddy with puddles, but no snow or ice.

Saturday 12/27:  0.  We drove down to Massachusetts for a Christmas party with Gina's family.

Sunday 12/28:  0.  We headed down to Rhody to celebrate with my side of the family.  Fun seeing everyone.  I didn't get to sneak out for a run.

Weekly Total:  18

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 15th - 21st

Monday 12/15:  0.  Too much going on today.

Tuesday 12/16:  0.  See above.

Wednesday 12/17:  6 w/athletes.  3 mile warm-up.  2,2,4 x 3.  45 avg. for the 200s.  1:35 for the 400s.  Time was running out, so we ditched the last 400.  Felt ok.

Thursday 12/18:  0.  Another day where I had to hustle home as I had baby duty all night.  Uncle Greg came over for the second night in a row.  He was a big help.

Friday 12/19:  7 solo on miscellaneous Hinsdale roads.  It was a cold, blustery day.  I had an hour to run, so I tried to grab as many miles as possible.  Peppy pace.

Saturday 12/20:  3.5 from Boat Landing.  Nice morning.  I thought I might go farther, but my legs were a little sore from yesterday.

Sunday 12/21:  10 w/athlete.  The back roads were a little nasty, so we ran out and back on 119.  Snowy morning.  I saw a guy hoist a nice bass out of the setbacks.  I can't believe they are on the ice - it hasn't been frozen very long.  Feeling pooped.

Weekly total:  26.5

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8th - 14th

Monday 12/8:  5 solo on PTSA 5k course from my house.  Cold, windy, and grey day.  I still managed to overdress.  When I got home the phone was ringing.  Brady had a 105 degree fever and was headed to the doctor's.  They drugged him up and his fever was gone 90 minutes later.  I hope it lasts the night.  Poor guy.

Tuesday 12/9:  Snow Day!  7 w/Greg, Jenny, and Griffin in Pisgah.  Nice run.  We got out early before everything got too nasty.

Wednesday 12/10:  3 on Oxbow Rd.  I had to stay home today because both kids are sick.  I was able to get out in the afternoon.  My legs felt sluggish and heavy - not very motivated.  I should probably take it easy tomorrow and Friday so my legs will be ok for the 5k on Saturday.

Thursday 12/11:  0.  I had no motivation this afternoon for running.  I came home and took a nap with Emma.  I think staying up with Brady last night took its toll on me.  Back after it tomorrow!

Friday 12/12:  0.  Another unplanned day off.  The oil truck refused to deliver because of my driveway.   I spent the afternoon calling people to come sand it.  An old teacher buddy came and sanded it for free which was super nice of him.

Saturday 12/13:  I had to miss the 5k in Bratt to add more sand to the driveway.  It had snowed a dusting last night.  Greg helped out.  I didn't want the truck to leave again.  Oil delivered!  Maybe I can get out this afternoon.

Nopes - didn't happen.

Sunday 12/14:  9 w/athlete.  Great run today.  Beautiful and sunny around 28 degrees.  Feeling good.

Weekly Total:  24.  I had visions of a 40 mile week, but a few snafus got in the way.

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st - 7th

Monday 12/1:  5 w/ 2 athletes on HRT.  Didn't feel great today, but I endured.  It was a nice day for running.

Tuesday 12/2:  5 solo on 119.  I didn't think that I would get to run today, but our meeting ended early and I hustled out the door.  Felt decent.  Right foot a little tender.

Wednesday 12/3:  5 w/athletes around downtown.  3 mile warm-up.  4x200 and 1x400.  I was supposed to do 2x400, but the digestive tract wasn't cooperating.  R pace 46 and 98.

Thursday 12/4:  3 - Charles St lollipop.  I was able to sneak out the door and save the zero.

Friday 12/5:  7.5 around town and out Plain Rd progression run.  I started slow and was really flying the last two miles.  Feel good.

Saturday 12/6:  0.  I was hoping to get 4 or 5 miles today, but the time to get out the door never materialized.  My body is a little beat up from yesterday, so the rest will probably be beneficial.

Sunday 12/7:  7.  Ran 4 w/3 athletes then I added on 3 more around town.  Cold and windy day.  Felt fine.

Weekly total:  32.5

Good week.  I was hoping to be closer to 40, but I'll take it.  I'm racing a 5k next weekend.  It will be interesting to see where I'm at fitness wise.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24th - November 30th

Monday 11/24:  0.  I had to cancel my run so Gina could take Brady to the doctor's.  He's got an ear infection and pink eye!

Tuesday:  11/25:  0.  Too much going on today.

Wednesday:  11/26:  2 on HRT.  I had to watch the babies all morning while Gina worked a half day.  Once she got home, I headed over to the Rail Trail for 2 quick miles.  It was snowing like crazy.  We probably had 2 inches out there on the ground.  It looks like we are going to get walloped.  Don't know what this will mean for tomorrow's Turkey Trot.

Thursday:  11/27:  0.  This was a memorable Thanksgiving.  We got about a foot of heavy wet snow which knocked out our power around 6pm last night.  We were supposed to host Tday, but with no electricity it was looking unlikely.  I also had to chop up a section of a maple tree that fell into our driveway and drag it off before we could be plowed.  All the shenanigans meant no Turkey Trot.  We ended up eating dinner at Uncle Joel's in Stoddard.

Friday:  11/28:  4.  Walmart N Back.  Felt like I hadn't run in about 100 years.  Power came back on sometime late last night.  We were in Stoddard still.

Saturday:  11/29:  4.5 Boat Landing loop.  Nice cold morning ~ 17 degrees.  First morning that ice accumulated in my beard since last winter.  Feeling good.

Sunday:  11/30:  8 w/athletes.  Three runners showed up for multiple loops around town.  Another day where I felt great.

Weekly total:  18.5.  A couple doctor's appointments and a Tday snowstorm kept this from being a solid week.  I'm happy with the way I've been feeling on runs.  I'm motivated to get out the door.

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17th - 23rd

Monday 11/17:  4.5 miles after school w/coach and athlete on HRT.  Cold and rainy conditions, but I felt great out there.  I'm getting in a little groove where I'm excited for every run.

Tuesday:  11/18:  4 in pm - Walmart N Back.  I thought I wouldn't be able to run today, but our staff meeting turned out to be a staff appreciation celebration with food and drinks - sweet!  The weather was blustery with temps around 29 degrees.  I warmed up quickly and enjoyed myself.

Wednesday:  11/19:  3 w/ athletes.  Three runners showed today.  It was cold but not as windy as yesterday.  Nice and easy.

Thursday:  11/20:  1 around school.  I didn't think I would be able to run today, but when I got home both babies were napping.  I didn't get very far because I ran into two students who were just finishing their runs.  1 > 0 !

Friday:  11/21:  3 same route as Wednesday.  I was about 2 minutes faster than Wednesday.  Felt decent.

Saturday:  11/22:  6 around town w/30 minute tempo.  Felt great today - nice and cold, 20 degrees.  The river was iced over in the setbacks.  After my tempo I ran a mile cool down on the rail trail out on the land bridge portion.  I ran up on a forky buck that was walking really slowly.  I got to within 40 yards when I noticed he was injured with blood running down his rear left leg.  He probably had been shot by a hunter.  I turned around to leave him in peace.  When I drove by on the way home, I could still see him out there slowly walking in the same direction.  Poor guy.

Sunday:  11/23:  7 w/ Rachel and athlete.  Nice and easy today.  My legs were a wee tired from yesterday's quick pace.  I overdressed on this run as it warmed up into the 40s by the end.

Weekly total:  28.5  - good week.  Getting in a groove.  Hopefully 30s next week.

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 11/10 - 11/16

Monday:  4.5 w/ Coach Smith and athlete after school.  It was a great afternoon for running.  We ran down the rail trail and back.

Tuesday:  4.5 in am.  I ran the same course as yesterday.  I felt pretty good.  I saw the same female pileated woodpecker again today.  I passed her at least a dozen times.

Wednesday:  0.  I stayed home from school today to take care of Emma.  She started feeling better by the afternoon.  No time for a run until 8pm - I didn't find the gumption to get on my headlamp and get after it.

Thursday:  2.  I stayed home again with the help of Nonni.  By staying home, I had to miss cross country awards' night.  I hated missing it, but Emma still wasn't feeling well.  She has a double ear infection and is on antibiotics.  Nonni let me sneak out while both babies were sleeping.  I got new Asics because I needed new shoes and they were on sale at Running Warehouse.  I'm wishing I just got Cascadias or Ghosts again.  Oh well.  Maybe I need a few more runs in them.

Friday:  0. Second night home with the babies while Gina was at a school play.  Uncle Greg and Aunt Jenny were a big help.  Emma's getting a little better.  No time for running.

Saturday:  3 on HRT.  Nice cold morning - 28 degrees.  I felt pretty good.  The shoes felt better today.

Sunday:  6.5 w/athlete.  Another cold morning.  Nice and easy - feeling good.

Total:  20.5

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Week 3

Monday:  3 at practice.

Tuesday:  We travelled comfortably via coach bus to Moultonborough to compete in the Granite State Conference Championship.  I got 3 miles in.  We had some good performances on a tough weather and air quality day for racing.  Our girls were 3rd overall out of 10 schools represented.

Wednesday:  2.5 at practice.

Thursday:  4 at practice.  Humid and hot with rain mixed in.

Friday:  3 miles at the Hillsboro Invite.  Fun day for racing.  We had some good results.

Saturday:  0.  We went to Pumpkinfest in Keene.  Not my cup of tea, but everyone seemed to have fun, and we got out of there before the rioting began.  Next year, we'll be looking for a quieter event!

Sunday:  0.  My run in the morning didn't happen.  I was unable to get out the door later in the day.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Week 2

Monday:  3 at practice.

Tuesday:  3 at practice.

Wednesday:  4 at Derryfield meet.

Thursday:  1 at practice.

Friday:  0.

Saturday: 10 in Pisgah.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Begins

I've gotten behind (as usual).  This is because I got a nasty cold that hit the whole family for about 9 days mixed with busy weeks at work.  Going off memory here is my most recent week.

Monday 9/29:  Zero.  Very busy day at school replete with grades being due, meetings, deadlines for goals, and other fun.

Tuesday 9/30:  Zero again.  Tuesdays are always tough to get a run in with after school meetings and a workout day for the team.  The athletes ran a great I paced workout.

Wednesday 10/1:  3.  1 mile warm-up than I jumped in to help an athlete hit her last two tempo miles.

Thursday 10/2:  1.  I went on a hawk watching field trip today at Pack Monadnock.  We didn't see any hawks as it was socked in.  The weather cleared back in Hinsdale and I saw a kettle of about 10 broadwings riding a thermal over the school.  I ran a mile with some of the team and lifted weights.

Friday 10/3:  3.  The team needed an easy day, so we ran down to the Ashuelot and soaked the legs before heading back.  Very relaxing day.

Saturday 10/4:  3 miles as part of the team's warm-up and cool-down at Fall Mountain.  Nice rainy day for a race.  We had some good performances today.

Sunday 10/5:  6.  I met up with three athletes for a run up Broad Brook in Pisgah.  It was my first day where I got to break out the gloves on a run.  It was 45 degrees and just perfect for running.

16 for the week.  Now that my health is back, I'd like to get more miles this upcoming week.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September Week 2

Monday - 9/8:  1 around the home course with team.

Tuesday - 9/9:  4 at Kilburn in the morning.  It was 55 degrees this morning.  I had the day off in order to take the kids to the doctor's office.

Wednesday - Friday:  0.

Saturday - 9/13:  8 w/team up Pisgah Reservoir Rd.  Great morning to run.  7 athletes woke early to enjoy the long run.

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Week 1

9/1 - Monday:  4 miles around school and rail trail.  Oppressive humidity today.  Legs felt slow.  Probably a result of yesterday's long run, all the mowing and chores yesterday, and the killer humidity today.

9/2 - Tuesday:  0.  The kids ran a hill workout today in the most brutal heat and humidity Mother Nature could conjure.  Everyone survived.

9/3 - Wednesday:  4 w/team.  Another hot one!

9/4 - Thursday:  3 w/team.  Not really loving July like conditions in September.

9/5 - Friday:  0.

9/5 - Saturday:  2 around KSC during meet.  Last day of oppressive conditions for a while.

9/6 - Sunday:  3 roads of Hdale from school.  I couldn't get out until noon.  It was 75 degrees with crisp air.  Just a beautiful day.  Go Pats!  I'll be watching while grading.

Total:  16

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last week of August

Monday - Friday - Barely any running with team.  I had to sit in the crappy kids' desks for 16 hours the first two days of the week which made my back tight.  We had our first meet Friday - good to see how we stack up against some tough competition.

Saturday:  3.  I ran pretty fast from school to try and get some sort of groove back.  My back is feeling decent.

Sunday:  8 in Pisgah w/team.  A little on the humid side, but a nice morning for a run none the less.  Feeling good.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Week 10

8/18 - Monday:  1 at practice.

8/19 - Tuesday:  3 at practice include 6x60 sec hills on Stage Rd w/ 5 x 30 sec hills.

8/20 - Wednesday:  5 at practice on Plain Rd.

8/21 - Thursday:  1.5 at practice.

8/22 - Friday:  0.

8/23 - Saturday:  4.  Depot Rd loop.  I felt pretty decent today (implied Nick Cash).

8/24 - Sunday:  6 up Reservoir Rd w/team.  Beautiful day.  I was able to run all of Spirit Breaker.  This was a good sign as I couldn't do it with Greg last time we went fishing.

Ten Weeks of Summer Total - 159
2013 - 333
2012 - 217
2011 - 301

This was my worst summer of running since keeping track.  Summer School was a killer when combined with busy afternoons with the babies.  I had a ton of zero days.  Oh well, 159 > 0.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Week 9

Monday - Wednesday 8/11 - 8/13.  0.  I did lift again on Wednesday.

8/14 - Thursday:  4  at Pisgah Reservoir.  I got to fish at the Reservoir w/Greg today as an unexpected bonus.  Nice weather.

8/15 - Friday:  Lifted in pm.  Hoping for a run this evening... didn't happen.

8/16 - Saturday:  4 on HRT.  I ran the Outer River Loop from school to make sure it was in ok shape for the start of xc on Monday.  It's in decent shape; I'm not!

8/17 - Sunday:  4.  Tower Hill Loop.  I felt a lot better than yesterday.  Tomorrow practice begins.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Week 8

8/4 - Monday:  3 on Oxbow Rd.  It was humid tonight.  Glad I was able to get out the door even if it was for a quickie.

85 - Tuesday:  4.  Monument out 'n back.  Another humid evening.  Three different dogs gave me the stare down today including a big German Shepherd.  I carry pepper spray for such occasions.  I didn't have to use it tonight.
8/6 - Wednesday:  0.  Happy Birthday Jonny.  I decided you ran enough for me too!

8/7 - Thursday:  0.  Last day of summer school!  Another day with no real window to get the sneaks on and grab some miles.

8/8 - Friday:  5 w/team at Kilburn.  Beautiful day for a run.

8/9 - Saturday:  0.  I tried to get a birthday run in, but my back was bothering me with every step.

8/10 - Sunday:  0.  Back still needs rest.  I lifted weights today which always helps.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Week 7

7/28 - Monday:  0.  No time to get out for a run today.  The babies are on a new sleep schedule since the trip to Rhody.

7/29 - Tuesday:  0.  Babies back on schedule, but I had no energy to run.

7/30 - Wednesday:  3.  Ran the PTSA loop.  Form felt very tight in the first mile then I loosened up and was able to cruise a little faster.  Tiring effort.  I lifted upper x2 after summer school.

7/31 - Thursday:  Triple goose egg already this week.  I can't find a window.

8/1 - Friday:  7 w/team in Pisgah.

8/2 - Saturday:  0.

8/3 - Sunday:  5 at Kilburn.  Hammered the finish climb and descent.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Week 6

7/21 - Monday:  4 around town starting from the boat landing.  Really slow pace.  I felt tight + full from just eating.  Pretty nice night for a run.

7/22 - Tuesday:  4 on Kilburn Loop at night.  A little more humid and hotter than the last few nights.  I thought about jumping in the pond, but the light was fading fast.

7/23 - Wednesday:  0.  Thunderstorms when I had a window to run.

7/24 - Thursday:  0.  Drove down to Rhody after summer school ended.  We had fun celebrating my mother's birthday with cousins.

7/25 - Friday:  0.  Took the babies to the beach for the first time.

7/26 - Saturday:  4.  Snuck out in the morning for an out 'n back on the Vin Gormley trail.  Lots of deer flies.

7/27 - Sunday:  7 w/Pard.  I suffered on this run.  Pard was feeling his oats and I was feeling vacation living.  Always fun to get dropped by Dad!

Weekly total:  19 miles.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Week 5

7/14 - Monday:  0.  Another action packed day.

7/15 - Tuesday:  4.  I ran at 7 at the Kilburn loop with the boys' team captain.  Humid night, I had cancelled the get optional run at 2pm because tornadic conditions were forecasted, but the radar looked good once 7 rolled around.  We were fine; however, a storm is rumbling as I type this.

7/16 & 7/17:  0.

7/18 - Friday:  4 at Kilburn w/team.

7/19 - Saturday:  0.  Sore throat + feeling lazy.

7/20 - Sunday:  6.  I ran Kilburn Town Forest, Ridge, Kilburn.  Good run.  I love coming out on the backside of Baker Pond.  Throat is still quite sore (allergies?).  Pretty weak week.

Weekly Total:  14

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Week 4

7/7 - Monday:  4 in the evening Monument Rd out and back.  Humid run, but the afternoon thunderstorms had cooled things down a little.  I got bitten on the eyelid by some unidentified insect.  My eyelid is a little swollen tonight; we'll see how it looks tomorrow.  Maybe I can scare my students at summer school - which started today.

7/8 - Tuesday:  3 after dinner Charles Street Loop.  Dinner sat a little heavy, my back was a wee tight, and my eye is still swollen from yesterday.  In other words, I felt decent!  Good run.

7/9 - Wednesday:  4 after putting the babies to bed, Oxbow out and back.  I started out really slowly on this run.  I loosened up and hammered after the turn around.  Pretty tight still - still need to lift!

7/10 - Thursday:  0.  Beautiful night to run, but I decided to just bang out some pushups and save the legs for tomorrow's trail run at Kilburn.

7/11 - Friday:  6 up to Pisgah Ridge w/captains.  Nice morning for a run.  We saw Greg across the pond.  My athletes were impressed with our loon call communication.

7/12 - Saturday:  6 at Kilburn at dusk.  Nice evening for a run.  I thought I was destined for a zero today after a day of gluttony at Kimbell Farms in Jaffrey with the family, but I rallied.  Felt good to get out there despite the acid reflux from the lobster roll and ice cream.

7/13 - Sunday:  0.  Busy day.

Weekly Total - 23

Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Week 3

6/30 - Monday:  5 on Hdale roads.  Started at the Boat Landing and ran the Depot/Tower Hill loop.  I suffered in the heat today.  People's coiled up hoses started calling my name.  I made it to my car and had about a half a liter of month old water that I dumped all over my head.  The hose felt good once I got back to my house.  I started this run about 9:45 am which apparently is too late.

7/1 - Tuesday:  0.  Baby duties kept me occupied all day.  Once they were in bed for the night I was able to slip out for some trout fishing with Greg.  We did pretty well - 3 for me and a few more for him.

7/2 - Wednesday:  7 w/ captains of XC team at Kilburn.  Hot morning.  The heat got to me today - the pond was amazing afterwards.

7/3 - Thursday:  2 around school while Gina took the babies for a stroller ride.  Awful humidity again.  No energy for running.  Later in the pm I got a migraine.  That was fun.

7/4 - Friday:  Happy Birthday America!  I took the day off and hung out with family.

7/5 - Saturday:  3 around school while Gina and the babies strolled along.  Absolutely amazing weather.  Windy and sunny with a dew point in the 40s and temps in the 70s.  July doesn't get any better!

7/6 - Sunday:  4 at Kilburn.  Another nice morning.  Back felt tight on this run.  I need to lift.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer week 2

6/23 - Monday:  0.   I went fishing at night with Greg and Jonny Dubbs.  Greg had the hot hand catching 5 trout.

6/24 - Tuesday:  3.5.  Ran in the morning then headed out to the fishing hole.  I caught five trout today - one brown trout the rest rainbows.

6/25 - Wednesday:  0.  Went swimming with the family at the community pool.  Took about 45 minutes just to put on swim diapers, bathing suits, and sunscreen all for about 10 minutes of swimming.  Fun time!

6/25 - Thursday:  4.  Ran Stage Rd loop from boat landing.  The humidity made this a tough run.

6/26 - Friday:  4.5 at Kilburn w/team.  7 of us ran along the western edge of the pond.  We dove in the pond afterwards.  What a nice morning!

6/27 - Saturday:  0.  I lifted in the morning.  I probably could have headed out the door as the sun was setting, but I decided to call it a day.

6/28 - Sunday:  2 at Kilburn.  I bailed on this run when I heard Greg's loon call at the pond.  The water was beautiful and my back was tight which made it an easy decision.  Stretched my hamstrings really well at night.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer begins

6/20  Friday:  2 miles on HRT.  Beautiful day.  First run in a while.

6/21 Saturday:  4 - Stage Rd Loop from Boat Landing.  53 degrees and crisp - absolutely perfect running weather.  Happy to see the finish of this run.  I'm out of shape!

6/22 Sunday:  3 Reservoir Rd in Pisgah.  Legs sore.  Another nice morning.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3/10 - 3/16

Last week I ran a lowly 6.5 miles on two runs.  I'm finding it very tough to get out the door with parenting duties, but I can't blame it all on that.  My motivation has been pretty pathetic since February Vacation.

Monday:  0.

Tuesday:  0.  50 degrees when I got home from school after meetings.  Gina and I performed our civic duty by voting with Brady and Emma in tow.  We had a short stroll downtown.

Wednesday:  The day of the big snow storm turned out to be just cold, wet rain.  I headed out the door for 3 miles at a very slow pace.  Wow, fitness goes fast!

Thursday:  0.  I managed to lift weights in the morning before school.

Friday:  0.

Saturday:  4 with some members of the Track team.  Beautiful windy weather - 48 degrees.  Nice and easy run.  Felt good.

Sunday:  5.  Hinsdale roads.  I watched the NYC half then headed out the door.  I proceeded to fall in my driveway on the way to my car.  I fell once on the run, and slipped twice with the threat of falling.  It had snowed a dusting around 6 this morning which hid all the ice.  Translation - this run sucked!

Weekly total:  12
YTD:  157.5

Saturday, March 1, 2014

2/24 - 3/2

Brady with Grammy in Stoddard.

Emma rocking the Wild Neoteny signature series hat with Uncle Greg and Aunt Sarah in the background.

Monday - Friday:  0.  Yikes!  My back was an issue this week.  I also had a shortage of time and motivation.  I'm looking forward to the weekend to get back after it.

Saturday:  4 miles on Oxbow Rd.  Nice and easy run.  It was about 5 degrees when I headed out.  The sunshine felt great, and I was happy to be running again.


Weekly total:  4
2014 YTD:  139

Monday, February 17, 2014

February Vacation Week 2/17 - 2/23

Monday:  I headed to the Reservoir parking area w/Jimmy.  I had planned on running on my snowshoes for about an hour, but my heart just wasn't in it.  I ran about 1 mile with the snowshoes and 1 with them off.  I hung out in the snow and sunshine with Jimmy.  I made the call this morning to the vet that I've been dreading for a long time.  Jimmy has been a wonderful dog to about three people and aggressive towards everyone else.  After three years of trying everything to socialize him, Gina and I made the really tough decision to put him down.  I talked with the vet at his last check-up about if he could be rehabilitated by someone who would be a better dog owner than us.  She didn't think it was an option.  We just can't risk him hurting anyone - especially Brady and Emma.  I feel like I'm betraying him, but it has to be done.  He always wears a muzzle on all the runs we've done together which always scares other trail users whenever they see him.  Despite how hard it's been owning him, I'm going to really miss him.  His appointment is this Wednesday.  I'm going to try and make his last few days happy ones.

Tuesday:  Didn't run, but I hung out with Greg at his house w/Jimmy and Griffin.  We took the wolves to Horseshoe parking area, and we went snowshoeing.  Great time.

Wednesday:  4 miles on HRT w/Jimmy.  We had a last run together in the early morning then Gina and I took him to the vet.  My heart is very heavy.

Thursday:  4 on HRT.  Very tough run mentally.  I'm still swallowing the loss of Jimmy.

Friday:  3 roads of Hdale.   Legs felt pretty peppy today, and I felt a little better mentally as well.  I enjoyed having decent traction on the roads.  A lot of slush and puddles but they were easy to avoid.

Saturday:  6.  First three were nice and easy on the soft HRT.  The last three were around the school loop at Tempo pace.  Good run.  I wore shorts today.  It was beautiful when the sun came out. 35 degrees during the run, but it warmed up to about 45.  After my run we headed to Stoddard to see the family.  Man they have a lot more snow than us, and we have a lot of snow!

Sunday:  7.  Around downtown Hdale.  I hit Depot hill twice and Stage Rd hill once.  I felt decent today.  Wore shorts again today.  34 degrees.

Weekly Total:  26
2014 YTD:  135

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2/10 to 2/16

Monday:  0.

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd at night.  I couldn't start another week with two straight zeroes.  I really wasn't feeling motivated about having to bundle up just to go running.  Despite my February fatigue I enjoyed myself out there tonight.  I'm excited for vacation.

Wednesday:  0.  I had a physical after work.  The new doc said I was in great shape except my feet looked a little beat up!

Thursday:  7 w/ Jimmy on the HRT.  I threw on the snowshoes for the first time this winter.  I really enjoyed this run.  I went out to the outer river loop from the ice fishermen's parking area. We had another snow day.

Friday:  0.  I spent a lot of the day shoveling out from the nor'easter.  On a non-running note, Brady and Emma are three months old today.

Saturday:   0.  My hamstrings are destroyed from shoveling yesterday.

Sunday:  5 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Hamstrings still aching, but I needed to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  I underdressed slightly.

Weekly Total:  15

2014 YTD:  109

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2/3 - 2/9

Monday:  0.  I have a cold.

Tuesday:  0.

Wednesday:  Snow day!  I headed down to the HRT w/Jimmy for 4 easy miles.  Snow was really coming down.  We are in the 8 - 14 inches range according to the weather report.

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd.  I was miserably tight on this run, especially my upper back.  I tried to stretch well afterwards.  Nice bright, cold day.

Friday:  0.

Saturday:  0.  We took Brady and Emma down to Norton, Ma to meet their new cousin.  This was our first big trip - 2:30 each way.  I didn't run, but I was able to watch the New Balance Grand Prix at Tyson's.

Sunday:  5 w/Jimmy on the HRT.  Beautiful sunshine!  I ran at 12:30 and it was perfect blue skies.  The snow was a little soft even with a steady stream of snowmobiles ripping by.  I ran out to the outer river loop which offered some trail-breaking and solitude.  I love days like this in February!

Weekly Total:  13

Not the greatest week.  Two tears in a bucket!

2014 YTD:  94

Saturday, February 1, 2014

1/27 - 2/2

Monday - Wednesday:  0.

Thursday:  1.5 w/Jimmy after the babies went to sleep for the night.  This is probably going to be the best time for me to run, but I usually have about an hour left in the tank before I go to bed myself.  I'll have to adjust.

Friday:  4 w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd.  Really slow pace.  I've lost a ton of fitness since early January.

Saturday:  6 w/Jimmy.  Broadbrook Rd in Pisgah.  Jimmy chased a big deer (antlerless buck?) and it crossed the trail about 10 yards in front of me.  The trails were in nice shape for running - not enough snow for snowmobiles but not too icy.

Sunday:  3.5 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Nice warm day.  I overdressed, felt slow, and was generally unmotivated today.  Beautiful day otherwise.  I wish the Superbowl was this afternoon.  I doubt I'll make it to halftime.

Weekly total:  15

Dismal week.

2014 YTD:  81

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1/20 - 1/26

Monday:  4 miles w/Jimmy.  I parked at Bear Mtn and ran the famed Gulf Rds of Hinsdale and Chesterfield which are closed to traffic for the winter.  Nice day.

Tuesday:  0.

Wednesday:  3 miles w/Jimmy on HRT.  Gina let me sneak off for an afternoon run.  Beautiful conditions for running - sunny, cold, and good footing.

Thursday:  0.  Refereed two games.  I was able to lift upper x 2 beforehand.  Back is a little tight.

Friday:  4 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Felt good to hit the trails today after school.  Grateful to get out in the sunshine.  My back is a little tight.

Saturday:  6 at the Dublin Winter Chiller.  3.5 mile race in 27:xx.  I will update once the results are up.  Brutal weather 15 degrees with 30mph gusts, and a brutal course.  A lot of huge climbs.  Fun day with two current athletes and Danny, my former athlete, who is getting ready to head off for the Marines in a couple months.

Sunday:  5 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Wow!  I underdressed and my legs felt heavy from yesterday.  The wind was blasting off the river from WNW.  Thankfully the sun was shining!

Weekly Total:  22

2014 YTD:  66.5

Monday, January 20, 2014

1/13 - 1/19 Trading miles for smiles

1/13-1/15 - Goose egg.

1/16 - 1 mile before school w/ Jimmy.  I had to referee two games in the evening.  I managed to lift before the games - upper x3.

1/17 - off.  Doctor's appointment after school.  No time to run.

1/18 - 4 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  Have a cold.

1/19 - off.  My cold is worse.  Didn't feel like running.

This was a dismal week for running, but a good week for being a dad.  I'm figuring out that it is going to be really lucky if I can get out in the early am before school.  Usually, I'm with the babies from 4 am until I leave.  I don't have much energy at 7:30 pm when they are back down for sleep at night.  I'll have to figure it out.  Here's a couple shots of Emma smiling after her bath on Sunday and one of Brady hanging out.

2014 YTD:  44.5

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1/6 - 1/12

Monday:  0.  I needed a day off.

Tuesday:  0.  I should have run.

Wednesday:  3 in the early am w/Jimmy.  It was around 0 degrees when I headed out the door, but I was well bundled.  Felt good to get back out there after 2 days off.  My back was pretty tight yesterday and Monday, but it was ok today.

Thursday:  0.  Lifted upper x3 and refereed two basketball games.

Friday:  0.  Parenting duties the last two mornings made it so I didn't get out before school.  No energy to get out the door today.  This is one pathetic week!

Saturday:  6 miles solo Hinsdale roads.  I tried getting out the door earlier today, but the roads were suicidal from the ice.  I ended up driving to the boat launch parking area and ran a strange combination to get to 48 minutes.  I would like to get 11 tomorrow in order to salvage at least 20 miles this week.

Sunday:  3.5 w/ Jimmy on the roads in the morning.  My right calf/achilles was a little tight on this run.  I'm going to try to get out later in the afternoon if the stars align and the babies take a long nap.

Weekly Total:  12.5
2014 YTD:  39.5