Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22nd - 28th

Monday 12/22:  3 solo on the HRT.  Felt a little sluggish after yesterday's long run.  Nice evening to run.  I finished right before it got dark.

Tuesday 12/23:  0.

Wednesday 12/24:  4 around Brattleboro.  I was planning on running a one mile time trial with some athletes.  We did a nice warm-up with drills and strides then got ready to race.  The track was nice and clear until we hit the far turn at 200 meters.  There was a 15 meter section of ice that covered every lane.  We almost wiped out on it.  We decided to pull the plug.  Kind of bummed.  I decided to grab a couple more miles around town.

Thursday 12/25:  3 miles around school.  48 degrees - nice GW!  I overdressed today.  I also felt incredibly crooked today.  Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Friday 12/26:  8 in Pisgah.  I hammered on this run.  A few of my splits were parking area to 1st gate 14:50, gate to gate up Spirit Breaker - 6:08, and gate to parking area back - 11:40.  Felt a lot better than yesterday.  Trails were in great shape - just muddy with puddles, but no snow or ice.

Saturday 12/27:  0.  We drove down to Massachusetts for a Christmas party with Gina's family.

Sunday 12/28:  0.  We headed down to Rhody to celebrate with my side of the family.  Fun seeing everyone.  I didn't get to sneak out for a run.

Weekly Total:  18

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