Monday, July 29, 2013

7/29 - 8/4

Monday:  3 miles solo on the Rail Trail.  Legs lacked pep today from yesterday's run.  Another nice summer day.  I got out a little late in the day and decided to leave Jimmy home since I needed a flat run, and the RT doesn't have any water for Jimmy.

Tuesday:  am:  4.5 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  I wanted to go farther, but I ran out of time.  Nice morning.  Now off to a school meeting.

pm:  4 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Hammered the way home down Reservoir Rd.  I need to lift tomorrow.

Wednesday:  0.  The day of 1000 chores got in the way of my running.  Got a lot done though!

Thursday:  7 miles w/Jimmy.  Kilburn, Ridge, Baker, Davis.  Very easy pace made for a very enjoyable run.  Beautiful morning.

Mid day:  Went fishing at the Ashuelot River w/Greg.  I caught 2 smallies one about 12 inches and lost 2 other nice ones.  I also caught a 19 inch walleye - my first ever!  Fun stuff.  Greg caught a couple smallies too.  *I wanted to include a photo for my thousands of readers in Rhody who have never seen a walleye.   We didn't have a camera, so I found a picture of a fish that looked almost as big as mine.


pm:  4.5 miles at the Fun Run.  Ran the mile with one of my athletes who set his new pr by 15 seconds.  Great kid.  Then I ran a decent effort 17:55 2.3.  Tonight's conditions were rainy, windy, and 62 degrees.  The conditions were slow.  It turned out to be an epic night of running with 3 other awesome people.

Friday:  6.5 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  We explored the old Kilburn Town Forest Trail which is unmarked but shows up on old maps.  Fun trail only challenging to follow when it crosses Kilburn Brook.  Really fun running above the backside of Baker Pond.  We then hit the Ridge and back.  I decided to veer off another unmarked trail on the way back, but it lead to nowhere after 2 or 3 minutes.  Fun run.

pm:  Went fishing again at the Ashuelot River, solo this time.  I caught 4 smallies and another walleye.  This walleye was about 17 inches which was probably the length of yesterday's too.  I was a little calmer tonight which enabled me to make a realistic estimate.

Gina also gave me an early birthday present that came in the mail today.  Can't wait to see the babies rocking these at home meets.  We also went down to Springfield today and visited with Gilly (Anne), Gina's good friend who is 31 weeks pregnant.  Here's Gina at 22 weeks with the twins.

Gina and Gilly

Saturday:  7 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Southwoods, Nash/Fullam lollipop.  Nice day.  I got a little too excited on Nash and cranked making the end of Southwoods and Horseshoe Rd a sufferfest.  

Sunday:  12 w/Jimmy in Pisgah (1:47).  Reservoir Rd, South Link, Broad Brook, Old Chesterfield Rd, Dogwood Swamp, Reservoir Rd loop.  My left hamstring was feeling a little tender this morning when I fully straitened my knee, but it wasn't a problem on the run.  I forgot how beautiful upper Broad Brook trail is and how rugged Dogwood Swamp is.  Pleased with the way I finished this run.  I didn't feel exhausted and purple faced after.  

Weekly Total:  48.5
Summer Total:  215.5

Monday, July 22, 2013

7/22 - 7/28

Monday:  7 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  We did Fullam Pond loop hoping the cool temps would temper the deerflies.  No dice.  It was still amazing weather despite the little devils.  68 degrees!

Tuesday:  I ran/powerhiked up Daniels Mtn from the Plain Rd parking area w/Jimmy.  I paused at Moon Ledge then finished off Daniels Mtn Loop and back down.  I have no idea how long it took because I wasn't wearing my watch.  I know the terrain was steep and technical.  I'm calling it 6 for my purposes though I'm sure it's way less actual mileage.  Nice rainy day run.

Wednesday:  7 w/track workout at Keene High.  I ran the 3 mile warm-up trying to hang with the crew of Keeneyans.  I fell off by about 30 seconds.  Nice tempo run!  I then did 4x200, 400, 2x200 for 1600m of work.  I averaged a hair under 43 for the two hundreds and ran the 400 in 94.  Beautiful weather for a workout - had a late summer feel to it.  I got out on the cool down before everyone else, so I could go my own pace.  I suffered from the roads and was happy to cool off in the stream afterwards. Local Burger after and some singing at Boj's made for a complete night.  Jimmy was very disappointed with me when I put my running clothes on and drove off.  I'll have to make it up to him tomorrow.

Thursday:  7 in Pisgah.  I ran Reservoir, South Link, and Broad Brook out and back w/Jimmy.  Great run.  My legs were a little tired from yesterday, but I felt energized by the perfect weather - 62 degrees, crisp and sunny.  I enjoyed Broad Brook.  It's easy terrain with nice shade and streams for Jimmy.

pm:  3 miles at Fun Run.  I ran the 2.3 tonight in 17:18.  Beautiful night for racing.

Friday:  0.  I drove down w/ Gina and Jimmy to Rhody.  Had fun with family.

Saturday:  I caught a couple stripers early am w/Pard from Shelter Harbor/Weekapaug Beach.  I'd never been to this spot before.  After fishing we drove back to NH.  Today was an absolutely beautiful day - low 80s with a dewpoint of 58.  I mowed the lawn and vacuumed out all the Jimmy hair out of my car with help from Gina.

pm:  4 miles in Pisgah w/ Jimmy (Broad Brook).  Nice evening run.  Cranked on the way back.

Sunday:  9 in Pisgah w/Jimmy ( Reservoir to N. Ponds back to Baker - Hubbard).  I saw a coyote on Horseshoe Rd while driving into the parking lot.  Nice run.  I couldn't believe the logging going on at Hubbard!  There was some cryptic note about the trails are still open following the sale - WTF?  Is the state of NH selling sections of Pisgah to loggers that it took from residents back in the 60's?  I hope I'm misinterpreting this.  Cranked the last hill in 2:37 despite being tired today.

Weekly Total:  43
Summer Total:  167

Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15 - 7/21

Monday:  am:  4 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Legs were sluggish from the Beaver race.

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  It was hot and Jimmy was suffering.  I got a little later start than normal around 10 am.  I decided to throw in quite a few long surges.  Felt good.  Hung out at Ferenc's in the early pm.  Went fishing w/Greg in the evening.  Fun summer day.

Wednesday:  8 miles w/Jimmy.  Kilburn Loop.  I ran out of gas on this one.  I might have gone too fast in the beginning, fatigue from yesterdays pickups, humidity, dehydration, who knows.  I felt like crap after 45 minutes.

Thursday:  am:  4 miles around Kilburn.  I left Jimmy home because it was way too hot at 10:40 when I started this run.  I met up w/George and Greg at the swimming spot.  It felt good to soak in the pond.  George and Greg looked worked from the heat (they were running 12).  Tonight is the Fun Run and it's going to be 87 degrees at 7pm with a 70 dewpoint.  Miserable.

pm:  Fun Run.  Another dismal turnout.  I'm sure the heat deserves some of the blame.  I opted to run and just kept it in control.  4 miles.

Friday:  4 miles w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  We left at 8am and it was 79 degrees.  Today should be the hottest day so far.  We should have relief coming over the weekend.

Saturday:   3 miles w/Jimmy at Kilburn.  Dewpoint was 62 when I ran, so it was noticeably less humid.  My legs felt heavy despite the nice conditions.  I noticed the dewpoint is much higher in Norton, Mass where we're heading - 75!

Sunday:  0.  Drove back from Mass.  It was a perfect day for running, but I just didn't get it done.  I did manage to paint the babies' room.  It needs a second coat.

I'm happy with this week overall.  I managed to battle the heat wave everyday.  Sunday I let other things get in the way, but I can live with it.

Weekly Total:  30
Summer Total:  124

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/8 - 7/14

Monday:  0.  I did catch a couple slab bluegills and a crappie at the river.  The crappie was no Watchaug monster but decent.

Tuesday:  8 miles w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  We did the Nash Loop from Horseshoe Rd parking area.  The deerflies were relentless.

Wednesday:  2 mile tempo on Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  Didn't really feel like running early, but I knew I had traveling and chores mid day.  I decided to go short.  When I go short, I hammer.  Felt good once I got going.  Really pushed the second mile.

Thursday:  Linesiders and fluke on the agenda.  Great day on the C-Devil with the usual crew.  No huge fish this year, but we caught our limit of stripers up to 20 pounds and boated numerous fluke including 20 keepers.  Fish tacos at Jonny's house were awesome.

Friday:  3 miles in Burlingame w/Jimmy.  We jumped a doe and a fawn.  I felt super sluggish thanks to yesterday's trip.

Saturday:  Beaver race.  23rd place.  Team Hamboj got the win.  1:36:57.  About 20 seconds slower than last year, but I felt much better.  I passed 6 runners in the second loop, including 5 in the last mile.  12 miles on the day.

Sunday:  0.  I waited too late to go in the am (heat).  My pm run never happened.

Weekly Total:  25
Summer Total:  94

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7/1 - 7/7

Monday:  Lifted in am w/Greg.  Upper x2.  Took a zero running.

Tuesday:  7 w/Jimmy Davis-Baker-Ridge-Kilburn.  I can't remember ever running this doing Davis Hill first.  Fun run.  Felt great out there.  Nice drizzly, cool conditions.

Wednesday:  2 on roads in am w/Jimmy.  I wanted to give him a little exercise before his vet appointment.  Wow it's oppressively humid out today!

Thursday:  6 in Keene.  2 mile warm-up before a slow slog in the heat during the 4 on the 4th road race.  I suffered out there and after 2 miles decided that I just needed to survive.  I'm out of shape!

Friday:  2 miles on Hinsdale roads.  Ran at 8:30am and it was already miserably hot and humid.  First Fun Run tonight.

Saturday:  3 miles at Kilburn w/Jimmy in early am.  Legs felt heavy and sore from roads three days in a row.  I should have gone farther.  I would like to hit 30 miles this week.

Sunday:  6.5 in Stoddard w/Joel and dogs.  Nice run up to Jackson Hill.  Too bad the dogs didn't get along.

pm:  4 miles on Hinsdale Rail Trail.  Today the temps were cooler (84 for a high), so I felt decent on both runs.  First double of the summer.

Weekly Total:  30.5
Summer Total:  69