Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/8 - 7/14

Monday:  0.  I did catch a couple slab bluegills and a crappie at the river.  The crappie was no Watchaug monster but decent.

Tuesday:  8 miles w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  We did the Nash Loop from Horseshoe Rd parking area.  The deerflies were relentless.

Wednesday:  2 mile tempo on Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  Didn't really feel like running early, but I knew I had traveling and chores mid day.  I decided to go short.  When I go short, I hammer.  Felt good once I got going.  Really pushed the second mile.

Thursday:  Linesiders and fluke on the agenda.  Great day on the C-Devil with the usual crew.  No huge fish this year, but we caught our limit of stripers up to 20 pounds and boated numerous fluke including 20 keepers.  Fish tacos at Jonny's house were awesome.

Friday:  3 miles in Burlingame w/Jimmy.  We jumped a doe and a fawn.  I felt super sluggish thanks to yesterday's trip.

Saturday:  Beaver race.  23rd place.  Team Hamboj got the win.  1:36:57.  About 20 seconds slower than last year, but I felt much better.  I passed 6 runners in the second loop, including 5 in the last mile.  12 miles on the day.

Sunday:  0.  I waited too late to go in the am (heat).  My pm run never happened.

Weekly Total:  25
Summer Total:  94


  1. Crappie got nothin' on Morone saxatilis!

  2. Well said Muddy! Hopefully we hammer 'em on Thursday. I'm hoping for 40/40 club. 40 miles running this week and a 40 pounder.