Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quick 2013 recap

It's New Year's Eve and I enjoy reading everyone's recap of their years, so here's mine.

The best part of my year arrived on November 14th!  I never thought I would be a dad of twins!

I'm pleased with my summer.  I was consistently around 30 or more miles/week.  I had several weeks over 40 miles with a high for the year at 48.5.  Biggest month was August with 178.5 miles = 40.8 mile/wk.

I'm pleased with the start of the winter.  I'm finding that I need to get out in the morning before school in order to keep a zero out of the log for the day.  Being a dad has actually helped with this.

I had fun racing trails at Belleville, Run with the Beavers, and the Pisgah 50k.  I also ran my first xc race since college at the KSC Alumni meet which was a blast.

Once again, I struggled keeping consistent mileage during cross country and track seasons.  I also lost some training due to an injured achilles because of minimal drop shoes.

Goals for 2014:

Keep blogging every week.  I've found that I stop blogging once my mileage slips to save face, but if I can keep it going I will get more mileage.  Don't let coaching disrupt my own training!

I ran 900 miles in 2013 with essentially 6 months of being a jogger instead of a runner.  If I stay consistent I should be able to double my yearly miles.

Stay healthy!  To do this I will have to keep running, stretching, strength training, and resting.  I also have to be smart about keeping my Crohn's and accompanying arthritis at bay - even if this means taking maintenance medicine (which I hate doing).

Enjoy being a dad!

Monday, December 30, 2013

12/30 - 1/5/2014

Monday: 5 miles solo Hinsdale roads.  I ran from the boat landing up to the school then Depot Loop and back.  I felt decent though my legs felt like they had no turnover.  It was nice running at 1:45pm, so I could enjoy a little vitamin D.

Tuesday:  5.5 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  Cold morning.  Felt good.  I hit 900 for 2013.

Wednesday:  4 at the Millennium Mile in Londonderry.  2 mile warm-up, 5:49, 1 mile cool down.  I felt good today.  I got out fast and hung on for a sub 6.  The roads didn't beat me up like last year.  Gotta be the regular road runs I've been doing -specificity!  Nice racing with former athletes and current athletes today.  Great day.  Happy New Year!

Tanner bringing it home

Hurting and hunting a sub 6

Roxy cruises in
Naj takes his third title

All photos from Keith Tharp

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd.  Nice snowy day - No School!  Feeling good.

Friday:  8 w/Jimmy.  Oxbow/Plain out and back.  Another snow day!  I got out a little before 8am and the snow had stopped.  We probably got 10 inches or so.  It was about 3 degrees when I went running, but I overdressed and was hot out there.

Saturday:  Early am:  2 solo on roads.  I headed out when it was about -10 degrees.  I was excited to venture into the cold.  I couldn't find my ski goggles, but I figured I would be fine without them.  My eyelashes started freezing up, so I decided to keep it short.  I'll have to get out this afternoon when it warms up.

mid day:  4 w/Jimmy.  Oxbow out and back.  It warmed up to around 10 degrees.  What a gorgeous day for a run.  Bright, bluebird sky against the white snow made for a perfect backdrop.

Sunday:  5 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Another cold morning; it was 2 degrees when I hit the trails.  The snowmobiles made the trails nice and runnable.  My right calf felt a little twingy during the run, so I cut it a little shorter than planned.

Weekly total:  37.5

2013 YTD:  900
2014 YTD:  27

Sunday, December 22, 2013

12/23 - 12/29

I just registered for the Millennium Mile in Londonderry.  I went last year and had a disappointing result.  I will be back on New Year's Day for redemption.  I'm hoping sub 6 is in the cards.  I will get to the track this week for some Rep work.  I'm also closing in on 900 miles for the year which isn't much, but I'll be happy to nab it.

Monday:  4 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Cold, rainy, slushy mess.  I couldn't wait to finish this run.  

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy roads.  I felt incredibly sluggish today.  My right calf is pretty sore from Sunday's long run.  Otherwise, this was an absolutely beautiful morning for running.  25 degrees and sunny.  

Wednesday: Brrrrr  and Merry Christmas.  3 miles w/Jimmy on the HRT.  Temps were around 12 degrees, but the windchill was around -2.  I never really warmed up on this run.  I added 8x30 second R paced pickups with a couple really short all out pickups as well.  I'm hoping to get out again this pm.  We'll see.  On a side note, I'm happy to report that the toe that I thought I broke last night is probably only sprained and was a non-factor while running.  I'll try to post a picture of the bruising.  It makes my ugly runner's feet looking even uglier.  I did it last night at Dee and Rai's by slipping down the stairs.

Blurry close-up.  Not so much here or here, but right about here.

Thursday:  4 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  The trails were all ice.  Legs felt poppy and fast, but I didn't want to go farther on the slick trails.  It started lightly snowing on the way back.  Nice morning.

Friday:  5.5 w/Jimmy.  We did the Middle Oxbow Rd loop.  Today was another gorgeous morning.  There was a fresh 2 inches covering everything and large flakes were blowing off the trees.  The roads were very slow going.  I felt lethargic on this run, but I'm happy I got out the door.

Saturday:  5 w/Jonny and Greg in Stoddard.  We ran to Pitcher Mtn right after eating a big meal.  I had to stop twice because of side stitches on both sides.  I waddled my way there after thinking that I probably should turn back after the first 3 minutes.  We gained 1,000 feet of elevation on this run.  Beautiful weather and fun getting to run with my brothers even if I felt terrible the whole time!

Sunday:  6.5 w/Jimmy.  Oxbow/Meetinghouse loop.  I took it nice and easy.  It helped that I didn't have a watch on today.  Felt decent.

Weekly Total:  31

2013 YTD:  889.5

Monday, December 16, 2013

12/16 - 12/22

Monday:  1.5 w/Jimmy on roads.  I headed out the door at 4:30am.  I was underdressed and lacking the mental fortitude to go longer.  I just didn't have it this morning.  Legs felt good.  Maybe I'll be tougher tonight.

Tuesday:  0.  I desperately wanted to get out and play in the -6 degrees weather this am, but both babies were up from 2am until I went to work.  I let Gina sleep while I tried to play super dad.

Wednesday:  1 mile w/Jimmy on rds at 6 am.  The babies repeated yesterday's performance.  I think they are secretly trying to kill us.  Gina got up around 5:50 and I was able to get a very brief run in.  I hustled in order to clean the fresh 6 inches off the cars and take out the trash and recycling before school.

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy early am.  Walmart n' back.  I got out the door at 4:50 am.  The roads were still pretty snow covered on the shoulders.  It was a toasty 26 degrees this morning.

Friday:  3.5 w/Jimmy.  I ran a slight variation of my usual morning route.  Warm morning, 28 degrees. Right patella tendon was a little noticeable on this run.  Finished with 2 sets of leg lifts.

Saturday:  3 w/Jimmy.  Got out the door around 1:00pm.  I thought this day might become a zero after a busy morning.  Glad I got out there.

Sunday:  10 solo 1:24.  Great Hinsdale Loop.  Oxbow, Monument, 119, HRT, Prospect, School St, Plain, Monument, Oxbow.  This is the longest road run that I've done since college.  Only 1 pitbull came out after me.  Lucky (for it) it was wearing an invisible fence collar.  I jumped on someone's porch across the street and was ready with some lawn furniture.  The added adrenaline helped get me home.  The last couple miles were a real grind.

Weekly Total:  23

2013 YTD: 862.5

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12/9 - 12/15

Monday:  1.5 w/Jimmy on the roads.  I was barely able to sneak out for this run at about 5:45pm.  The roads were super icy as it snowed/freezing rain for most of the morning.  It was still misting as I ran which was helping to make everything slick.

Tuesday:  0.  I had a lot going on at school this morning which included a formal observation.  The night was a little crazy once again.

Wednesday:  3.5 w/Jimmy.  Monument Rd.  I ran this one right after school, so I didn't have to wear a headlamp.  Felt decent.  New shoes arrived today.  Brooks Cascadia 8, or is it 9?  Who knows.  They felt good.  My calves are still sorer than normal.  It must be because most of my runs have been on the roads.

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy.  Walmart and back.  I got out at 5:15am and it was a brisk 14 degrees.  It had snowed a fresh, new inch during the night making everything purdy.  Great morning!  This was a medium effort run - probable mp knocked down to a very fast finish.  Feeling good.

pm:  3 w/Jimmy.  Hit the roads at 6:30pm for a rare December double.  Nice frosty night.

Friday:  4 w/Jimmy.  Walmart n back.  Same time as yesterday - a wee bit colder.  We lost power around midnight and it was back on at 3am.  The power line crew was installing a new pole near Walmart.  Thanks for getting the heat on for the babies so quickly!

Saturday:  8 w/Jimmy.  Broad Brook in Pisgah.  It was 8 degrees at the start of this run and 10 degrees when I finished.  I overdressed and sweated profusely after about the 20 minute mark.  I had the park to myself.  Deer season is over, and there isn't enough snow for the snowmobiles.  This should change today/tomorrow.

Sunday:  0.  My only time to get out today was spent shoveling.  We got around 13 inches according to my measurements.

Weekly Total:  24

2013 YTD:  839.5

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12/2 - 12/8

Monday:  0.  First day back at work from paternity leave.  Didn't find the motivation to run in the evening.

Tuesday:  4 at 4:50am w/Jimmy.  Walmart and back.  The babies were up at 3.  By the time we put them back to bed it was almost 4, so I figured I would stay up and run before school.  It was mentally easier to get out the door when I considered that the Gazelle and others had probably already been out since 4:30.  Just another instance of the blogosphere providing a little extra motivation.  Great run!

Wednesday:  0.  Brady and Emma's sleep cycle didn't mesh with mine.  I couldn't shake myself out of bed for a run in the am.  I probably could have gone at night, but I was feeling lazy.

Thursday:  4:30 club.  4 miles w/Jimmy.  Walmart and back.  I really enjoy running at this hour!  The boys by the beach are on to something.

Friday:  1.5 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Got almost no sleep last night.  I didn't have much energy while running this afternoon, so I kept it short.

Saturday:  4 w/Jimmy Hinsdale roads.  Nice morning.  We have about a half inch of snow covering the ground.

Sunday:  7 w/Jimmy Reservoir Rd in Pisgah.  Great morning for a run - 25 degrees with a covering of snow on the trails.  Gina gave me a window with the babies, and I was able to sneak in my longest run since becoming a dad.  I slogged up "Spirit Breaker Hill" in 6:10 from gate to gate.  The guilt of being out so long with potential tandem screeching babies at home inspired me to crank the downhill half back to the car.  I was hauling.  10:45 from the base of the hill back to my car.  I think I may have hit sub 6 pace.  Without a space watch I'll never know.  Felt good!

Weekly Total:  20.5

YTD:  815.5

Monday, November 25, 2013

11-25 - 12/1

Monday:  5 miles w/Jimmy on HRT.  Nice cold morning.  Starting to get in a groove.  The river was iced up this morning.  Someone was already unloading their ice fishing shack down by the setbacks.

pm:  2 miles w/Jimmy on roads.  I'm adjusting to the lack of sleep.

Tuesday:  3 miles w/Jimmy on HRT.  Calves are a little tight, but feeling pretty good otherwise.

Wednesday:  4 miles w/Jimmy up Reservoir Rd in Pisgah.  It was a rainy and raw 37 degrees during the run.  Felt decent.  Right calf is a wee sore.

Thursday:  4 miles at the Brattleboro Turkey Trot.  I ran 21:21 which is my fastest time here.  I didn't feel particularly fast as I started behind about 75 runners.  It took about 5 seconds to hit the start and the first half mile involved a lot of weaving and pace changes to pass people.  I got in my groove by the mile.  There was a lot of ice on the roads which made for some more weaving to pick the best line.  Cold, fun race.  The highlight was seeing 4 of my former athletes and 1 current athlete today.  I hope they continue the tradition.  It's nice keeping in touch with them.  I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving.

Tanner and Cody pre-race.

Friday:  4.5 on HRT w/Jimmy early morning.  Another cold run today with temps around 18 degrees.  I got an early Christmas present this week from Gina in the form of some Sugoi Subzero Zap tights.  They are awesome - nice and toasty.  Greg has the same ones, so I stole his flow and made it better ;)  My calves were pretty tight/sore today.

Saturday:  0.  Parenting duties trumped running today.

Sunday:  4 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  I pushed the first half and cruised the second.  My calves are still sore.  I probably need new shoes.

Weekly Total:  26.5

YTD:  795

Thursday, November 21, 2013

11-18 to 11/24

Monday:  0.  Came home from the hospital today.  Wow!  Where's the nurse button?!  Not much sleep.

Tuesday:  2 miles in Pisgah w/ Jimmy.  Incredibly tired from lack of sleep.

Wednesday:  0.  I did walk Jimmy down at the rail trail.  Didn't feel like running, but I enjoyed being outside.

Thursday:  2 miles on roads w/Jimmy.  Beautiful chilly morning.  Knock on wood, but I feel slightly more rested today.

Friday:  3 miles on the HRT w/Jimmy.  Tempo 1 mile + 3 R paced pick-ups.  Feeling pretty good.

Saturday:  0.

Sunday:  4 on HRT w/Jimmy.  First run of the year that I accumulated ice in my beard.  Gotta love it.  About 20 degrees and super windy.

YTD:  768.5

Monday, November 18, 2013

11/11 - 11/17

4.5 on Monday, 4 on Thursday morning, and 2 on Sunday for a total of 10.5.

 The real news is that Gina had the babies on Thursday night.  We were supposed to have a scheduled C-section on Friday morning, but they had other ideas.  Brady was born at 8:15 and his sister Emma was born at 8:16pm.  Brady was a screaming, 19.5 inches and 6 pounds 13 ounces.  Emma was a little more subdued, 18.75 inches and 5 pounds 15 ounces.  After 4 days in the hospital so Gina could recover, we are finally home.  I am exhausted and thrilled to be a dad.  Advice appreciated and accepted.  Pictures coming soon.

On a running note, Sunday's two miles were run with about 7 hours of sleep in more than a 55 hour period.  I had a lot of fun stuff to think of despite the fatigue.

YTD - 757.5

Monday, November 4, 2013

11/4 - 11/10

Monday:  2 w/Jimmy at night.  Getting chilly!

Tuesday:  0.

Wednesday:  2 w/Jimmy in the morning.  Great way to start the day.

Thursday:  3 miles w/Jimmy in the morning.  I started this one at 5:45; I had to wear the headlamp the entire way.  Warm morning.

Friday:  0

Saturday:  0.  Feel slightly feverish.

Sunday:  4.5 on HRT w/Jimmy.  Ran the last 2.5 at Tempo pace.  Felt good.

YTD:  747

Sunday, November 3, 2013

10/28 - 11/3

Monday - Saturday = 0

Sunday:  3 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  Saw a few hunters, but Jimmy and I were decked out in blaze orange.  Gorgeous morning.

YTD:  735.5

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/21 - 10/27

Monday:  2 miles at practice.

Tuesday:  0.  Lifted upper x2.

Wednesday:  3 miles at practice w/team + 4 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  7 total.

Thursday:  0  !

Friday:  0

Saturday:  4 early am w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  2 miles at Derryfield Park at the DIII championships.

Sunday:  Day of lethargy.  I did lift at school and shoot some hoops.

Weekly Total:  15
YTD:  732.5

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/14 - 10/20

Monday:  0.  Worked on marking the course for tomorrow's big show.

Tuesday:  0.  Hosted the Granite State Conference Championships.  The meet went off without a hitch. Great event with 12 schools from all over the state.  Whipped afterwards.

Wednesday:  4 w/team Depot Road loop.

Thursday:  3 w/Jimmy on HRT.  I have to get some mileage tomorrow during our XC race in Hillsborough.   Really warm day today.

Friday:  3 at the Hillsborough meet.  !

Saturday:  9 w/Jimmy in the am.  Felt mediocre on this run, like I'm losing fitness.  Beautiful day!

Sunday:  8 w/team in Pisgah.  Felt sluggish, but it was another gorgeous day.

Weekly Total:  27
Fall Total:  209.5
YTD:  717.5

Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/7 - 10/13

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  4 w/Jimmy from Greg's road.  Nice night to hammer.

Wednesday:  4 miles at Derryfield School during the xc meet.  Tough course.  We had some good performances today.

Thursday:  0.  Today I measured a new 2 loop course for our upcoming championship meet we're hosting.  I had to add a loop around the soccer complex which I'm not thrilled about, but it will work.  I once raced over a big rock, through a bunch of briars, across a muddy valley, and up a sled hill for a pack of gum.  The kids have a luxurious course by those standards.

Friday:  3 at practice w/team.  I threw a few pick-ups in.  Feeling decent.

Saturday:  0 running.  I hiked up Monadnock today with kids from my Lit of Nature class.  We had an epic day on the summit - socked in with hurricane force winds.  Fun time, even if it came at the expense of some running miles.

Sunday:  8 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  I ran up Broad Brook from Reservoir rd.  What a beautiful morning.  I had to wear gloves.  My legs felt a little heavy from yesterday's hike.  I'm itching to race a 5k.

Weekly Total:  19
Fall total:  182.5
2013 YTD:  690.5

Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30 - 10/6

Monday:  4 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Beautiful morning - 50 degrees.  I was able to get out and run since I stayed home from school today.  I hammered.  In the pm, I had a sinus migraine which I've never had before.  Started with vision issues then puking - just like Greg gets 'em.  Crappy way to end a nice day.  Feeling better at night.  I did manage to finish the second crib and put together the bassinets.  Gina is staying home from school these days with constant contractions.  The babies need to wait a few weeks longer!

Tuesday:  0.  Lifted upperx3.

Wednesday:  4 miles w/Jimmy up Beat Mtn.  I forgot how steep this run was.  I was able to run the entire climb which I believe is a first for me.  I guess I can thank the 50k for this.  Ran right past a porcupine (5 feet).  Luckily Jimmy was way behind me so I was able to go back and leash him to avoid issues.

Thursday:  0.

Friday:  0.  I let practice get in the way the last two days.

Saturday:  10 w/team in Pisgah from Reservoir Rd parking area.  I ran with our #1 guy up to the Parker Trail and back.  Gorgeous morning.  The foliage is blowing up.

Sunday:  10 w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  Same run as yesterday - chopped about 3 minutes off my time.  We ordered a new beeper for the beast.  Thanks loc - it made the run enjoyable!  ;)

Weekly total:  28
Fall total:  163.5
YTD:  671.5

Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23 - 9/29

Monday:  7 miles w/team.  Great run despite my cold.  Good way to start this week.

Tuesday:  3 miles w/team.  Felt a little sluggish today.

Wednesday:  0.  Bolted out of practice to meet Gina at the hospital.  She was having contractions about 4 minutes apart.  The doc said it was too early and gave her a shot that calmed things down.  She's at 31 weeks.  Hopefully the babies will wait at least 4 weeks.

Thursday:  4 mile Depot Rd w/team + 1 mile w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd.  I hammered the mile w/Jimmy. Feeling good.

Friday:  1 at school.

Saturday:   3 at Manchester Invite.  Saw Coach Hab.  The team had some good performances.

Sunday:  1.5 on roads w/Jimmy.  I should have run farther but I was dragging Jimmy plus I wanted to go cheer on Greg in the marathon.  Fun watching him - good job ace.

Weekly Total:  20.5
Fall total:  135.5
YTD:  643.5

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recovery week 9-16 - 9/22

I took Monday through Wednesday off.  I did some lifting on Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday, I did a little light running with the xc team.  Friday, I lifted again and got a couple more miles in.  Saturday, we had a meet and I got about 3 miles.  I ran 3 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah on Sunday morning.  I felt awesome on Sunday.  I had a lot of chores to do, so I kept it short.  I'm excited to get back after it next week.

Total miles - 10
Fall miles -  115
YTD -  623

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pisgah 50k

I had a fun time this weekend at the Pisgah 50k.  I didn't really start getting tired until the Ridge Trail at about 18 miles in, which makes sense given that my longest run was 16 miles in training.  By the top of the Ridge, I was fairly certain that I was going to quit at the Kilburn aid station.  I reached the summit and told myself to slow down and enjoy the views before I bowed out in a couple miles.  I felt a little guilty giving the Elijah salute when I knew I wasn't going to see this one to the end, so I gave a half assed effort and quietly said woo.  When I did this, something inside made me realize that I was being a wuss.  I got fired up and really let a proper salute howl out.  I asked for the Bossman's help and immediately a tree branch yanked my hat off which made me laugh.  With a new motivation, I hauled down to the Kilburn aid station.

I hit the aid station the first time at 3:57.  I fueled up on a Coke and made my way out on to my least favorite part of the course.  My left hip and ankle were killing me.  I couldn't cruise on the downhills because of the pain.  I made it to the first set of bridges before the sharp left turn that would take me to the uphill portion of the loop.  A runner named Dave passed me here and asked if I was doing all right.  I told him something like I was just pooped.   I contemplated quitting again.  I thought that it would make more sense to walk back from here rather than start the difficult section and add more mileage.  For some reason I kept going.  With each step I took, I started getting pissed at the quitter in me and basically told the quitter to go "f"himself.  I got a second adrenaline rush and was able to really cruise the harder part of Kilburn Loop at a good clip.  I made it to the aid station at 5:00 even.

I fueled up again at the aid station and walked up to the parking lot while eating a double stuffed Oreo.  Dave caught me again (I had passed him back in my adrenaline fueled push on the latter half of Kilburn).  We chatted about the race and people we knew.  He's from the Keene area and is good friends with Pat (Manny), who is friends with Boj.  Kevin Bacon doesn't have shit on Boj - everyone knows him.  He tried to convince me to roll with him up Davis, but I just didn't have the energy to stick to his pace.  I soon found myself alone on Davis.  I walk/limped up the hill for an eternity before I finally started descending.  I was able to muster a run.  Another runner caught me right before I made the sharp turn on the pre - Hubbard section.  We exchanged "good jobs".  Despite his quicker pace, he looked pretty haggard which was encouraging to know that everyone suffers in this race.  I made my way up Hubbard.    I actually (Nick Cash) caught someone on the mini-climb after the vista turn-off.  She said she was walking it in from there - her legs had had enough.  The climb up Hubbard wasn't as long as I was anticipating, but the muddy downs felt forever.  I was starting to doubt that it would ever end when I saw the logging activity.  I hit the turn and knew I was going to make it.

Long races must have been invented so people could get the feeling I had on Greg's road.  I knew I had conquered a grueling course on a day when a few miles earlier, I was certain I wasn't going to finish.  I got fired up when I saw everyone at Greg's house and maybe let my emotions flow into the crazy zone.  I spiked my borrowed water bottle (Jonny's bottle and Greg's quick draw device) and high-fived everyone I could.  I blitzed up the final hill while Gina drove by cheering and beeping.  I don't know if I've ever felt better on the road section.  I hammered.  The finish was sweet.  I didn't break 6 hours, but I got a 15 minute pr.  I broke the line at 6:29:xx to the cheers of Gina, Dave, and the rest of the finish line crowd.  It's three days later, and I'm still enjoying this race.

Yeah Fyffe!

Bringing it home

In the chute.  Dave in red cheering.

Crooked, tired, and happy

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pisgah Week

Monday:  2 miles at meet in Sant Bani.

Tuesday:  4 miles at practice with kids on Rail Trail.

Wednesday:  2 miles at practice.  I cancelled practice after 2 laps around the course.  It was unbelievably oppressive today.  Heat index = 100+ degrees.  I'm happy everyone survived.  New shoes arrived today.  I need to run in them before the race to see if they are just what I needed.

Thursday:  Tornadic/flash flood conditions.  I cancelled practice and no running.

Friday: 2 miles w/team.  I wish the race was tomorrow.

Saturday:  3 miles w/Ez, Griffy, and Jimmy.  Jimmy looked very healthy and spry today.

Sunday:  31 miles - Pisgah 50k.  Finished the SOB in a pr.  Separate write-up to follow once I see official results.  On a side note, Jimmy is looking sick again.  I'm pretty worried about him as he just can't kick whatever the hell is wrong with him.  This morning his foot was swollen and he was lethargic - almost like he has a fever again.  I'm glad he looked so good yesterday.  I hate seeing my best friend suffer.

Weekly Total:  44
Fall Total:  105
Summer Total:  333
Spring Total:  175

Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2 - 9/8

Monday:  16 w/Boj.  Nash/Dogwood/Reservoir from Horseshoe.  I was tired and sore (hamstrings) going into this run.  I suffered out there.  Boj looked very relaxed - I looked like crap.  The humidity got to me today.  This run makes me really contemplate whether or not I'm up for the 50k.

Tuesday:  0.  Feel great.

Wednesday:  0.  Saw the babies today on the ultrasound machine.  They are 2 pounds 9 ounces (girl) and 2 pounds 8 ounces (boy) right now.  No time for running.

Thursday:  4 miles at practice w/kids.  2 on rail trail w/Jimmy.  Feeling good - beautiful day.

Friday:  0.  Lazy after a long week.

Saturday:  8 total.  3 at my xc meet today.  5 w/Jimmy on Southwoods from Winchester Rd.  Greg dropped us off for a nice afternoon scamper.  Felt fine.

Sunday:  am 3 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Beautiful morning.

pm:  5 miles solo.  I ran from Greg's house to Horseshoe Rd and back.   Now I've run every part of the 50k in training besides Chestnut.  Fun chilling with Greg and talking about the upcoming race afterwards.

Weekly Total:  38

Fall total:  61
Summer total:  333
Spring total:  175 (approx.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to school 8/26 - 9/1

Monday:  0.  Rest day after big weekend.

Tuesday:  2 w/team.  4 w/Jimmy from Horseshoe Rd parking area.  Feel a little tight today in spine.  It's wicked humid today.

Wednesday:  3 w/Jimmy early am.  I woke up way before my alarm, so I decided to hit Reservoir Rd at 6am.  It was still very low light conditions which made it hard to see all the roots.  Fun run on a very humid morning.

pm:  0.  We had an indoor practice today because of lightning.  We didn't run, but hopefully the kids found this practice as exciting as I did.

Thursday:  0.

Friday:  0.  3 zeroes this week = not good.

Saturday:  7 miles at KSC Alumni meet.  2 mile warm-up, 5k xc race, 2 mile cool down.  I ran 23:18 and came in 91st out of 103.  I felt good, but went out a little too hot.  I struggled/rigged the last mile.  Another extremely humid day.

Sunday:  7 w/Jimmy.  We ran Nash - Fullam loop from Horseshoe.  I was surprised at how sore my hamstrings were on this one.  Nice and easy.

Weekly total:  23

Fall total:  23
Summer total:  333
Spring total:  175 (approx.)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8/19 - 8/25 Last week of summer training

Monday:  Practice started today.  I ran 2 miles with the kids.   Pickets + 4x200 at R pace.

Tuesday:  5 miles am w/team.  Very easy pace on Depot/Stage Rd loop.

pm:  2 miles w/ Jimmy on the roads.  This was his first run since getting bitten on the penis by a horsefly (which got infected and resulted in yet another trip to the vet's office).  I wanted to go farther, but he wasn't feeling too spry.  I lost his beeper, so I took him on his leash.  I hope I find that darn thing.

Wednesday:  No running at practice for me today.  I renewed my driver's license then ran 3 miles with Jimmy in Pisgah.  Still no beeper despite tearing apart the house, cars, and yard to find it.  Bummer.  Again, I wanted to go farther, but Jimmy wasn't up for it.  Hot today - 88 degrees.

Thursday:  am: 1 mile w/team.

pm:  4 miles at Fun Run.  I ran a 6:35 mile then jogged the 2.3.  I also warmed up with a mile.  Feeling good.

Friday:  2 miles w/kids at practice.  Too lazy to run when I got home.

Saturday:  13 total

early am:  3 w/Jimmy from Reservoir Rd.  I was going to do a long run, but my Camelbak was chafing the crap out of my neck and shoulders.

I dropped off Jimmy, grabbed my handheld bottle, and headed off to Wantastiquet.  I ran up in 25 minutes then headed over to Mine Ledge and Indian Pond.  1:29 total on steep terrain - I'm calling it 10.

Sunday:  14 miles in Pisgah.  I parked at Kilburn and ran Davis, Baker, Ridge, Kilburn Loop, + Davis add on.  Great run!  I felt really good rolling over the first part to Kilburn Loop.  I tried to visualize running tough yet relaxed on the place where 50k runners go to die.  I had to stop at 1:40 to throw a little lube on my feet.  They seem wimpier than past years.  I'm leaning towards lubing them on race day.  I ate a Nutri-grain Bar at 50 minutes and a half of one at 1:40.  I carried 16 ounces of water in my handheld bottle - I could have used more.  When I reached the Kilburn parking area, I decided to run to the 2 hour point up Davis Hill to teach my mind and body that I can't quit there.  I ate the last half of my bar on Davis and finished my water than ran back to the car, ending at 2:04:xx.  I ran the entire way and felt good.  I'm pumped, yet I know I will be out there for 5+ hours.  I've got a lot of training left before I'm truly ready for the 50k.  I probably won't be totally ready on race day, but I'll be more prepared than 2007 where my long run was 8 miles.  27 mile weekend!

Weekly Total:  46
Summer Total:  333

Monday, August 12, 2013

8/12 - 8/18

Monday:  6 miles solo up Mt. Wantastiquet.   24:50 up, 19:5x down.  I wasn't going to run today in order to rest my left leg, but it felt pretty good after a soak in Putney today.  The water was way too cold to swim, so I just waded in a little above my knee.  I felt good going up Wantastiquet despite having just eaten.  My legs are getting stronger.  I walked Jimmy down the road for a nice cool down.

Tuesday:  3 miles w/Jimmy on the HRT.  I added 6 x 200 meter pickups at R pace.

Wednesday:  7 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  We did the Southwoods/Fullam Pond route in reverse direction from Horseshoe Rd Parking.  I ran 51:30 and closed the last climb in 2:47.  I sort of hurried this run as I wanted to get other things done today.  I wish I enjoyed it and ran a little slower as I would like to feel fresh for tomorrow's Fun Run.  I cranked on all the downhills.  I also fell on the first long bridge on South Woods, but I'm fine.

Thursday:  3 miles at Fun Run.  I warmed up with the mile by running with a 6 year old.  He ran a 9:22.  He could have gone faster, but he lost focus numerous times.  Great kid; I can't wait to coach him in 8 years.  I then pushed the 2.3 and finished with a 16:36.  My legs were pretty tired from 3 relatively tough days previous.  This was a season's best by about 30 seconds.  Next week I'll go in fresh with some racing flats and see if I can dip under 16:00.  Fun night.

Friday:  0.  I needed it.

Saturday:  0.  I had an all day birthing class at the hospital.  I had to leave at noon to take Jimmy to the vet.  He had a bad horsefly bite that got infected.  He's on prednisone and a cortisone spray.  I went back to the birthing class.  When we finished, Gina and I went to the Marina for our late anniversary celebration.  No time to run today.

Sunday:  13 up Pumpelly.  I decided to not take a watch.  I wore my Road ID and brought a camelbak with some water, food, and some emergency stuff - impending fatherhood is making me cautious!  It took me about 1:10 to get up.  I really struggled on the steep stuff.  I am amazed at how fast others (Boj and Greg) can run this.  I stopped a couple times to take photos which got me reenergized and running again.  I power hiked a lot!  Right as I weaved my way past the weekend throng of people to the summit marker, I ran into Garry Harrington.  He was bagging a few summits from the Marlborough Trailhead.  It was fun catching up with him - I haven't seen him in a couple years at least.  I grabbed a photo of him.  Notice I have a purple face while he looks fresh as a daisy.  I ate a granola bar and just about finished my water.  I headed back down and had fun running the exposed rock on the upper ridge section.  Once I got back in the forested steep stuff my legs stopped having fun.  It was a grind to get back to my car.  Dublin Lake was a refreshing reward - not nearly as cold as Putney.  I realized I probably could have used more than the twelve ounces of h2o that I brought.  I had about a pint left in my car then it was off to Doug's Dogs.  Unfortunately being Sunday, Doug's was closed.  Bummer.  Happy Birthday to my nephew Jackson and my niece Ellie.   Here are a few photos:

                                                View of the summit from lower ridge

                                                                 What up Bossman?
                                              Summit shot with the ascent king, Garry

Weekly Total:  32
Summer Total:  287

Monday, August 5, 2013

8/5 - 8/11

Monday:  4 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Beautiful day - crisp, sunny, cool weather.  Legs felt a little flat today.

Tuesday:  0.  Painted the second coat of the nursery.  Tame Teal - Boom!  (Mac the Knight shout out).  Boj came over in the pm and we worked on the driveway.  He did 90 % of the work - he's that guy.  I didn't run because my back of my knee was an issue all day.  I sort of moped around in a funk thinking I'm injured.

Wednesday:  Went to a meeting in the mid morning, so I didn't run.  My hammy/knee is noticeable.

pm:  Rolled down to Keene High track w/Greg.  I ran the 3 mile warm up and my back felt tight and the knee was a little sensitive, but it was go time.  I ran 8x200 with 43 average.  I jogged 200 rest.  Felt stiff but decent.  I bonked a little after as I hadn't eaten since 10:30 am.  Cooled off in the creek, grabbed some food at Fritz's, and played golf at Boj's.  The leg held up.  Feeling good.  5 miles total.

Thursday:  5.5 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  We did Kilburn Town Forest Trail, Baker, Davis.  Nice run.  A little humid.  Leg was not an issue.  And I'm getting back my mojo - Bojo.

pm:  4.5 miles at Fun Run.  Great turnout tonight - about 15 runners.  The humidity was back.  I started to push the 2.3, but the humidity was killing me and I shut it down on the second lap.  Another 17:5x performance.

Friday:  3 miles on the HRT w/Jimmy.  I saw 5 deer  on this run.  Legs a little sluggish from two days of speed in a row.   Turned 36 today.  I went fishing at the Ashuelot and caught 5 smallies.  We met Greg and Jen for dinner at the Whetstone.  Fun day.

Saturday:  12 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah (1:45).  I ran Reservoir, Ridge, Baker, Reservoir from the Horseshoe Parking area.  I didn't take any gels or water because I wasn't planning on going long.  Once I got out there, I felt pretty good.  I saw a broad wing hawk with a red squirrel in its talons on the ridge. Guzzled water as soon as I got home - I was thirsty!  On a non-running note:  I've been married for 3 years today to Gina.  Happy Anniversary Honey!

Sunday:  5.5 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  We ran up Broad Brook.  We ran into the same woman running with her dog twice.  She didn't look too happy about sharing the trails.  Oh well - we enjoyed our run.  My left leg hamstring issue was noticeable at the start and in the morning before my run.  It loosened up after about 5 minutes.  I would like to take a dip in the healing Putney waters today.

Weekly Total:  39.5
Summer Total:  255

Monday, July 29, 2013

7/29 - 8/4

Monday:  3 miles solo on the Rail Trail.  Legs lacked pep today from yesterday's run.  Another nice summer day.  I got out a little late in the day and decided to leave Jimmy home since I needed a flat run, and the RT doesn't have any water for Jimmy.

Tuesday:  am:  4.5 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  I wanted to go farther, but I ran out of time.  Nice morning.  Now off to a school meeting.

pm:  4 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Hammered the way home down Reservoir Rd.  I need to lift tomorrow.

Wednesday:  0.  The day of 1000 chores got in the way of my running.  Got a lot done though!

Thursday:  7 miles w/Jimmy.  Kilburn, Ridge, Baker, Davis.  Very easy pace made for a very enjoyable run.  Beautiful morning.

Mid day:  Went fishing at the Ashuelot River w/Greg.  I caught 2 smallies one about 12 inches and lost 2 other nice ones.  I also caught a 19 inch walleye - my first ever!  Fun stuff.  Greg caught a couple smallies too.  *I wanted to include a photo for my thousands of readers in Rhody who have never seen a walleye.   We didn't have a camera, so I found a picture of a fish that looked almost as big as mine.


pm:  4.5 miles at the Fun Run.  Ran the mile with one of my athletes who set his new pr by 15 seconds.  Great kid.  Then I ran a decent effort 17:55 2.3.  Tonight's conditions were rainy, windy, and 62 degrees.  The conditions were slow.  It turned out to be an epic night of running with 3 other awesome people.

Friday:  6.5 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  We explored the old Kilburn Town Forest Trail which is unmarked but shows up on old maps.  Fun trail only challenging to follow when it crosses Kilburn Brook.  Really fun running above the backside of Baker Pond.  We then hit the Ridge and back.  I decided to veer off another unmarked trail on the way back, but it lead to nowhere after 2 or 3 minutes.  Fun run.

pm:  Went fishing again at the Ashuelot River, solo this time.  I caught 4 smallies and another walleye.  This walleye was about 17 inches which was probably the length of yesterday's too.  I was a little calmer tonight which enabled me to make a realistic estimate.

Gina also gave me an early birthday present that came in the mail today.  Can't wait to see the babies rocking these at home meets.  We also went down to Springfield today and visited with Gilly (Anne), Gina's good friend who is 31 weeks pregnant.  Here's Gina at 22 weeks with the twins.

Gina and Gilly

Saturday:  7 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Southwoods, Nash/Fullam lollipop.  Nice day.  I got a little too excited on Nash and cranked making the end of Southwoods and Horseshoe Rd a sufferfest.  

Sunday:  12 w/Jimmy in Pisgah (1:47).  Reservoir Rd, South Link, Broad Brook, Old Chesterfield Rd, Dogwood Swamp, Reservoir Rd loop.  My left hamstring was feeling a little tender this morning when I fully straitened my knee, but it wasn't a problem on the run.  I forgot how beautiful upper Broad Brook trail is and how rugged Dogwood Swamp is.  Pleased with the way I finished this run.  I didn't feel exhausted and purple faced after.  

Weekly Total:  48.5
Summer Total:  215.5

Monday, July 22, 2013

7/22 - 7/28

Monday:  7 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  We did Fullam Pond loop hoping the cool temps would temper the deerflies.  No dice.  It was still amazing weather despite the little devils.  68 degrees!

Tuesday:  I ran/powerhiked up Daniels Mtn from the Plain Rd parking area w/Jimmy.  I paused at Moon Ledge then finished off Daniels Mtn Loop and back down.  I have no idea how long it took because I wasn't wearing my watch.  I know the terrain was steep and technical.  I'm calling it 6 for my purposes though I'm sure it's way less actual mileage.  Nice rainy day run.

Wednesday:  7 w/track workout at Keene High.  I ran the 3 mile warm-up trying to hang with the crew of Keeneyans.  I fell off by about 30 seconds.  Nice tempo run!  I then did 4x200, 400, 2x200 for 1600m of work.  I averaged a hair under 43 for the two hundreds and ran the 400 in 94.  Beautiful weather for a workout - had a late summer feel to it.  I got out on the cool down before everyone else, so I could go my own pace.  I suffered from the roads and was happy to cool off in the stream afterwards. Local Burger after and some singing at Boj's made for a complete night.  Jimmy was very disappointed with me when I put my running clothes on and drove off.  I'll have to make it up to him tomorrow.

Thursday:  7 in Pisgah.  I ran Reservoir, South Link, and Broad Brook out and back w/Jimmy.  Great run.  My legs were a little tired from yesterday, but I felt energized by the perfect weather - 62 degrees, crisp and sunny.  I enjoyed Broad Brook.  It's easy terrain with nice shade and streams for Jimmy.

pm:  3 miles at Fun Run.  I ran the 2.3 tonight in 17:18.  Beautiful night for racing.

Friday:  0.  I drove down w/ Gina and Jimmy to Rhody.  Had fun with family.

Saturday:  I caught a couple stripers early am w/Pard from Shelter Harbor/Weekapaug Beach.  I'd never been to this spot before.  After fishing we drove back to NH.  Today was an absolutely beautiful day - low 80s with a dewpoint of 58.  I mowed the lawn and vacuumed out all the Jimmy hair out of my car with help from Gina.

pm:  4 miles in Pisgah w/ Jimmy (Broad Brook).  Nice evening run.  Cranked on the way back.

Sunday:  9 in Pisgah w/Jimmy ( Reservoir to N. Ponds back to Baker - Hubbard).  I saw a coyote on Horseshoe Rd while driving into the parking lot.  Nice run.  I couldn't believe the logging going on at Hubbard!  There was some cryptic note about the trails are still open following the sale - WTF?  Is the state of NH selling sections of Pisgah to loggers that it took from residents back in the 60's?  I hope I'm misinterpreting this.  Cranked the last hill in 2:37 despite being tired today.

Weekly Total:  43
Summer Total:  167

Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15 - 7/21

Monday:  am:  4 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Legs were sluggish from the Beaver race.

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  It was hot and Jimmy was suffering.  I got a little later start than normal around 10 am.  I decided to throw in quite a few long surges.  Felt good.  Hung out at Ferenc's in the early pm.  Went fishing w/Greg in the evening.  Fun summer day.

Wednesday:  8 miles w/Jimmy.  Kilburn Loop.  I ran out of gas on this one.  I might have gone too fast in the beginning, fatigue from yesterdays pickups, humidity, dehydration, who knows.  I felt like crap after 45 minutes.

Thursday:  am:  4 miles around Kilburn.  I left Jimmy home because it was way too hot at 10:40 when I started this run.  I met up w/George and Greg at the swimming spot.  It felt good to soak in the pond.  George and Greg looked worked from the heat (they were running 12).  Tonight is the Fun Run and it's going to be 87 degrees at 7pm with a 70 dewpoint.  Miserable.

pm:  Fun Run.  Another dismal turnout.  I'm sure the heat deserves some of the blame.  I opted to run and just kept it in control.  4 miles.

Friday:  4 miles w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  We left at 8am and it was 79 degrees.  Today should be the hottest day so far.  We should have relief coming over the weekend.

Saturday:   3 miles w/Jimmy at Kilburn.  Dewpoint was 62 when I ran, so it was noticeably less humid.  My legs felt heavy despite the nice conditions.  I noticed the dewpoint is much higher in Norton, Mass where we're heading - 75!

Sunday:  0.  Drove back from Mass.  It was a perfect day for running, but I just didn't get it done.  I did manage to paint the babies' room.  It needs a second coat.

I'm happy with this week overall.  I managed to battle the heat wave everyday.  Sunday I let other things get in the way, but I can live with it.

Weekly Total:  30
Summer Total:  124

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/8 - 7/14

Monday:  0.  I did catch a couple slab bluegills and a crappie at the river.  The crappie was no Watchaug monster but decent.

Tuesday:  8 miles w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  We did the Nash Loop from Horseshoe Rd parking area.  The deerflies were relentless.

Wednesday:  2 mile tempo on Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  Didn't really feel like running early, but I knew I had traveling and chores mid day.  I decided to go short.  When I go short, I hammer.  Felt good once I got going.  Really pushed the second mile.

Thursday:  Linesiders and fluke on the agenda.  Great day on the C-Devil with the usual crew.  No huge fish this year, but we caught our limit of stripers up to 20 pounds and boated numerous fluke including 20 keepers.  Fish tacos at Jonny's house were awesome.

Friday:  3 miles in Burlingame w/Jimmy.  We jumped a doe and a fawn.  I felt super sluggish thanks to yesterday's trip.

Saturday:  Beaver race.  23rd place.  Team Hamboj got the win.  1:36:57.  About 20 seconds slower than last year, but I felt much better.  I passed 6 runners in the second loop, including 5 in the last mile.  12 miles on the day.

Sunday:  0.  I waited too late to go in the am (heat).  My pm run never happened.

Weekly Total:  25
Summer Total:  94

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7/1 - 7/7

Monday:  Lifted in am w/Greg.  Upper x2.  Took a zero running.

Tuesday:  7 w/Jimmy Davis-Baker-Ridge-Kilburn.  I can't remember ever running this doing Davis Hill first.  Fun run.  Felt great out there.  Nice drizzly, cool conditions.

Wednesday:  2 on roads in am w/Jimmy.  I wanted to give him a little exercise before his vet appointment.  Wow it's oppressively humid out today!

Thursday:  6 in Keene.  2 mile warm-up before a slow slog in the heat during the 4 on the 4th road race.  I suffered out there and after 2 miles decided that I just needed to survive.  I'm out of shape!

Friday:  2 miles on Hinsdale roads.  Ran at 8:30am and it was already miserably hot and humid.  First Fun Run tonight.

Saturday:  3 miles at Kilburn w/Jimmy in early am.  Legs felt heavy and sore from roads three days in a row.  I should have gone farther.  I would like to hit 30 miles this week.

Sunday:  6.5 in Stoddard w/Joel and dogs.  Nice run up to Jackson Hill.  Too bad the dogs didn't get along.

pm:  4 miles on Hinsdale Rail Trail.  Today the temps were cooler (84 for a high), so I felt decent on both runs.  First double of the summer.

Weekly Total:  30.5
Summer Total:  69

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer is here! 6-24 - 6/30

Monday:  Cleaned the room at school then signed out.  Went to a party with teachers.  0.

Tuesday:  Kicked off my first day of summer with some ground fishing on a party boat out of Hampton w/ fellow teachers.  I caught 6 dogfish, 2 haddock, and 1 cod.  None of the good tasting fish were keepers.  All 4 of us caught several of the right species, but no keepers.  Tim caught 12 dogfish for top honors in the shark category.  Celebrated with a Dogfish ale at night.  Pretty zonked.

Wednesday:  Felt like I hadn't run in a year.  3 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  Sluggish run.

Thursday:  6.5 in Pisgah w/Tanner and Jimmy.  Spirit Breaker Hill did just that.  Tanner looks fit.

Friday:  3 miles Monument Rd w/Jimmy.  Ran in the evening to try and hit the cool temps.  It was still too hot and humid for Jimmy.  Slow pace.

Saturday:  8 Kilburn Loop w/Jimmy.  Very slow pace.  Ran into Greg, Jenny, and Griffin at the end of my run.  First run over an hour in a long time.  Lifted upperx2 after my run.  Feeling good.

Sunday:  4 w/Jimmy up Reservoir Rd.  Easy pace.

Weekly Total:  24.5
Summer Total:  38.5

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekending 6/23

Monday:  0.  Picked up Jimmy from the emergency animal hospital in Deerfield, Mass.  I'm glad he's back after a bad bout with seizures yesterday.  We thought he was on his way to star clan, but he's hard to kill.

Tuesday:  1.5 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Took it easy for both of us.  Nice evening run.

Wednesday:  0.

Thursday:  3 w/ Jimmy on Rail Trail.  Another nice evening run.

Friday:  0.  Fished and swam on Spofford w/ Jdubbs.

Saturday:  am:  5w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  Good run.  Felt pretty decent out there except when I was climbing the switchbacks up to the reservoir.  I was going so slowly that mosquitos marauded me the entire hill.

Sunday:  4.5 w/Jimmy on Rail Trail.  Decent run.

Weekly Total:  14
Summer total:  14

Thursday, May 30, 2013

No Secrets

Today I was given a letter from a graduating senior I've coached since his freshman year.  He also wrote me a poem.  It was so touching that I thought I would post it.  It's called NO SECRETS.

Dear Coach,
It is amazing how time flies
from stealing fries
To running at sunset and sunrise
You've shown me happiness lies in the one who tries

This is to Coach
Whose eyes are always on the prize
Who encouraged me under cloudy skies
Who helped me realize
Dedication applies to sports and life likewise

This is for my Coach
Who defies the worldly ties
Who knows the underdog will rise
Who will advise those that talent denies
To surprise those betting on the one with size

Thank you, Coach
for being so humble and wise
for showing me what motivation buys
for the passion in your cries
Because you know success is hard work in disguise

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Red bellied snakes and yellow rumped warblers

I ran 4 miles today, lifted, and did some raking in the yard.  I saw a nice male yellow-rumped warbler and found a red-bellied snake while raking.  I also saw a couple black and white warblers and a garter snake, but those are less exciting than the others.  I felt out of shape on the run, but it was a beautiful morning.  Yesterday, I hosted a Fun Run for the community health fair.  I ended up running the 2.3.  I couldn't believe how slow I was, but I was happy that I cracked the lethargy seal.  Track is keeping me busy.  I've been running about twice a week for the last 3 weeks.  During April vacation I took kids camping in Shenandoah National Park.  We had a good time.  That's all for updates.  Hope everyone is enjoying spring.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3/25 - 3/31/13

Monday:  0.  Got home from practice and was too beat.

Tuesday:  Walked Jimmy after practice.  Did some dynamic drills with team.  Lifted upperx3 in evening.

Wednesday:  0.

Thursday:  0.

Friday:  0.  Lifted Upperx2.

Saturday:  0.  Threw jav, disc, and shot today for 3 hours at school.  Back feels great.  Nice walk in the afternoon with some short sprints.  I haven't felt like running for some reason.

Sunday:  Lifted upperx3.  Really I was benching for 1 max rep.  The first two sets were warm-up.  I hit 220 on the machine.  I didn't try 230 because 220 felt so hard.  I wish I tried it.  Yesterday's throwing session got me excited about being powerful.  I woke up feeling great today.  I went to Bratt track after lifting and did 5x40 meter sprints plus 2x100.  I also did about ten minutes of dynamic drills.  Fun stuff.  Here's a song that will get you pumped for sprinting.

Days lifting:  3
Running:  1 - sprinting = no mileage.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3/18 - 3/24/2013

Monday:  0.  Track begins.  

Tuesday:  9 inches of snow and no school.  I ran 3 on the roads w/Jimmy.  It turned to sleet while I was out there.  I got a lot of WTF looks by guys in plow trucks and people snow blowing there driveways.  I lifted around noon upperx2.  I've been bored since.  I'm still grateful for the snow day though.  Track should be interesting with snow on the ground.

Wednesday 2 miles easy at practice.

Thursday:   2 miles in the evening w/Jimmy.  I saw 3 wood ducks in the swamp by my house.  I lifted at night.  Track makes for a long day at school.  

Friday:  0.

Saturday:  Groin is pulled.  Can't run. 

Sunday:  Lifted upperx3 in am.  Shot hoops after lifting.

Weekly total:  7
Days lifting:  3

Last week:  10.5
2013 YTD:  129.5

Saturday, March 16, 2013

3/11 - 3/17/2013

Monday:  0.  Lazy.

Tuesday:  0.  see above.  Lifted at night upperx2.

Wednesday 3 miles w/Jimmy on rail trail.  Feel stiff and slow.  What should I expect with the little amount of activity I've been getting?

Thursday:   0.

Friday:  0.  This is shaping up to be a pathetic week.

Saturday:  3.  Roads w/ Jimmy.  Very easy pace.  Lifted upperx3 in afternoon.  

Sunday:  4.5 w/Jimmy and Griffin on RT.  Started very conservatively then I pushed it home.  Another weak week.  Injuring my achilles threw off my groove.  I'm just getting it back.  My lifting has suffered a little too.  I was pleased to hit sets of 180 on the bench machine and to get 200 on Saturday.  Monday track starts.  I would like to get in the 20's for mileage next week.          

Weekly total:  10.5
Days lifting:  2

Last week:  7.5
2013 YTD:  122.5

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3/4 - 3/10/2013

Monday:  Lifted upper#1x2.  This was a pretty wimpy lifting session.  I got it in quick right after work.  I was even wearing my school clothes.  Stiff but not a lot of pain.

Tuesday:  2 miles on RT w/Jimmy.  I had meetings after school and not much energy.  I also still felt stiff and fat.  I waddled the 2 miles.  I feel about 2% looser after my waddle which is better than 0 percent.  Still no pain, but no flexibility.  

Wednesday:  0.

Thursday:   1.5 roads w/Jimmy.  

Friday:  0.

Saturday:  0. Lifted upperx3 early am.  I went fishing all morning.  I should have run.  I saw an otter.  No fish.

Sunday:  4 w/Jimmy Reservoir rd.  Nice morning.  I went fishing again late morning - same results.

Weekly total:  7.5
Days lifting:  2

Last week:  11
2013 YTD:  112

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2/26 - 3/3/2013

Monday:  Lifted upper#1x3.  I was supposed to go to Plymouth State to watch the girls' varsity play in the semifinals but I was zonked.  I slept from 3pm to 4:30pm.  The girls ended up losing to a tough Groveton team.  Groveton has won 15 state titles since 1990 in girls' division IV hoops.  Our girls had an off night shooting which is just bad timing after an undefeated regular season.  The school and town are very proud of them.

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy on RT.  Lifted upper#2x2.  I didn't want to get out the door today, but I willed myself to at least walk Jimmy in running clothes.  My achilles was a nonissue.  My back is tight, so I decided I better lift again today.

Wednesday:  0.  No school because of snow and sleet.  I watched a Rambo marathon with Greg.  It's interesting to note that Rambo III was dedicated to "the gallant people of Afghanistan."

Thursday:  0.  I tried to run, but my back wasn't having it.  I walked for 20 minutes instead with several failed attempts at running.  It feels like my A.S. is coming back.  Maybe not.  Later at night I tried to lift, but the little school gym was locked.  I was 0 for 2.  Took advil.  I'm hoping this isn't as bad as it seems.

Friday:  0.  I hiked in the woods behind the house with Jimmy.  My back was manageable at work, but I took advil after school.  Tomorrow lift and run then head over Fyffe's to make maple syrup.

Saturday:  Lifted upperx2.  5 miles on roads w/Jimmy.  I ran from my house to the school to pick up Gina's car.  Fun running through town.  The ice fishermen were having a good day.  I saw two people hoist nice bass out of the setbacks.

Sunday:  3 miles roads of Hdale w/Jimmy.  My calves are sore from yesterday's road run.  In the pm I shot guns with Fyffe.  I haven't fired a gun in about ten years (maybe more).

Weekly total:  11
Days lifting:  3

Last week:  10.5
2013 YTD:  104.5