Thursday, May 30, 2013

No Secrets

Today I was given a letter from a graduating senior I've coached since his freshman year.  He also wrote me a poem.  It was so touching that I thought I would post it.  It's called NO SECRETS.

Dear Coach,
It is amazing how time flies
from stealing fries
To running at sunset and sunrise
You've shown me happiness lies in the one who tries

This is to Coach
Whose eyes are always on the prize
Who encouraged me under cloudy skies
Who helped me realize
Dedication applies to sports and life likewise

This is for my Coach
Who defies the worldly ties
Who knows the underdog will rise
Who will advise those that talent denies
To surprise those betting on the one with size

Thank you, Coach
for being so humble and wise
for showing me what motivation buys
for the passion in your cries
Because you know success is hard work in disguise


  1. And by great poem I mean it's the best I've ever read, for the most deserving coach, written by the awesomest and hardest working athlete/person, and it made me cry.