Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekending 6/23

Monday:  0.  Picked up Jimmy from the emergency animal hospital in Deerfield, Mass.  I'm glad he's back after a bad bout with seizures yesterday.  We thought he was on his way to star clan, but he's hard to kill.

Tuesday:  1.5 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Took it easy for both of us.  Nice evening run.

Wednesday:  0.

Thursday:  3 w/ Jimmy on Rail Trail.  Another nice evening run.

Friday:  0.  Fished and swam on Spofford w/ Jdubbs.

Saturday:  am:  5w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  Good run.  Felt pretty decent out there except when I was climbing the switchbacks up to the reservoir.  I was going so slowly that mosquitos marauded me the entire hill.

Sunday:  4.5 w/Jimmy on Rail Trail.  Decent run.

Weekly Total:  14
Summer total:  14

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