Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last week of August

Monday - Friday - Barely any running with team.  I had to sit in the crappy kids' desks for 16 hours the first two days of the week which made my back tight.  We had our first meet Friday - good to see how we stack up against some tough competition.

Saturday:  3.  I ran pretty fast from school to try and get some sort of groove back.  My back is feeling decent.

Sunday:  8 in Pisgah w/team.  A little on the humid side, but a nice morning for a run none the less.  Feeling good.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Week 10

8/18 - Monday:  1 at practice.

8/19 - Tuesday:  3 at practice include 6x60 sec hills on Stage Rd w/ 5 x 30 sec hills.

8/20 - Wednesday:  5 at practice on Plain Rd.

8/21 - Thursday:  1.5 at practice.

8/22 - Friday:  0.

8/23 - Saturday:  4.  Depot Rd loop.  I felt pretty decent today (implied Nick Cash).

8/24 - Sunday:  6 up Reservoir Rd w/team.  Beautiful day.  I was able to run all of Spirit Breaker.  This was a good sign as I couldn't do it with Greg last time we went fishing.

Ten Weeks of Summer Total - 159
2013 - 333
2012 - 217
2011 - 301

This was my worst summer of running since keeping track.  Summer School was a killer when combined with busy afternoons with the babies.  I had a ton of zero days.  Oh well, 159 > 0.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Week 9

Monday - Wednesday 8/11 - 8/13.  0.  I did lift again on Wednesday.

8/14 - Thursday:  4  at Pisgah Reservoir.  I got to fish at the Reservoir w/Greg today as an unexpected bonus.  Nice weather.

8/15 - Friday:  Lifted in pm.  Hoping for a run this evening... didn't happen.

8/16 - Saturday:  4 on HRT.  I ran the Outer River Loop from school to make sure it was in ok shape for the start of xc on Monday.  It's in decent shape; I'm not!

8/17 - Sunday:  4.  Tower Hill Loop.  I felt a lot better than yesterday.  Tomorrow practice begins.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Week 8

8/4 - Monday:  3 on Oxbow Rd.  It was humid tonight.  Glad I was able to get out the door even if it was for a quickie.

85 - Tuesday:  4.  Monument out 'n back.  Another humid evening.  Three different dogs gave me the stare down today including a big German Shepherd.  I carry pepper spray for such occasions.  I didn't have to use it tonight.
8/6 - Wednesday:  0.  Happy Birthday Jonny.  I decided you ran enough for me too!

8/7 - Thursday:  0.  Last day of summer school!  Another day with no real window to get the sneaks on and grab some miles.

8/8 - Friday:  5 w/team at Kilburn.  Beautiful day for a run.

8/9 - Saturday:  0.  I tried to get a birthday run in, but my back was bothering me with every step.

8/10 - Sunday:  0.  Back still needs rest.  I lifted weights today which always helps.