Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Week 8

8/4 - Monday:  3 on Oxbow Rd.  It was humid tonight.  Glad I was able to get out the door even if it was for a quickie.

85 - Tuesday:  4.  Monument out 'n back.  Another humid evening.  Three different dogs gave me the stare down today including a big German Shepherd.  I carry pepper spray for such occasions.  I didn't have to use it tonight.
8/6 - Wednesday:  0.  Happy Birthday Jonny.  I decided you ran enough for me too!

8/7 - Thursday:  0.  Last day of summer school!  Another day with no real window to get the sneaks on and grab some miles.

8/8 - Friday:  5 w/team at Kilburn.  Beautiful day for a run.

8/9 - Saturday:  0.  I tried to get a birthday run in, but my back was bothering me with every step.

8/10 - Sunday:  0.  Back still needs rest.  I lifted weights today which always helps.

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