Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Week 7

7/28 - Monday:  0.  No time to get out for a run today.  The babies are on a new sleep schedule since the trip to Rhody.

7/29 - Tuesday:  0.  Babies back on schedule, but I had no energy to run.

7/30 - Wednesday:  3.  Ran the PTSA loop.  Form felt very tight in the first mile then I loosened up and was able to cruise a little faster.  Tiring effort.  I lifted upper x2 after summer school.

7/31 - Thursday:  Triple goose egg already this week.  I can't find a window.

8/1 - Friday:  7 w/team in Pisgah.

8/2 - Saturday:  0.

8/3 - Sunday:  5 at Kilburn.  Hammered the finish climb and descent.

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