Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Week 5

7/14 - Monday:  0.  Another action packed day.

7/15 - Tuesday:  4.  I ran at 7 at the Kilburn loop with the boys' team captain.  Humid night, I had cancelled the get optional run at 2pm because tornadic conditions were forecasted, but the radar looked good once 7 rolled around.  We were fine; however, a storm is rumbling as I type this.

7/16 & 7/17:  0.

7/18 - Friday:  4 at Kilburn w/team.

7/19 - Saturday:  0.  Sore throat + feeling lazy.

7/20 - Sunday:  6.  I ran Kilburn Town Forest, Ridge, Kilburn.  Good run.  I love coming out on the backside of Baker Pond.  Throat is still quite sore (allergies?).  Pretty weak week.

Weekly Total:  14

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