Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer 2015, Week 6

7/27 - Monday:  3 at night around school with a full belly.  I belched up dinner the entire run.  I ended with about 1200m of tempo effort.

7/28 - Tuesday: 5.5 around PTSA 5k route from home.  Legs were stale from 3 days in a row of quicker paced running.

pm:  3 miles at Kilburn + a splash in the pond.  I felt pretty decent on this one.  It was hot - 86 degrees.  Tomorrow will be in the mid 90s.  Blech!

7/29 - Wednesday:  5 on HRT.  I got out before the real heat hit.  My legs felt sluggish.

7/30 - Thursday:  1.5 at school w/athletes.

7/31 - Friday:  0.  I watched the kids all morning then fished late into the night.  I caught 20 bass.  I didn't get anything bigger than 2.5 pounds.  George and Greg landed and hooked into some hogs.

8/1 - Saturday:  0.  I drove to Rhody.

8/2 - Sunday:  3.5 w/Pard in Burlingame.  Fun run despite full stomachs.

Weekly Total:  21.5

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer 2015, week 5

7/20 - Monday:  Zero.  I did manage to go fishing with Greg at secret spot 1.  We caught some more monster bass.

7/21 - Tuesday:  6 in the morning on HRT and around school.  I didn't feel great.

pm - Greg and I grabbed the canoe from Stoddard to bring to Hinsdale for an assault on Secret Spot #1 later this week.  Before we left Stoddard, we went for a 30 min fishing trip on Highland Lake and caught a couple beautiful bass.  I've now caught 5 of my top 6 biggest lifetime bass in the last week and a half.  Clearly I didn't know how to fish for bass back in the day (and I probably still could use a few pointers).  Fun night.

Greg hoists a nice one.
Greg's lunker.  This is a photo of a photo if it seems blurry.

7/22 - Wednesday:  Zero.  I had a chore day today.  No time for running.

7/23 - Thursday:  8 around Kilburn counterclockwise in 1:07.  Slow time.  I felt pretty good in the beginning, but the wheels really fell off.  I've got to hydrate better.

7/24 - Friday:  0.  Very lazy day.  I should have run in the morning because I had the kids all afternoon and night.  This isn't going to be a very good week.

7/25 - Saturday:  Happy Birthday Mom!  I ran 4 today at tempo effort.  It was a nice morning to run.  I didn't feel great.  

7/26 - Sunday:  5.5 w/athlete in Pisgah.  We ran up to the Ridge from Kilburn.  It was socked in, so there were no views.  Hammered the last .7 back to the parking lot.

Weekly total:  23.5 - Not a good week - too many zeroes.
Summer total:  139.5

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer 2015, week 4

7/13 - Monday:  5 on 119 from house.  I felt pretty decent.  I've been doing a lot of pushups lately and I've noticed that my back hasn't been nearly as tight the last week.  Maybe I can get out for a few miles this evening.  I need some mileage this week.

7/14 - Tuesday:  8 - Clockwise Kilburn.  I tried to break an hour and ended up fading and not really coming too close.  1:05+ - almost 1:06.  I did stop at 57 minutes for a swim.

7/15 - Wednesday:  3 - Charles Street Loop from house.  This was a great day.  After running Greg and I went to secret spot #1 and caught a few beautiful bass.  I caught a 3 pounder and Greg caught a nice 5 pounder - no joke.

7/16 - Thursday:  7 at Kilburn w/athletes.  Absolutely beautiful morning for a run.  58 degrees, crisp and sunny.  Feeling good.

7/17 - Friday:  6 miles HRT + downtown roads.  Another humidity free morning for running.  I felt pretty darn good today.  I lifted a little weights in the basement after my run.

7/18 - Saturday:  4 on HRT + other roads.  The humidity was back.  Decent run today.  Good week going.

7/19 - Sunday:  6 in the morning from the Pisgah Reservoir parking area.  It was another brutally humid run.  I may have had my slowest Spirit Breaker Hill ascent while running the entire way 7:10 from gate to gate.

pm - 1 mile w/athlete around school before thunderstorms cut it short.  We were hoping to get three miles.  He would have hit 50 miles for the week, but we decided to be prudent.  The 1 mile was enough for me to hit 40 for the week.  The humidity reminded me of summers past running in Ashaway.  Feel like my fitness is coming around.

Weekly total: 40
Summer total after 4 weeks - 116

Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer 2015, week 3

7/6 - Monday:  3 w/Greg.  We ran and swam at Kilburn.  Glad I got out as I had earlier conceded to getting a zero when I chose to mow the lawn instead of run.

7/7 - Tuesday:  0.  During my window to run, we had a lingering thunderstorm.  I decided that my legs could use a zero - sore calves.

7/8 - Wednesday:  6.  I ran in the evening from the school down Plain Rd to Fox Run.  I went in the development to get the right amount of time for a slow six miler.  I felt decent despite having just eaten a burger.  Interesting digression - when I went to light the grill today I noticed a mouse nest in the grill.  I quickly shut it off when I heard some of the nest ignite.  The momma mouse hopped up onto the surface of the grill.  Hopefully no babies were barbecued.  I don't think they were as there were no visible flames.  I ended up cooking the burgers inside.  I'll have to relocate the nest.  I don't mind killing mice, but burning them alive isn't my thing.

I also had the pleasure of running into my former athlete, Evan.  This was the second time this summer that I've crossed paths with him on a run.  He's been running 5 days a week.  His running has become his stress relief from a very busy schedule.  He's a chemistry major and is currently working for one of his professors on a new drug that is a promising cure for breast cancer.  He has to give a speech in San Diego at a huge chemical convention about the work they've been doing.  It made me proud to have gotten to coach him in basketball, cross country, and track and field.

7/9 - Thursday:  4 w/athletes at school in evening.  I felt good - ran nice and easy.  We had 5 athletes show up tonight.

7/10 and 7/11 - Fri/Sat:  0.  Headache on Friday led to a wimpy zero, and trip to Mass on Saturday.

7/12 - Sunday:  7 at Kilburn w/athletes.  Nice morning for a run - a little on the humid side.

pm - 1+ running from Sasquatch at Pisgah Reservoir in pm.  Great fishing w/Greg.

Weekly total - 21