Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer 2015, week 5

7/20 - Monday:  Zero.  I did manage to go fishing with Greg at secret spot 1.  We caught some more monster bass.

7/21 - Tuesday:  6 in the morning on HRT and around school.  I didn't feel great.

pm - Greg and I grabbed the canoe from Stoddard to bring to Hinsdale for an assault on Secret Spot #1 later this week.  Before we left Stoddard, we went for a 30 min fishing trip on Highland Lake and caught a couple beautiful bass.  I've now caught 5 of my top 6 biggest lifetime bass in the last week and a half.  Clearly I didn't know how to fish for bass back in the day (and I probably still could use a few pointers).  Fun night.

Greg hoists a nice one.
Greg's lunker.  This is a photo of a photo if it seems blurry.

7/22 - Wednesday:  Zero.  I had a chore day today.  No time for running.

7/23 - Thursday:  8 around Kilburn counterclockwise in 1:07.  Slow time.  I felt pretty good in the beginning, but the wheels really fell off.  I've got to hydrate better.

7/24 - Friday:  0.  Very lazy day.  I should have run in the morning because I had the kids all afternoon and night.  This isn't going to be a very good week.

7/25 - Saturday:  Happy Birthday Mom!  I ran 4 today at tempo effort.  It was a nice morning to run.  I didn't feel great.  

7/26 - Sunday:  5.5 w/athlete in Pisgah.  We ran up to the Ridge from Kilburn.  It was socked in, so there were no views.  Hammered the last .7 back to the parking lot.

Weekly total:  23.5 - Not a good week - too many zeroes.
Summer total:  139.5

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