Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer 2015, week 4

7/13 - Monday:  5 on 119 from house.  I felt pretty decent.  I've been doing a lot of pushups lately and I've noticed that my back hasn't been nearly as tight the last week.  Maybe I can get out for a few miles this evening.  I need some mileage this week.

7/14 - Tuesday:  8 - Clockwise Kilburn.  I tried to break an hour and ended up fading and not really coming too close.  1:05+ - almost 1:06.  I did stop at 57 minutes for a swim.

7/15 - Wednesday:  3 - Charles Street Loop from house.  This was a great day.  After running Greg and I went to secret spot #1 and caught a few beautiful bass.  I caught a 3 pounder and Greg caught a nice 5 pounder - no joke.

7/16 - Thursday:  7 at Kilburn w/athletes.  Absolutely beautiful morning for a run.  58 degrees, crisp and sunny.  Feeling good.

7/17 - Friday:  6 miles HRT + downtown roads.  Another humidity free morning for running.  I felt pretty darn good today.  I lifted a little weights in the basement after my run.

7/18 - Saturday:  4 on HRT + other roads.  The humidity was back.  Decent run today.  Good week going.

7/19 - Sunday:  6 in the morning from the Pisgah Reservoir parking area.  It was another brutally humid run.  I may have had my slowest Spirit Breaker Hill ascent while running the entire way 7:10 from gate to gate.

pm - 1 mile w/athlete around school before thunderstorms cut it short.  We were hoping to get three miles.  He would have hit 50 miles for the week, but we decided to be prudent.  The 1 mile was enough for me to hit 40 for the week.  The humidity reminded me of summers past running in Ashaway.  Feel like my fitness is coming around.

Weekly total: 40
Summer total after 4 weeks - 116


  1. I'm pretty certain your fish was a 4lber, but it says here it was only 3.