Sunday, March 29, 2015

Getting over sickness, race, and long run - Last week of March

Monday - Wednesday:  My Crohn's was back thanks to too short a dose of meds.  I had to take two sick days Tuesday and Wednesday, but I was making a big rally by Thursday.

Thursday - 2 miles + 3 hill sprints and lots of drills.  I even banged out a bunch of burpees with the team.  Fun to feel my health coming around.  Big turnout this year.  Lots of promise!

Friday - 1 mile w/more drills.  Legs a little sore from yesterday - glutes and quads mostly.

Saturday - 5 at the Fast Friends Road Race.  Cold and snowing with snow accumulated on roads.  I ran the 4.5 in 37:42 - 8:23 pace - 36th place.  Mile splits were 8:20, 8:26, 7:59, 8:49, and around 4 flat for the half (don't feel like doing the math).  I was happy to be under 8:30 pace.  I felt good through 3 miles which included a long hill in mile two.  Rig mode was accomplished in the last 1.5.  Fun day.

Sunday - 9 w/athlete around Hinsdale.  My pace was sluggish.  My right calf was pretty darn tight after 6 miles.  Tough day after a race.

Week - 17

Realistically, I won't get many more miles than this during track season, as I stick on campus with the throwers, sprinters, and jumpers.  I'll continue doing drills and getting out on weekends.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Second week of March

I haven't been getting out much.  My arthritis and Crohn's starting acting up these last two weeks.  I was able to get to the doctor's on Friday, and I'm already feeling a lot better as of Sunday.  I just got back from a nice five miler down by the setbacks.  It was 35 degrees and overcast.  A lot of melting is taking place.  We're in mud season up here.

Weekly total:  8

Next week doesn't look like I'll be able to run much as I have to watch the babies all week after school while Gina is at rehearsals for her musical.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Last week of February

No point in doing a day by day breakdown.  I ran 12 miles on 2 days of running.  I've been busy (excuses, excuses) and the cold is getting to me.  Today (3/1), I ran 9 miles and it was 7 degrees.  It's snowing and 23 degrees as I type this.  Hats off to the more dedicated athletes out there!