Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Week 3

6/30 - Monday:  5 on Hdale roads.  Started at the Boat Landing and ran the Depot/Tower Hill loop.  I suffered in the heat today.  People's coiled up hoses started calling my name.  I made it to my car and had about a half a liter of month old water that I dumped all over my head.  The hose felt good once I got back to my house.  I started this run about 9:45 am which apparently is too late.

7/1 - Tuesday:  0.  Baby duties kept me occupied all day.  Once they were in bed for the night I was able to slip out for some trout fishing with Greg.  We did pretty well - 3 for me and a few more for him.

7/2 - Wednesday:  7 w/ captains of XC team at Kilburn.  Hot morning.  The heat got to me today - the pond was amazing afterwards.

7/3 - Thursday:  2 around school while Gina took the babies for a stroller ride.  Awful humidity again.  No energy for running.  Later in the pm I got a migraine.  That was fun.

7/4 - Friday:  Happy Birthday America!  I took the day off and hung out with family.

7/5 - Saturday:  3 around school while Gina and the babies strolled along.  Absolutely amazing weather.  Windy and sunny with a dew point in the 40s and temps in the 70s.  July doesn't get any better!

7/6 - Sunday:  4 at Kilburn.  Another nice morning.  Back felt tight on this run.  I need to lift.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer week 2

6/23 - Monday:  0.   I went fishing at night with Greg and Jonny Dubbs.  Greg had the hot hand catching 5 trout.

6/24 - Tuesday:  3.5.  Ran in the morning then headed out to the fishing hole.  I caught five trout today - one brown trout the rest rainbows.

6/25 - Wednesday:  0.  Went swimming with the family at the community pool.  Took about 45 minutes just to put on swim diapers, bathing suits, and sunscreen all for about 10 minutes of swimming.  Fun time!

6/25 - Thursday:  4.  Ran Stage Rd loop from boat landing.  The humidity made this a tough run.

6/26 - Friday:  4.5 at Kilburn w/team.  7 of us ran along the western edge of the pond.  We dove in the pond afterwards.  What a nice morning!

6/27 - Saturday:  0.  I lifted in the morning.  I probably could have headed out the door as the sun was setting, but I decided to call it a day.

6/28 - Sunday:  2 at Kilburn.  I bailed on this run when I heard Greg's loon call at the pond.  The water was beautiful and my back was tight which made it an easy decision.  Stretched my hamstrings really well at night.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer begins

6/20  Friday:  2 miles on HRT.  Beautiful day.  First run in a while.

6/21 Saturday:  4 - Stage Rd Loop from Boat Landing.  53 degrees and crisp - absolutely perfect running weather.  Happy to see the finish of this run.  I'm out of shape!

6/22 Sunday:  3 Reservoir Rd in Pisgah.  Legs sore.  Another nice morning.