Monday, August 30, 2010

week of Aug 23rd-29th

Monday: Drove back from Rhody. 1 mile warm up with team. Core work. No real run today. Body is feeling pretty good, even with 6 hours of driving in 24 hrs.

Tuesday: 6 miles Hinsdale rail trail. A lot of blowdowns. Apparently this doesn't get used to often. Felt decent.

Wednesday: 1 mile warm up with team + core and form drills. Friedsam 3.5 solo in the evening. Feeling decent. Today would have been the day to lift. School starts tomorrow.

Thursday: Zero.

Friday: 1 mile warm up with team + core.

Saturday: 5 miles morning with team. Lift upper body x2. Beautiful morning for a run- I'm glad some of the team saw Pisgah.

Sunday: 3 mile hike at Madame Sherie's. Busy with chores the rest of the day. Hot weather is back. :@

Total running: 17.5
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 20
Yearly Miles: 113

My body is still feeling good. I need to try to lift and run after school and practice next week. I miss summer already...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week ending 8/22

Monday: 3 miles with the cross country team, +fantastic 5 (form drills). Pm 1 mile walk w/Griffin + 5x15sec barefoot hill sprints in Friedsam.

Tuesday: 1.5 with the team. Moved more stuff into the house. Almost completely moved in. Need to lift and run a real run tomorrow.

Wednesday: Ran 2 miles with the team. Form drills and core routine. Didn't get my "real run" in today. Oh well.

Thursday: Am 2 miles with team. Pm 3 miles with team. Form drills and core routine + 6 striders. Need to lift.

Friday: 1 mile with team. Lifted upper body. Felt good to lift again.

Saturday: 7 miles Southwoods trail. + 4 striders. Felt great.

Sunday: Down in Rhody: Started to run. 2 minutes in it really started pouring and Griffin ran back to the house. I figured she was on to something. log .5- It gets me to 20 for the week, so I'll take it.

Total running: 20
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 6
Yearly Miles: 95.5

Recap: Most of my running was warm up and cool down running with the team. I had a great run on Saturday. Next week school starts. I need to lift 3 days and get at least 20, preferably 30 miles. My general fitness this week feels decent. The form drills, strenghth drills, and striders with the team are keeping me limber. I haven't taken my drugs for my AS in over 3 weeks (it has ridiculous side effects) and I'm still pain free. That's really what this comeback is all about. I don't care if I'm a world beater- I just want to be able to enjoy life and have general fitness. Let's keep it going!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Week ending 8/15

Monday: Ladder ball and some ping pong. I'm 33 today. Celebrated at Cobb Hill with the rehearsal dinner.

Tuesday: Big Day! More ladder ball in the morning.

Wednesday: Zero. Cleaned the wedding site, opened gifts (thankyou, thankyou!), and packed for the White Mtns.

Thursday: Drove to Jackson, NH. It is beautiful up here! Perfect place to unwind from wedding day stress.

Friday: Run 3 miles, early am. Chilly/Gorgeous morning- nice views of Mt. Washington.

Saturday: Drove back from the Whites. Ran 3 miles in Pisgah late pm. Good progression run. Started easy, ended hammering. Core work (not quite the full KG routine).

Sunday: Moved into the new house (not completely). Played a little whiffle and painted the bathroom. No running or lifting.

Total running: 6
Days lifting:0

Last Week Miles: 17.5
Yearly Miles: 75.5

Wedding and Honeymoon week. Low numbers are to be expected. Next week should be back to normal.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding update.

I couldn't be happier with our wedding weekend. The three days flew by. Gina and I are both blessed to have such supportive family and friends. We couldn't have pulled off the wedding we wanted without them...

I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Right now it's time to relax in the White Mountains!

Week of Aug 2nd-8th

Monday: 3 miles in Pisgah, horseshoe rd. Felt great. 2hrs of hoops pm + 1.5 running with team. Feeling stronger on the court.

Tuesday: Lifted chest and back + 2 sets of squat.

Wednesday: 3 miles in Pisgah w/ Griffin. Hot and humid, felt decent.

Thursday: 8 miles in Pisgah w/Jen (Greg and Griffin part of the way). Ran much stronger than last week. 1 hour of hoops pm. Oppressive humidity. After an hour, no one wanted to play.

Friday: 2 miles, felt sluggish even though it was perfect weather.

Saturday: Lifted chest and back. Played whiffle. Boj is unbeatable... for now. No running, too many last minute chores. Excited for the next three days!

Sunday: Packed for the wedding. Arrived at Cobb Hill. Beautiful spot. Had fun celebrating with friends!

Total running: 17.5
Days lifting: 2

Last Week Miles: 21
Yearly Miles: 69.5

Fun week. Monday and Thursday were my most active days. Lifting was great the two days I went. Had a blast on Sunday once we finally arrived.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Week ending 8/1

Monday: Drove back from Rhody. Lifted chest and back. 2 hours of hoops.

Tuesday: 3 miles on roads pm. Roads shuck. Played whiffle at Greg's. Jacked 3 hr's (batting practice). I couldn't do this a few weeks ago. I'm able to swing harder without any pain.

Wednesday: 8 miles am.

Thursday: Lifted shoulders and legs. Played 2 hours of hoops. Also hit a couple more hr's in whiffle.

Friday: 4 miles pm. Beautiful weather. Too bad my stomach was bothering me. Hit two grand slams in whiffle against Greg (I gave up a couple too.). I won 12-10.

Saturday: 6 miles in Pisgah am. Beautiful, 60 degrees. Lifted arms.

Sunday: Zero.

Total running: 21 miles
Days lifting: 3

Last Week Miles: 11
Yearly Miles: 52

Good week. I was pretty active everyday except for Sunday. I can live with that. It was nice to have low humidity weather all week. Gina and I rented a new house which we cleaned and worked on Sat. and Sun. This is our last week before the wedding. Crunch time!