Monday, August 2, 2010

Week ending 8/1

Monday: Drove back from Rhody. Lifted chest and back. 2 hours of hoops.

Tuesday: 3 miles on roads pm. Roads shuck. Played whiffle at Greg's. Jacked 3 hr's (batting practice). I couldn't do this a few weeks ago. I'm able to swing harder without any pain.

Wednesday: 8 miles am.

Thursday: Lifted shoulders and legs. Played 2 hours of hoops. Also hit a couple more hr's in whiffle.

Friday: 4 miles pm. Beautiful weather. Too bad my stomach was bothering me. Hit two grand slams in whiffle against Greg (I gave up a couple too.). I won 12-10.

Saturday: 6 miles in Pisgah am. Beautiful, 60 degrees. Lifted arms.

Sunday: Zero.

Total running: 21 miles
Days lifting: 3

Last Week Miles: 11
Yearly Miles: 52

Good week. I was pretty active everyday except for Sunday. I can live with that. It was nice to have low humidity weather all week. Gina and I rented a new house which we cleaned and worked on Sat. and Sun. This is our last week before the wedding. Crunch time!


  1. Nice comeback GBP! I'm especially interested in the home run derby results. I might have to flex my muscles when I'm up there for your wedding. Let me know if I should bring the big bat....

  2. No big bat! That thing will tear every muscle in my body!

  3. I hope the wedding was awesome...core work will make the marriage great!