Friday, August 13, 2010

Week of Aug 2nd-8th

Monday: 3 miles in Pisgah, horseshoe rd. Felt great. 2hrs of hoops pm + 1.5 running with team. Feeling stronger on the court.

Tuesday: Lifted chest and back + 2 sets of squat.

Wednesday: 3 miles in Pisgah w/ Griffin. Hot and humid, felt decent.

Thursday: 8 miles in Pisgah w/Jen (Greg and Griffin part of the way). Ran much stronger than last week. 1 hour of hoops pm. Oppressive humidity. After an hour, no one wanted to play.

Friday: 2 miles, felt sluggish even though it was perfect weather.

Saturday: Lifted chest and back. Played whiffle. Boj is unbeatable... for now. No running, too many last minute chores. Excited for the next three days!

Sunday: Packed for the wedding. Arrived at Cobb Hill. Beautiful spot. Had fun celebrating with friends!

Total running: 17.5
Days lifting: 2

Last Week Miles: 21
Yearly Miles: 69.5

Fun week. Monday and Thursday were my most active days. Lifting was great the two days I went. Had a blast on Sunday once we finally arrived.

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