Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bring on 2015 - Last week of December/First week of Jan.

Monday 12/29:  5 to the Vin Gormley Bridge.  Nice morning for a run.  I felt stiff from all the travel and sleeping on strange mattresses.

Tuesday 12/30:  3 on the Yellow Dot.  I ran this as a tempo run before we packed the car and headed back home.  I tried not to hammer too hard in order to save something in my legs for Thursday.  Fun little trip to MA and RI.

Wednesday 12/31:  4 w/Greg on 4H in Pisgah.  Last run of 2014.  It was nice and cold.  I had a hard time getting motivated to run today.  Greg was willing to run a double today which helped me get off the couch.  I'm not racing the Millennium Mile tomorrow, but I will attempt another mile time trial at Brattleboro.  It's going to be cold with a windchill around 10 degrees.  Definitely not ideal conditions, but I'll give a big effort tomorrow regardless.

Thursday 1/1:  6.5 w/Greg and 2 athletes around Brattleboro track.  We ran the mile (6:37), a 200 (40), a 400 (93), and an 800 (3:01) all in 12 degrees temps.  Fun way to celebrate the new year.

Friday - Sunday.  Sick with the flu.  I had to get two liters of IV on Friday morning after scaring Gina by fainting and smacking my noggin on the door.  No worse for the wear now, but it wasn't my top choice for ending Xmas vacation.

18.5 miles for the week.

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22nd - 28th

Monday 12/22:  3 solo on the HRT.  Felt a little sluggish after yesterday's long run.  Nice evening to run.  I finished right before it got dark.

Tuesday 12/23:  0.

Wednesday 12/24:  4 around Brattleboro.  I was planning on running a one mile time trial with some athletes.  We did a nice warm-up with drills and strides then got ready to race.  The track was nice and clear until we hit the far turn at 200 meters.  There was a 15 meter section of ice that covered every lane.  We almost wiped out on it.  We decided to pull the plug.  Kind of bummed.  I decided to grab a couple more miles around town.

Thursday 12/25:  3 miles around school.  48 degrees - nice GW!  I overdressed today.  I also felt incredibly crooked today.  Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Friday 12/26:  8 in Pisgah.  I hammered on this run.  A few of my splits were parking area to 1st gate 14:50, gate to gate up Spirit Breaker - 6:08, and gate to parking area back - 11:40.  Felt a lot better than yesterday.  Trails were in great shape - just muddy with puddles, but no snow or ice.

Saturday 12/27:  0.  We drove down to Massachusetts for a Christmas party with Gina's family.

Sunday 12/28:  0.  We headed down to Rhody to celebrate with my side of the family.  Fun seeing everyone.  I didn't get to sneak out for a run.

Weekly Total:  18

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 15th - 21st

Monday 12/15:  0.  Too much going on today.

Tuesday 12/16:  0.  See above.

Wednesday 12/17:  6 w/athletes.  3 mile warm-up.  2,2,4 x 3.  45 avg. for the 200s.  1:35 for the 400s.  Time was running out, so we ditched the last 400.  Felt ok.

Thursday 12/18:  0.  Another day where I had to hustle home as I had baby duty all night.  Uncle Greg came over for the second night in a row.  He was a big help.

Friday 12/19:  7 solo on miscellaneous Hinsdale roads.  It was a cold, blustery day.  I had an hour to run, so I tried to grab as many miles as possible.  Peppy pace.

Saturday 12/20:  3.5 from Boat Landing.  Nice morning.  I thought I might go farther, but my legs were a little sore from yesterday.

Sunday 12/21:  10 w/athlete.  The back roads were a little nasty, so we ran out and back on 119.  Snowy morning.  I saw a guy hoist a nice bass out of the setbacks.  I can't believe they are on the ice - it hasn't been frozen very long.  Feeling pooped.

Weekly total:  26.5

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8th - 14th

Monday 12/8:  5 solo on PTSA 5k course from my house.  Cold, windy, and grey day.  I still managed to overdress.  When I got home the phone was ringing.  Brady had a 105 degree fever and was headed to the doctor's.  They drugged him up and his fever was gone 90 minutes later.  I hope it lasts the night.  Poor guy.

Tuesday 12/9:  Snow Day!  7 w/Greg, Jenny, and Griffin in Pisgah.  Nice run.  We got out early before everything got too nasty.

Wednesday 12/10:  3 on Oxbow Rd.  I had to stay home today because both kids are sick.  I was able to get out in the afternoon.  My legs felt sluggish and heavy - not very motivated.  I should probably take it easy tomorrow and Friday so my legs will be ok for the 5k on Saturday.

Thursday 12/11:  0.  I had no motivation this afternoon for running.  I came home and took a nap with Emma.  I think staying up with Brady last night took its toll on me.  Back after it tomorrow!

Friday 12/12:  0.  Another unplanned day off.  The oil truck refused to deliver because of my driveway.   I spent the afternoon calling people to come sand it.  An old teacher buddy came and sanded it for free which was super nice of him.

Saturday 12/13:  I had to miss the 5k in Bratt to add more sand to the driveway.  It had snowed a dusting last night.  Greg helped out.  I didn't want the truck to leave again.  Oil delivered!  Maybe I can get out this afternoon.

Nopes - didn't happen.

Sunday 12/14:  9 w/athlete.  Great run today.  Beautiful and sunny around 28 degrees.  Feeling good.

Weekly Total:  24.  I had visions of a 40 mile week, but a few snafus got in the way.

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st - 7th

Monday 12/1:  5 w/ 2 athletes on HRT.  Didn't feel great today, but I endured.  It was a nice day for running.

Tuesday 12/2:  5 solo on 119.  I didn't think that I would get to run today, but our meeting ended early and I hustled out the door.  Felt decent.  Right foot a little tender.

Wednesday 12/3:  5 w/athletes around downtown.  3 mile warm-up.  4x200 and 1x400.  I was supposed to do 2x400, but the digestive tract wasn't cooperating.  R pace 46 and 98.

Thursday 12/4:  3 - Charles St lollipop.  I was able to sneak out the door and save the zero.

Friday 12/5:  7.5 around town and out Plain Rd progression run.  I started slow and was really flying the last two miles.  Feel good.

Saturday 12/6:  0.  I was hoping to get 4 or 5 miles today, but the time to get out the door never materialized.  My body is a little beat up from yesterday, so the rest will probably be beneficial.

Sunday 12/7:  7.  Ran 4 w/3 athletes then I added on 3 more around town.  Cold and windy day.  Felt fine.

Weekly total:  32.5

Good week.  I was hoping to be closer to 40, but I'll take it.  I'm racing a 5k next weekend.  It will be interesting to see where I'm at fitness wise.