Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8th - 14th

Monday 12/8:  5 solo on PTSA 5k course from my house.  Cold, windy, and grey day.  I still managed to overdress.  When I got home the phone was ringing.  Brady had a 105 degree fever and was headed to the doctor's.  They drugged him up and his fever was gone 90 minutes later.  I hope it lasts the night.  Poor guy.

Tuesday 12/9:  Snow Day!  7 w/Greg, Jenny, and Griffin in Pisgah.  Nice run.  We got out early before everything got too nasty.

Wednesday 12/10:  3 on Oxbow Rd.  I had to stay home today because both kids are sick.  I was able to get out in the afternoon.  My legs felt sluggish and heavy - not very motivated.  I should probably take it easy tomorrow and Friday so my legs will be ok for the 5k on Saturday.

Thursday 12/11:  0.  I had no motivation this afternoon for running.  I came home and took a nap with Emma.  I think staying up with Brady last night took its toll on me.  Back after it tomorrow!

Friday 12/12:  0.  Another unplanned day off.  The oil truck refused to deliver because of my driveway.   I spent the afternoon calling people to come sand it.  An old teacher buddy came and sanded it for free which was super nice of him.

Saturday 12/13:  I had to miss the 5k in Bratt to add more sand to the driveway.  It had snowed a dusting last night.  Greg helped out.  I didn't want the truck to leave again.  Oil delivered!  Maybe I can get out this afternoon.

Nopes - didn't happen.

Sunday 12/14:  9 w/athlete.  Great run today.  Beautiful and sunny around 28 degrees.  Feeling good.

Weekly Total:  24.  I had visions of a 40 mile week, but a few snafus got in the way.

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