Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quick 2013 recap

It's New Year's Eve and I enjoy reading everyone's recap of their years, so here's mine.

The best part of my year arrived on November 14th!  I never thought I would be a dad of twins!

I'm pleased with my summer.  I was consistently around 30 or more miles/week.  I had several weeks over 40 miles with a high for the year at 48.5.  Biggest month was August with 178.5 miles = 40.8 mile/wk.

I'm pleased with the start of the winter.  I'm finding that I need to get out in the morning before school in order to keep a zero out of the log for the day.  Being a dad has actually helped with this.

I had fun racing trails at Belleville, Run with the Beavers, and the Pisgah 50k.  I also ran my first xc race since college at the KSC Alumni meet which was a blast.

Once again, I struggled keeping consistent mileage during cross country and track seasons.  I also lost some training due to an injured achilles because of minimal drop shoes.

Goals for 2014:

Keep blogging every week.  I've found that I stop blogging once my mileage slips to save face, but if I can keep it going I will get more mileage.  Don't let coaching disrupt my own training!

I ran 900 miles in 2013 with essentially 6 months of being a jogger instead of a runner.  If I stay consistent I should be able to double my yearly miles.

Stay healthy!  To do this I will have to keep running, stretching, strength training, and resting.  I also have to be smart about keeping my Crohn's and accompanying arthritis at bay - even if this means taking maintenance medicine (which I hate doing).

Enjoy being a dad!

Monday, December 30, 2013

12/30 - 1/5/2014

Monday: 5 miles solo Hinsdale roads.  I ran from the boat landing up to the school then Depot Loop and back.  I felt decent though my legs felt like they had no turnover.  It was nice running at 1:45pm, so I could enjoy a little vitamin D.

Tuesday:  5.5 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  Cold morning.  Felt good.  I hit 900 for 2013.

Wednesday:  4 at the Millennium Mile in Londonderry.  2 mile warm-up, 5:49, 1 mile cool down.  I felt good today.  I got out fast and hung on for a sub 6.  The roads didn't beat me up like last year.  Gotta be the regular road runs I've been doing -specificity!  Nice racing with former athletes and current athletes today.  Great day.  Happy New Year!

Tanner bringing it home

Hurting and hunting a sub 6

Roxy cruises in
Naj takes his third title

All photos from Keith Tharp

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd.  Nice snowy day - No School!  Feeling good.

Friday:  8 w/Jimmy.  Oxbow/Plain out and back.  Another snow day!  I got out a little before 8am and the snow had stopped.  We probably got 10 inches or so.  It was about 3 degrees when I went running, but I overdressed and was hot out there.

Saturday:  Early am:  2 solo on roads.  I headed out when it was about -10 degrees.  I was excited to venture into the cold.  I couldn't find my ski goggles, but I figured I would be fine without them.  My eyelashes started freezing up, so I decided to keep it short.  I'll have to get out this afternoon when it warms up.

mid day:  4 w/Jimmy.  Oxbow out and back.  It warmed up to around 10 degrees.  What a gorgeous day for a run.  Bright, bluebird sky against the white snow made for a perfect backdrop.

Sunday:  5 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Another cold morning; it was 2 degrees when I hit the trails.  The snowmobiles made the trails nice and runnable.  My right calf felt a little twingy during the run, so I cut it a little shorter than planned.

Weekly total:  37.5

2013 YTD:  900
2014 YTD:  27

Sunday, December 22, 2013

12/23 - 12/29

I just registered for the Millennium Mile in Londonderry.  I went last year and had a disappointing result.  I will be back on New Year's Day for redemption.  I'm hoping sub 6 is in the cards.  I will get to the track this week for some Rep work.  I'm also closing in on 900 miles for the year which isn't much, but I'll be happy to nab it.

Monday:  4 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Cold, rainy, slushy mess.  I couldn't wait to finish this run.  

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy roads.  I felt incredibly sluggish today.  My right calf is pretty sore from Sunday's long run.  Otherwise, this was an absolutely beautiful morning for running.  25 degrees and sunny.  

Wednesday: Brrrrr  and Merry Christmas.  3 miles w/Jimmy on the HRT.  Temps were around 12 degrees, but the windchill was around -2.  I never really warmed up on this run.  I added 8x30 second R paced pickups with a couple really short all out pickups as well.  I'm hoping to get out again this pm.  We'll see.  On a side note, I'm happy to report that the toe that I thought I broke last night is probably only sprained and was a non-factor while running.  I'll try to post a picture of the bruising.  It makes my ugly runner's feet looking even uglier.  I did it last night at Dee and Rai's by slipping down the stairs.

Blurry close-up.  Not so much here or here, but right about here.

Thursday:  4 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  The trails were all ice.  Legs felt poppy and fast, but I didn't want to go farther on the slick trails.  It started lightly snowing on the way back.  Nice morning.

Friday:  5.5 w/Jimmy.  We did the Middle Oxbow Rd loop.  Today was another gorgeous morning.  There was a fresh 2 inches covering everything and large flakes were blowing off the trees.  The roads were very slow going.  I felt lethargic on this run, but I'm happy I got out the door.

Saturday:  5 w/Jonny and Greg in Stoddard.  We ran to Pitcher Mtn right after eating a big meal.  I had to stop twice because of side stitches on both sides.  I waddled my way there after thinking that I probably should turn back after the first 3 minutes.  We gained 1,000 feet of elevation on this run.  Beautiful weather and fun getting to run with my brothers even if I felt terrible the whole time!

Sunday:  6.5 w/Jimmy.  Oxbow/Meetinghouse loop.  I took it nice and easy.  It helped that I didn't have a watch on today.  Felt decent.

Weekly Total:  31

2013 YTD:  889.5

Monday, December 16, 2013

12/16 - 12/22

Monday:  1.5 w/Jimmy on roads.  I headed out the door at 4:30am.  I was underdressed and lacking the mental fortitude to go longer.  I just didn't have it this morning.  Legs felt good.  Maybe I'll be tougher tonight.

Tuesday:  0.  I desperately wanted to get out and play in the -6 degrees weather this am, but both babies were up from 2am until I went to work.  I let Gina sleep while I tried to play super dad.

Wednesday:  1 mile w/Jimmy on rds at 6 am.  The babies repeated yesterday's performance.  I think they are secretly trying to kill us.  Gina got up around 5:50 and I was able to get a very brief run in.  I hustled in order to clean the fresh 6 inches off the cars and take out the trash and recycling before school.

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy early am.  Walmart n' back.  I got out the door at 4:50 am.  The roads were still pretty snow covered on the shoulders.  It was a toasty 26 degrees this morning.

Friday:  3.5 w/Jimmy.  I ran a slight variation of my usual morning route.  Warm morning, 28 degrees. Right patella tendon was a little noticeable on this run.  Finished with 2 sets of leg lifts.

Saturday:  3 w/Jimmy.  Got out the door around 1:00pm.  I thought this day might become a zero after a busy morning.  Glad I got out there.

Sunday:  10 solo 1:24.  Great Hinsdale Loop.  Oxbow, Monument, 119, HRT, Prospect, School St, Plain, Monument, Oxbow.  This is the longest road run that I've done since college.  Only 1 pitbull came out after me.  Lucky (for it) it was wearing an invisible fence collar.  I jumped on someone's porch across the street and was ready with some lawn furniture.  The added adrenaline helped get me home.  The last couple miles were a real grind.

Weekly Total:  23

2013 YTD: 862.5

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12/9 - 12/15

Monday:  1.5 w/Jimmy on the roads.  I was barely able to sneak out for this run at about 5:45pm.  The roads were super icy as it snowed/freezing rain for most of the morning.  It was still misting as I ran which was helping to make everything slick.

Tuesday:  0.  I had a lot going on at school this morning which included a formal observation.  The night was a little crazy once again.

Wednesday:  3.5 w/Jimmy.  Monument Rd.  I ran this one right after school, so I didn't have to wear a headlamp.  Felt decent.  New shoes arrived today.  Brooks Cascadia 8, or is it 9?  Who knows.  They felt good.  My calves are still sorer than normal.  It must be because most of my runs have been on the roads.

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy.  Walmart and back.  I got out at 5:15am and it was a brisk 14 degrees.  It had snowed a fresh, new inch during the night making everything purdy.  Great morning!  This was a medium effort run - probable mp knocked down to a very fast finish.  Feeling good.

pm:  3 w/Jimmy.  Hit the roads at 6:30pm for a rare December double.  Nice frosty night.

Friday:  4 w/Jimmy.  Walmart n back.  Same time as yesterday - a wee bit colder.  We lost power around midnight and it was back on at 3am.  The power line crew was installing a new pole near Walmart.  Thanks for getting the heat on for the babies so quickly!

Saturday:  8 w/Jimmy.  Broad Brook in Pisgah.  It was 8 degrees at the start of this run and 10 degrees when I finished.  I overdressed and sweated profusely after about the 20 minute mark.  I had the park to myself.  Deer season is over, and there isn't enough snow for the snowmobiles.  This should change today/tomorrow.

Sunday:  0.  My only time to get out today was spent shoveling.  We got around 13 inches according to my measurements.

Weekly Total:  24

2013 YTD:  839.5

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12/2 - 12/8

Monday:  0.  First day back at work from paternity leave.  Didn't find the motivation to run in the evening.

Tuesday:  4 at 4:50am w/Jimmy.  Walmart and back.  The babies were up at 3.  By the time we put them back to bed it was almost 4, so I figured I would stay up and run before school.  It was mentally easier to get out the door when I considered that the Gazelle and others had probably already been out since 4:30.  Just another instance of the blogosphere providing a little extra motivation.  Great run!

Wednesday:  0.  Brady and Emma's sleep cycle didn't mesh with mine.  I couldn't shake myself out of bed for a run in the am.  I probably could have gone at night, but I was feeling lazy.

Thursday:  4:30 club.  4 miles w/Jimmy.  Walmart and back.  I really enjoy running at this hour!  The boys by the beach are on to something.

Friday:  1.5 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Got almost no sleep last night.  I didn't have much energy while running this afternoon, so I kept it short.

Saturday:  4 w/Jimmy Hinsdale roads.  Nice morning.  We have about a half inch of snow covering the ground.

Sunday:  7 w/Jimmy Reservoir Rd in Pisgah.  Great morning for a run - 25 degrees with a covering of snow on the trails.  Gina gave me a window with the babies, and I was able to sneak in my longest run since becoming a dad.  I slogged up "Spirit Breaker Hill" in 6:10 from gate to gate.  The guilt of being out so long with potential tandem screeching babies at home inspired me to crank the downhill half back to the car.  I was hauling.  10:45 from the base of the hill back to my car.  I think I may have hit sub 6 pace.  Without a space watch I'll never know.  Felt good!

Weekly Total:  20.5

YTD:  815.5