Monday, December 30, 2013

12/30 - 1/5/2014

Monday: 5 miles solo Hinsdale roads.  I ran from the boat landing up to the school then Depot Loop and back.  I felt decent though my legs felt like they had no turnover.  It was nice running at 1:45pm, so I could enjoy a little vitamin D.

Tuesday:  5.5 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  Cold morning.  Felt good.  I hit 900 for 2013.

Wednesday:  4 at the Millennium Mile in Londonderry.  2 mile warm-up, 5:49, 1 mile cool down.  I felt good today.  I got out fast and hung on for a sub 6.  The roads didn't beat me up like last year.  Gotta be the regular road runs I've been doing -specificity!  Nice racing with former athletes and current athletes today.  Great day.  Happy New Year!

Tanner bringing it home

Hurting and hunting a sub 6

Roxy cruises in
Naj takes his third title

All photos from Keith Tharp

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd.  Nice snowy day - No School!  Feeling good.

Friday:  8 w/Jimmy.  Oxbow/Plain out and back.  Another snow day!  I got out a little before 8am and the snow had stopped.  We probably got 10 inches or so.  It was about 3 degrees when I went running, but I overdressed and was hot out there.

Saturday:  Early am:  2 solo on roads.  I headed out when it was about -10 degrees.  I was excited to venture into the cold.  I couldn't find my ski goggles, but I figured I would be fine without them.  My eyelashes started freezing up, so I decided to keep it short.  I'll have to get out this afternoon when it warms up.

mid day:  4 w/Jimmy.  Oxbow out and back.  It warmed up to around 10 degrees.  What a gorgeous day for a run.  Bright, bluebird sky against the white snow made for a perfect backdrop.

Sunday:  5 w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Another cold morning; it was 2 degrees when I hit the trails.  The snowmobiles made the trails nice and runnable.  My right calf felt a little twingy during the run, so I cut it a little shorter than planned.

Weekly total:  37.5

2013 YTD:  900
2014 YTD:  27


  1. Nice week, coach! Looks like you're on pace for 1950 miles. You might as well shoot for 2000. Good job at MM. I like the pics of you digging down to break 6 and the MM Goat bringing home his 3rd win. Keep it up loc!

  2. Strong start to the new year! Keep it up GBP.