Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12/2 - 12/8

Monday:  0.  First day back at work from paternity leave.  Didn't find the motivation to run in the evening.

Tuesday:  4 at 4:50am w/Jimmy.  Walmart and back.  The babies were up at 3.  By the time we put them back to bed it was almost 4, so I figured I would stay up and run before school.  It was mentally easier to get out the door when I considered that the Gazelle and others had probably already been out since 4:30.  Just another instance of the blogosphere providing a little extra motivation.  Great run!

Wednesday:  0.  Brady and Emma's sleep cycle didn't mesh with mine.  I couldn't shake myself out of bed for a run in the am.  I probably could have gone at night, but I was feeling lazy.

Thursday:  4:30 club.  4 miles w/Jimmy.  Walmart and back.  I really enjoy running at this hour!  The boys by the beach are on to something.

Friday:  1.5 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Got almost no sleep last night.  I didn't have much energy while running this afternoon, so I kept it short.

Saturday:  4 w/Jimmy Hinsdale roads.  Nice morning.  We have about a half inch of snow covering the ground.

Sunday:  7 w/Jimmy Reservoir Rd in Pisgah.  Great morning for a run - 25 degrees with a covering of snow on the trails.  Gina gave me a window with the babies, and I was able to sneak in my longest run since becoming a dad.  I slogged up "Spirit Breaker Hill" in 6:10 from gate to gate.  The guilt of being out so long with potential tandem screeching babies at home inspired me to crank the downhill half back to the car.  I was hauling.  10:45 from the base of the hill back to my car.  I think I may have hit sub 6 pace.  Without a space watch I'll never know.  Felt good!

Weekly Total:  20.5

YTD:  815.5

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