Monday, December 16, 2013

12/16 - 12/22

Monday:  1.5 w/Jimmy on roads.  I headed out the door at 4:30am.  I was underdressed and lacking the mental fortitude to go longer.  I just didn't have it this morning.  Legs felt good.  Maybe I'll be tougher tonight.

Tuesday:  0.  I desperately wanted to get out and play in the -6 degrees weather this am, but both babies were up from 2am until I went to work.  I let Gina sleep while I tried to play super dad.

Wednesday:  1 mile w/Jimmy on rds at 6 am.  The babies repeated yesterday's performance.  I think they are secretly trying to kill us.  Gina got up around 5:50 and I was able to get a very brief run in.  I hustled in order to clean the fresh 6 inches off the cars and take out the trash and recycling before school.

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy early am.  Walmart n' back.  I got out the door at 4:50 am.  The roads were still pretty snow covered on the shoulders.  It was a toasty 26 degrees this morning.

Friday:  3.5 w/Jimmy.  I ran a slight variation of my usual morning route.  Warm morning, 28 degrees. Right patella tendon was a little noticeable on this run.  Finished with 2 sets of leg lifts.

Saturday:  3 w/Jimmy.  Got out the door around 1:00pm.  I thought this day might become a zero after a busy morning.  Glad I got out there.

Sunday:  10 solo 1:24.  Great Hinsdale Loop.  Oxbow, Monument, 119, HRT, Prospect, School St, Plain, Monument, Oxbow.  This is the longest road run that I've done since college.  Only 1 pitbull came out after me.  Lucky (for it) it was wearing an invisible fence collar.  I jumped on someone's porch across the street and was ready with some lawn furniture.  The added adrenaline helped get me home.  The last couple miles were a real grind.

Weekly Total:  23

2013 YTD: 862.5

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