Sunday, December 22, 2013

12/23 - 12/29

I just registered for the Millennium Mile in Londonderry.  I went last year and had a disappointing result.  I will be back on New Year's Day for redemption.  I'm hoping sub 6 is in the cards.  I will get to the track this week for some Rep work.  I'm also closing in on 900 miles for the year which isn't much, but I'll be happy to nab it.

Monday:  4 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Cold, rainy, slushy mess.  I couldn't wait to finish this run.  

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy roads.  I felt incredibly sluggish today.  My right calf is pretty sore from Sunday's long run.  Otherwise, this was an absolutely beautiful morning for running.  25 degrees and sunny.  

Wednesday: Brrrrr  and Merry Christmas.  3 miles w/Jimmy on the HRT.  Temps were around 12 degrees, but the windchill was around -2.  I never really warmed up on this run.  I added 8x30 second R paced pickups with a couple really short all out pickups as well.  I'm hoping to get out again this pm.  We'll see.  On a side note, I'm happy to report that the toe that I thought I broke last night is probably only sprained and was a non-factor while running.  I'll try to post a picture of the bruising.  It makes my ugly runner's feet looking even uglier.  I did it last night at Dee and Rai's by slipping down the stairs.

Blurry close-up.  Not so much here or here, but right about here.

Thursday:  4 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  The trails were all ice.  Legs felt poppy and fast, but I didn't want to go farther on the slick trails.  It started lightly snowing on the way back.  Nice morning.

Friday:  5.5 w/Jimmy.  We did the Middle Oxbow Rd loop.  Today was another gorgeous morning.  There was a fresh 2 inches covering everything and large flakes were blowing off the trees.  The roads were very slow going.  I felt lethargic on this run, but I'm happy I got out the door.

Saturday:  5 w/Jonny and Greg in Stoddard.  We ran to Pitcher Mtn right after eating a big meal.  I had to stop twice because of side stitches on both sides.  I waddled my way there after thinking that I probably should turn back after the first 3 minutes.  We gained 1,000 feet of elevation on this run.  Beautiful weather and fun getting to run with my brothers even if I felt terrible the whole time!

Sunday:  6.5 w/Jimmy.  Oxbow/Meetinghouse loop.  I took it nice and easy.  It helped that I didn't have a watch on today.  Felt decent.

Weekly Total:  31

2013 YTD:  889.5

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