Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week ending 8/12 and 8/19

Monday: 2.5 Hinsdale roads w/Jimmy. Beautiful weather. It was still too hot for Jimmy though.

Tuesday: 9.5 Reservoir Rd up to Pisgah Ridge Trail w/Jimmy. Out and back that is all down hill from the turn around. Hammered home - felt great.

pm: 3 miles H.R.T. Felt stiff and sluggish.

Wednesday: 5 w/track workout. 400 + 5x200 (88, 45, 43, 42, 42, 43). Fun workout.

Thursday: 4 Reservoir Rd w/Jimmy. Slow pace - I loosened up after 20 minutes. Lifted in am. Ran a leg of the 3x1 mile at the Fun Run 6:48. Team took 4th. 5 total.

Friday: 2 in am w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd before trip to Jackson, NH.

Saturday:  0.  Hung out in Jackson, NH.

Sunday:  0.  See above.

Total running: 27
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 23
300 mile summer: 217

Monday:  4 miles at camp w/team.
Tuesday:  3 miles am.  Biked pm.
Wednesday:  1.5 am.  
Thursday:  2 miles am.  2.5 miles pm.
Friday:  3 miles am.
Saturday:  4 miles Pisgah Reservoir
Sunday:  off - drove back from Rhody.

20 total.  
Last week:  27
300 mile summer:  237 -  Didn't make it.  I saw this coming a month ago.  That's all right I feel pretty good.  Camp was fun.  Back to coaching next week then school.  See ya summer!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekending 8/5/2012

Monday: 0. Knee still bothering me.

Tuesday: 3 Hinsdale Rail Trail w/ Jimmy. Knee and feet hurt.

Wednesday: 0.

Thursday: 6 in Saxton's River. Tough run! Nice swim after.

Friday: 5 w/Boj and Jimmy. Felt like crap. Had fun running with Boj.

Saturday: 3 w/ Jimmy on Hinsdale Rail Trail.

Sunday: 6 w/Jimmy H.R.T. Lifted in the afternoon.

Total running: 23
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 35
300 mile summer: 190

Not too impressive.  I lifted for the first time all summer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week ending 7/29

Monday: 3 in Saxton's River.

Tuesday: 7 in Pisgah w/Jimmy. Kilburn, Ridge, Baker, Davis Hill. Humid run. Felt good.

Wednesday: 4 Reservoir Rd w/Jimmy. Hammered this one.

Thursday: 0

Friday: 4.5 am w/Jimmy on Hinsdale Rail Trail. 3.5 pm in Burlingame.

Saturday: 13. Race: Run with the Beavers Trail Race. 28th place. Hammett Brothers 2nd team overall.  Had fun!

Sunday:  0.  Whipped from the race.  Right knee hurts - patella tendon.

Total running: 35
Days lifting:

Last Week Miles: 42
300 mile summer: 167