Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aint goin out like that

Man my back was tight these last two weeks. It's easy to say forget it and quit running, but...

That's all I've got to say about that...

What up Sen Dogg!

week of Nov. 22nd - 28th

Monday: 0. Feel crippled. First day of Bball tryouts.

Tuesday: 2 in Friedsam with Jimmy. Not a good run. Pain the entire way.

Wednesday: 3 Beals Knob + with Jimmy and Griffin. Didn't feel horrible. I won't be attending the workout today though.

Thursday: 5 + Turkey Limp. 23:14 or so. I limped the whole way. Some how I feel loose now. Glad I went.

Friday: 3 w/ wolves Beales Knob. Feeling a little better.

Saturday: 3. same route as above w/Jimmy. These hardly meet the criteria for running. I always feel better after.

Sunday: 3. Beales w/ Jimmy. 1 inch of snow on the ground made for a beautiful run. Nice sunny weather 28 degrees. Feeling a little better. 1 in Friedsam w/ Jimmy in pm. Back is tighter than it was in the morning. Two tears in a bucket.

Total running: 20
Days lifting:

Last Week Miles: 22
Yearly Miles: 440

This week was not too impressive. My back really hurt early in the week. Truthfully, it doesn't feel too much better now; however, I can tell it is a wee bit better. I'm just going to take it easy. I have no races on the horizon. I just want to keep hitting 20-35 miles a week for the month of December. Hopefully, my back will continue improving. I'm excited for cold, snowy weather and Xmas vacation!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lil' Rhody Limp Jog

This weekend I competed in the Lil' Rhody Limp Jog. I was first limper, setting a course record in the Horribly Crippled division.

Joking aside, it was a painful yet rewarding experience. My back had been acting up all week, so I was nervous about even being able to race. Thank the blogosphere for keeping me honest. I told millions (6 followers really) that I was going to race no matter how bad I was feeling. As I paid my 25 dollars, I thought to myself that this could be my worse purchase since the boglin incident.

I did a 2 mile warmup. I was embarrassed. I limped the entire 2 miles. I couldn't run faster than 9 minute pace. Accordingly, I lined up in the middle third at the starting line. I was behind about 100 runners. I debated going further in back, figuring I would be lucky to run 70 minutes. I ended up being right next to Boj's friend Dave. We compared bad back stories, and I started to realize that no one ever feels great at the start of a race. I have to admit that Dave's good energy made me quit feeling sorry for myself.

The gun went off and I immediately started getting passed. I saw a woman get leveled right in the center of the main pack within 20 yards of the start. I guess she dropped her keys and decided it would be a good idea to stop and grab them. Ouch! I passed Pard right before we entered the single track. I told him to have fun. Once we hit the single track, I realized I felt a little looser and I was stuck behind slower runners. I weaved my way past about 5 runners before we got to the campground. In the open spaces of the campground, I passed Dave. He gave me encouragement as I focused on passing more runners before things narrowed again.

Back on single track, I focused on Tommy and Dan whom both work with Jonny. They were moving at a good clip, and I knew from Jonny's blog that they had both put in some solid training. I passed them both, just to have Dan pass me and Tom sit on my shoulder. We were right together as we hit halfway in 29:40-29:50. I got a little fired up at the road. I knew both my wife and my mother would be there to cheer for me, and I knew they were both nervous that I was going to look like I was in a lot of pain. I decided to pick up the pace as I hit the pavement. As I cruised up the road, I decided I was going to run tough the whole way.

I passed about a half dozen runners in the section up to the road. Looking back, I'm really pleased with the way I raced through this tough, uphill section. Finally, I hit the road in 51 minutes and change. I wasn't sure if I was going to break an hour. I grimaced and tried to roll down Kings Factory. I kept looking at my watch. I hadn't raced here in so long, that I had no clue how long it took to get to the finish. I passed someone on the little uphill on Prosser Trail, just to have that same runner pass me back once it started going downhill. He urged me to keep running fast which helped me stay tough. My body just can't go fast down hill; its too crippled. He opened up a ten second gap. I turned the corner, saw the clock was in the 57's, and I gave a fist pump. It felt good to break an hour in a race I wasn't even sure I could finish when I registered. I ended up with a 57:26 and 44th place. I'll take it!

Week of Nov. 15th - 21st

Monday: 0. I got home as it was getting dark, and this seemed like a fine day to rest.

Tuesday: 4 w/Jimmy and Griffin in Friedsam. Lifted upper x3 + 1 on the treadmill at gym. Back was tight, now it's feeling pretty good!

Wednesday: 2 in am w/ Jimmy. 5 pm w/ workout. 6 x 200 (40 -42) + 300 and 100. I wanted some faster reps to try and help my back. Man I felt tight. Glad I ran. Thanks to James for running the 200's with me (well actually a couple seconds faster each rep). Nick Cash ;)

Thursday: My back

Friday: Shux!

Saturday: Fun drive to Rhody... if you like being crippled after!

Sunday: 10 miles with an 8 mile TRAIL race. 57 and change. Fun run, report to follow.

Total running: 22
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 28
Yearly Miles: 420

Wow! This week has not been fun. My body hurts. I need to get back into an easy groove. I think I've been over doing it, which results in a cornucopia of pain.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/8 to 11/14

Monday: 0. Too much going on to run.

Tuesday: 0. See above.

Wednesday: Tried to run. 1 mile. Back not feeling it. I probably shouldn't have played hoops after school.

Thursday: 5 w/Fyffe, Ferenc, Greg, Boj, and wolves. Run cut short due to a porcupine incident. Ellie and Lenna got quilled pretty good. Ellie got it the worst! She seems ok thanks to on trail surgery by Josh and Greg. My back was miserably tight on the downhills. It's feeling better now.

Friday: 1 w/ Jimmy. I know I should have run more. It was perfect weather, but I just wasn't feeling it. Tomorrow, training goes full bore...

Saturday: 5 in Friedsam w/ Jimmy. Back still tight. I'm trying to go 13 tomorrow. Lifted pm. Ran 3 in pm w/ Jimmy. Ran into Greg and Ferenc with wolves. Jimmy decided it would be more fun to run home with them. Back still tight...

Sunday: 13 w/ Chris and Keith. Westmoreland to Keene rail-trail. Nice run. It was tough! Those guys are in better shape than me, but I'm glad I ran. Back was decent (thank you advil).

Total running: 28
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 38
Yearly Miles: 398

This was a weird week. 2 zero days, 2 one mile days, a double and a good long run. Hey, I'll take it. My back is trying to bring me down. It's not going to win. I'm determined to fight through it and race in Rhody for the first time in years (2005 I think). Who knows what will happen. I probably won't feel 100%, but then again, I haven't been 100% since I was 12 years old! Bring it on! I'm gunning for the Rhody gangsters!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

week of Nov. 1st - Nov. 7th

Monday: 4 in Pisgah w/ Greg and wolves. Quads are pretty darn sore!

Tuesday: 6 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy. We had a stand off with a German Shepherd. Don't mess with a Kuwaiti Desert Hound and M.C. Glenn!

Wednesday: 6 miles with 4X400 (82, 84, 86, 87) 400 rest. That was my first workout since I was 22 which I can't remember!

Thursday: 7 miles in the cold, November rain with the team. Axel would be proud.

Friday: 2 miles w/ Jimmy. My back didn't want to go any farther. Now that I'm home and stretched out, I feel fine.

Saturday: 9 with 2.5 race in 16:09. The pace calculated to a 20:02 5k. Not too shabby. I was limping during the warm-up. The long warm-up enabled me to actually (nick cash) run during the race. I dueled with James -- but he got me by 8 seconds.

Sunday: 4 with Jimmy and Griffin in Pisgah. I wanted to go 8, but my back wasn't feeling it. Oh well...

Total running: 38
Days lifting: 0

Last Week Miles: 23
Yearly Miles: 370

I was trying for 40+ this week. My back was tight, so I didn't get it. It was a fine week otherwise. I was pleased with the workout on Wednesday and the "5k" on Saturday. I'll try for a good week next week. Bring on Lil' Rhody!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Week of Oct. 24th-31st

Monday: 4 miles w/fartlek with the team. Didn't feel great, but glad I ran.

Tuesday: 0. Walked 1 mile with Gina and Jimmy in Friedsam.

Wednesday: 0. Walked w/ Greg and wolves in Friedsam. Lifted 2x upper body with Greg at night.

Thursday: 2 miles/ with Team. 1 mile walk w/ Gina and Jimmy in Friedsam. Back is tightttt!

Friday: 2 with team.

Saturday: 3 in am solo. 3 miles with team. Had fun at the Division meet.

Sunday: 9 miles. Madame Sherie Trail Race. Fun course. Should make Lil' Rhody seem like cake. Felt pretty good.

Total running: 23
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 15
Yearly Miles: 332

Average week. The race on Sunday was fun. XC is over, so now I can really get some good training in before Lil' Rhody. I've got to catch up to Jonny and Bentley some how...