Monday, November 1, 2010

Week of Oct. 24th-31st

Monday: 4 miles w/fartlek with the team. Didn't feel great, but glad I ran.

Tuesday: 0. Walked 1 mile with Gina and Jimmy in Friedsam.

Wednesday: 0. Walked w/ Greg and wolves in Friedsam. Lifted 2x upper body with Greg at night.

Thursday: 2 miles/ with Team. 1 mile walk w/ Gina and Jimmy in Friedsam. Back is tightttt!

Friday: 2 with team.

Saturday: 3 in am solo. 3 miles with team. Had fun at the Division meet.

Sunday: 9 miles. Madame Sherie Trail Race. Fun course. Should make Lil' Rhody seem like cake. Felt pretty good.

Total running: 23
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 15
Yearly Miles: 332

Average week. The race on Sunday was fun. XC is over, so now I can really get some good training in before Lil' Rhody. I've got to catch up to Jonny and Bentley some how...

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  1. ahahahahahaha!!!!! the anti-blog wins! i guess now i will post the times