Monday, November 22, 2010

Week of Nov. 15th - 21st

Monday: 0. I got home as it was getting dark, and this seemed like a fine day to rest.

Tuesday: 4 w/Jimmy and Griffin in Friedsam. Lifted upper x3 + 1 on the treadmill at gym. Back was tight, now it's feeling pretty good!

Wednesday: 2 in am w/ Jimmy. 5 pm w/ workout. 6 x 200 (40 -42) + 300 and 100. I wanted some faster reps to try and help my back. Man I felt tight. Glad I ran. Thanks to James for running the 200's with me (well actually a couple seconds faster each rep). Nick Cash ;)

Thursday: My back

Friday: Shux!

Saturday: Fun drive to Rhody... if you like being crippled after!

Sunday: 10 miles with an 8 mile TRAIL race. 57 and change. Fun run, report to follow.

Total running: 22
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 28
Yearly Miles: 420

Wow! This week has not been fun. My body hurts. I need to get back into an easy groove. I think I've been over doing it, which results in a cornucopia of pain.

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