Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/8 to 11/14

Monday: 0. Too much going on to run.

Tuesday: 0. See above.

Wednesday: Tried to run. 1 mile. Back not feeling it. I probably shouldn't have played hoops after school.

Thursday: 5 w/Fyffe, Ferenc, Greg, Boj, and wolves. Run cut short due to a porcupine incident. Ellie and Lenna got quilled pretty good. Ellie got it the worst! She seems ok thanks to on trail surgery by Josh and Greg. My back was miserably tight on the downhills. It's feeling better now.

Friday: 1 w/ Jimmy. I know I should have run more. It was perfect weather, but I just wasn't feeling it. Tomorrow, training goes full bore...

Saturday: 5 in Friedsam w/ Jimmy. Back still tight. I'm trying to go 13 tomorrow. Lifted pm. Ran 3 in pm w/ Jimmy. Ran into Greg and Ferenc with wolves. Jimmy decided it would be more fun to run home with them. Back still tight...

Sunday: 13 w/ Chris and Keith. Westmoreland to Keene rail-trail. Nice run. It was tough! Those guys are in better shape than me, but I'm glad I ran. Back was decent (thank you advil).

Total running: 28
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 38
Yearly Miles: 398

This was a weird week. 2 zero days, 2 one mile days, a double and a good long run. Hey, I'll take it. My back is trying to bring me down. It's not going to win. I'm determined to fight through it and race in Rhody for the first time in years (2005 I think). Who knows what will happen. I probably won't feel 100%, but then again, I haven't been 100% since I was 12 years old! Bring it on! I'm gunning for the Rhody gangsters!


  1. Nice long run! It was a great day out there. I did about 14 too. If you want to run one afternoon this week, let me know.

  2. Nice weekend, Ace! Hopefully, you can get some more runs good runs in before Lil Rhody.

  3. James, it looks like I might be able to run the workout on Wednesday! Fingers crossed... Thanks Greg. Bentley, there are only 2 gangsters I know in Rhody and they will probably smoke my ass!