Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/26 - 2/1

Monday 1/26:  Meeting after school + preparation for blizzard kept me from getting out today.

Tuesday 1/27:  1.5 on snowshoes around my woods.  So far, we haven't gotten too much snow.  I know it's worse in other parts of New England.

Wednesday - Saturday: 0.  Lazy and slightly injured.  Right hip is bothering me.

Sunday 2/1:  9 w/athlete.  Nice sunny morning.  Felt pretty good.

Weekly total:  10.5

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 19th - 25th

Monday 1/19:  0.  I'm in a rut time wise and energy wise.  The achilles is ready.  Time to get on the horse.

Tuesday 1/20:  0.  My pep talk entry didn't work.

Wednesday 1/21:  2.5 around school.  Blech.  At least I ran.

Thursday 1/22:  0.  My rut continues.

Friday 1/23:  2.5 around school.  I didn't feel great, but I'm glad I got out there.  Nice and warm - 35 degrees.

Saturday 1/24:  4 miles.  I lifted weights - 2x upper body then I warmed up with a mile on the treadmill.   I hit the snowy roads for three more miles.  I don't know how people can run for more than ten minutes on a treadmill.  It's torture.

Sunday 1/25:  6 w/athletes around town.  We tried heading out on the rail trail, but it was too darn slippery.  The pace was easy, but the effort wasn't.  Tough slogging for some reason for all.  Beautiful weather - maybe a tad too windy.  I felt hot when the wind was at my back and cold when it was in my face.  I definitely felt like February is almost here.

Weekly total:  15.  Getting back into things.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12th - 18th

Monday 1/12:  0.  I stayed home today to get the furnace serviced.  It's been a little janky to use the vernacular of Seth.  I would have loved to run today, but my left achilles is a tad tender.  I better be cautious.  Probably a result of running so long yesterday on slippery roads.

Tuesday 1/13:  0.  My achilles is still an issue.  I really feel it going up and down stairs.  I didn't have time to run anyway today, but I'm hoping tomorrow the achilles feels better.

Wednesday 1/14:  0.  Again the achilles is an issue, and again I was swamped with things to do which included getting ready for my first day tomorrow as the substitute vice principal.

Thursday 1/15:  0.  Four straight goose eggs.  My day was hectic and rewarding.  The good news is my achilles gave me no complaints today.  I even jogged from my car to test it out.  Things are looking up for this weekend.

Friday and Saturday 1/16 & 1/17:  0.

Sunday 1/18:  1.5.  I tested out the achilles today.  It seemed decent.  Felt like I hadn't run in a month.

Weekly total:  1.5  -  Big week!  I think the rest was well spent as my achilles felt ok on Sunday.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 5th - January 11th

Monday 1/5:  0.  Getting my energy and appetite back.  I had a lot of chores today.

Tuesday 1/6:  0.  Chores and meetings.

Wednesday 1/7:  2.5 around town.  It was cold and windy.  Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be brutal.  These are the nights I worry about the furnace.  I guess I inherited that trait from Pard.

Thursday 1/8:  7 w/athletes after school.  We ran an old 7 miler that I hadn't run since 2013.  The rail trail had decent traction thanks to snowmobile tread.  It wasn't easy to take the steep goat path out of the rail bed at the end of the run.  It made for some pretty hilarious moments as we all slid backwards down the slope.  We eventually got out by crawling up on our hands and knees and using any trees we could to claw our way up.  Cramp-ons and an ice axe would have been helpful.

Friday 1/9:  0.  No time after school.

Saturday 1/10:  5.5 around town.  Cold morning.  My right hip is a little sore.

Sunday 1/11:  11 w/athlete on roads of Hinsdale.  Brrrr!  Zero degrees when we headed out at 8am.  Felt decent.  

Weekly total:  26