Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12th - 18th

Monday 1/12:  0.  I stayed home today to get the furnace serviced.  It's been a little janky to use the vernacular of Seth.  I would have loved to run today, but my left achilles is a tad tender.  I better be cautious.  Probably a result of running so long yesterday on slippery roads.

Tuesday 1/13:  0.  My achilles is still an issue.  I really feel it going up and down stairs.  I didn't have time to run anyway today, but I'm hoping tomorrow the achilles feels better.

Wednesday 1/14:  0.  Again the achilles is an issue, and again I was swamped with things to do which included getting ready for my first day tomorrow as the substitute vice principal.

Thursday 1/15:  0.  Four straight goose eggs.  My day was hectic and rewarding.  The good news is my achilles gave me no complaints today.  I even jogged from my car to test it out.  Things are looking up for this weekend.

Friday and Saturday 1/16 & 1/17:  0.

Sunday 1/18:  1.5.  I tested out the achilles today.  It seemed decent.  Felt like I hadn't run in a month.

Weekly total:  1.5  -  Big week!  I think the rest was well spent as my achilles felt ok on Sunday.

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