Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 5th - January 11th

Monday 1/5:  0.  Getting my energy and appetite back.  I had a lot of chores today.

Tuesday 1/6:  0.  Chores and meetings.

Wednesday 1/7:  2.5 around town.  It was cold and windy.  Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be brutal.  These are the nights I worry about the furnace.  I guess I inherited that trait from Pard.

Thursday 1/8:  7 w/athletes after school.  We ran an old 7 miler that I hadn't run since 2013.  The rail trail had decent traction thanks to snowmobile tread.  It wasn't easy to take the steep goat path out of the rail bed at the end of the run.  It made for some pretty hilarious moments as we all slid backwards down the slope.  We eventually got out by crawling up on our hands and knees and using any trees we could to claw our way up.  Cramp-ons and an ice axe would have been helpful.

Friday 1/9:  0.  No time after school.

Saturday 1/10:  5.5 around town.  Cold morning.  My right hip is a little sore.

Sunday 1/11:  11 w/athlete on roads of Hinsdale.  Brrrr!  Zero degrees when we headed out at 8am.  Felt decent.  

Weekly total:  26


  1. Thursday sounds like it was fun, although I'd imagine it was pretty chilly! Good run, though :)