Monday, December 27, 2010

December 20th - 26th

Monday: 0.

Tuesday: Game at Derryfield. We lost by 13.

Wednesday: Lifted upper x 4. Benched 180 x 4 on the machine. Not real bench press, but it felt good none the less.

Thursday: Walked w/ Jimmy Davis Hill 45 minutes. I guess I could have run. No desire to slip on the ice and tweak my back. I'm still feeling great. Tomorrow I drive to Rhody for Xmas Eve.

Friday: Drove to Rhody for Xmas Eve. 2 sets power cleans + 2 sets curls.

Saturday: Drove to Westmoreland for Xmas Day. All that driving and my back feels fine. I went running with Jimmy 2 miles in the pm. I'm feeling good. Thank you lifting!

Sunday: Walked Jimmy in the am and pm. No running. Had basketball practice. Did all the drills and scrimmaging. Fun. Here comes the snow.

Total running: 2
Days lifting: 2

Last Week Miles: 0
Yearly Miles: 457

I wish I lifted more. I'm still feeling good. I should get some runs in this week with vacation.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec. 13th-19th

Monday: 0. First game at Monadnock. Lost by 18.

Tuesday: Lifted upper x 2

Wednesday: 0. Game at Mascenic. Won by 3. Feeling real good about tonight's win! Body feels great. Lift tomorrow! I won't be running until the weekend. HK

Thursday: Lifted upper x3.

Friday: I was at school from 6am to 8:30pm. I stayed for practice, watched the girls' varsity game, and assisted the varsity boys to a win! It was great seeing my former jv athletes kick butt at the varsity level. Go Pacers!

Saturday: 3 miles of hiking w/ Jimmy. Great day to be outside with my wolf.

Sunday: Hike up Bear Mtn w/ Jimmy. Lifted upper x 3.

Total running:
Days lifting: 3

Last Week Miles: 0
Yearly Miles: 455

Zero miles again, but 3 days lifting and I'm feeling good!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The old goat goes sub 2.

I figured I would save this link in my blog. It's when Greg went sub 2. Good stuff loc!

Here's wishing everyone a speedy indoor season!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dec. 6th - 12th

Monday: 0. Lifted upper x 3. Feelin' good!

Tuesday: 0. Did some conditioning with the team.

Wednesday: 0. Lifted upper x 3. Got leveled at practice and tweaked my back. At least I felt good enough to put myself in a position to get leveled. Lifting is working.




Sunday: 0. lifted upper x2

Total running:
Days lifting: 3

Last Week Miles: 15
Yearly Miles: 455

Zero Week running... I'm busy with coaching hoops. My body is feeling good from lifting.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week of Nov. 29th - Dec. 4th.

Monday: 2 miles in Friedsam with Jimmy.

Tuesday: 2 miles in Friedsam with Jimmy. Feeling a little less pain. Lifted upper x2.

Wednesday: 0. Lower leg routine. Each day I feel a wee bit better.

Thursday: 3 miles w/ Jimmy in Friedsam. Lifted upper x2.

Friday: 0 running. Walked w/ Gina and Jimmy in Friedsam. Lifted upper x 2.

Saturday: 4 in Pisgah w/Jimmy. The lifting is starting to help.

Sunday: 4 Bear Mtn. w/ Jimmy. Nice view of Daniels Mt., Wantastiquet, and snow capped Stratton.

Total running: 15
Days lifting: 3

Last Week Miles: 20
Yearly Miles: 455

Well my mileage is pathetic, but my back seems to be turning the corner. I'm genuinely feeling way less pain (as of Sunday pm). What's the secret? It's got to be the lifting. I need to keep it up. It should be easy to do since all those days were at the dinky little school gym.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aint goin out like that

Man my back was tight these last two weeks. It's easy to say forget it and quit running, but...

That's all I've got to say about that...

What up Sen Dogg!

week of Nov. 22nd - 28th

Monday: 0. Feel crippled. First day of Bball tryouts.

Tuesday: 2 in Friedsam with Jimmy. Not a good run. Pain the entire way.

Wednesday: 3 Beals Knob + with Jimmy and Griffin. Didn't feel horrible. I won't be attending the workout today though.

Thursday: 5 + Turkey Limp. 23:14 or so. I limped the whole way. Some how I feel loose now. Glad I went.

Friday: 3 w/ wolves Beales Knob. Feeling a little better.

Saturday: 3. same route as above w/Jimmy. These hardly meet the criteria for running. I always feel better after.

Sunday: 3. Beales w/ Jimmy. 1 inch of snow on the ground made for a beautiful run. Nice sunny weather 28 degrees. Feeling a little better. 1 in Friedsam w/ Jimmy in pm. Back is tighter than it was in the morning. Two tears in a bucket.

Total running: 20
Days lifting:

Last Week Miles: 22
Yearly Miles: 440

This week was not too impressive. My back really hurt early in the week. Truthfully, it doesn't feel too much better now; however, I can tell it is a wee bit better. I'm just going to take it easy. I have no races on the horizon. I just want to keep hitting 20-35 miles a week for the month of December. Hopefully, my back will continue improving. I'm excited for cold, snowy weather and Xmas vacation!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lil' Rhody Limp Jog

This weekend I competed in the Lil' Rhody Limp Jog. I was first limper, setting a course record in the Horribly Crippled division.

Joking aside, it was a painful yet rewarding experience. My back had been acting up all week, so I was nervous about even being able to race. Thank the blogosphere for keeping me honest. I told millions (6 followers really) that I was going to race no matter how bad I was feeling. As I paid my 25 dollars, I thought to myself that this could be my worse purchase since the boglin incident.

I did a 2 mile warmup. I was embarrassed. I limped the entire 2 miles. I couldn't run faster than 9 minute pace. Accordingly, I lined up in the middle third at the starting line. I was behind about 100 runners. I debated going further in back, figuring I would be lucky to run 70 minutes. I ended up being right next to Boj's friend Dave. We compared bad back stories, and I started to realize that no one ever feels great at the start of a race. I have to admit that Dave's good energy made me quit feeling sorry for myself.

The gun went off and I immediately started getting passed. I saw a woman get leveled right in the center of the main pack within 20 yards of the start. I guess she dropped her keys and decided it would be a good idea to stop and grab them. Ouch! I passed Pard right before we entered the single track. I told him to have fun. Once we hit the single track, I realized I felt a little looser and I was stuck behind slower runners. I weaved my way past about 5 runners before we got to the campground. In the open spaces of the campground, I passed Dave. He gave me encouragement as I focused on passing more runners before things narrowed again.

Back on single track, I focused on Tommy and Dan whom both work with Jonny. They were moving at a good clip, and I knew from Jonny's blog that they had both put in some solid training. I passed them both, just to have Dan pass me and Tom sit on my shoulder. We were right together as we hit halfway in 29:40-29:50. I got a little fired up at the road. I knew both my wife and my mother would be there to cheer for me, and I knew they were both nervous that I was going to look like I was in a lot of pain. I decided to pick up the pace as I hit the pavement. As I cruised up the road, I decided I was going to run tough the whole way.

I passed about a half dozen runners in the section up to the road. Looking back, I'm really pleased with the way I raced through this tough, uphill section. Finally, I hit the road in 51 minutes and change. I wasn't sure if I was going to break an hour. I grimaced and tried to roll down Kings Factory. I kept looking at my watch. I hadn't raced here in so long, that I had no clue how long it took to get to the finish. I passed someone on the little uphill on Prosser Trail, just to have that same runner pass me back once it started going downhill. He urged me to keep running fast which helped me stay tough. My body just can't go fast down hill; its too crippled. He opened up a ten second gap. I turned the corner, saw the clock was in the 57's, and I gave a fist pump. It felt good to break an hour in a race I wasn't even sure I could finish when I registered. I ended up with a 57:26 and 44th place. I'll take it!

Week of Nov. 15th - 21st

Monday: 0. I got home as it was getting dark, and this seemed like a fine day to rest.

Tuesday: 4 w/Jimmy and Griffin in Friedsam. Lifted upper x3 + 1 on the treadmill at gym. Back was tight, now it's feeling pretty good!

Wednesday: 2 in am w/ Jimmy. 5 pm w/ workout. 6 x 200 (40 -42) + 300 and 100. I wanted some faster reps to try and help my back. Man I felt tight. Glad I ran. Thanks to James for running the 200's with me (well actually a couple seconds faster each rep). Nick Cash ;)

Thursday: My back

Friday: Shux!

Saturday: Fun drive to Rhody... if you like being crippled after!

Sunday: 10 miles with an 8 mile TRAIL race. 57 and change. Fun run, report to follow.

Total running: 22
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 28
Yearly Miles: 420

Wow! This week has not been fun. My body hurts. I need to get back into an easy groove. I think I've been over doing it, which results in a cornucopia of pain.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/8 to 11/14

Monday: 0. Too much going on to run.

Tuesday: 0. See above.

Wednesday: Tried to run. 1 mile. Back not feeling it. I probably shouldn't have played hoops after school.

Thursday: 5 w/Fyffe, Ferenc, Greg, Boj, and wolves. Run cut short due to a porcupine incident. Ellie and Lenna got quilled pretty good. Ellie got it the worst! She seems ok thanks to on trail surgery by Josh and Greg. My back was miserably tight on the downhills. It's feeling better now.

Friday: 1 w/ Jimmy. I know I should have run more. It was perfect weather, but I just wasn't feeling it. Tomorrow, training goes full bore...

Saturday: 5 in Friedsam w/ Jimmy. Back still tight. I'm trying to go 13 tomorrow. Lifted pm. Ran 3 in pm w/ Jimmy. Ran into Greg and Ferenc with wolves. Jimmy decided it would be more fun to run home with them. Back still tight...

Sunday: 13 w/ Chris and Keith. Westmoreland to Keene rail-trail. Nice run. It was tough! Those guys are in better shape than me, but I'm glad I ran. Back was decent (thank you advil).

Total running: 28
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 38
Yearly Miles: 398

This was a weird week. 2 zero days, 2 one mile days, a double and a good long run. Hey, I'll take it. My back is trying to bring me down. It's not going to win. I'm determined to fight through it and race in Rhody for the first time in years (2005 I think). Who knows what will happen. I probably won't feel 100%, but then again, I haven't been 100% since I was 12 years old! Bring it on! I'm gunning for the Rhody gangsters!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

week of Nov. 1st - Nov. 7th

Monday: 4 in Pisgah w/ Greg and wolves. Quads are pretty darn sore!

Tuesday: 6 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy. We had a stand off with a German Shepherd. Don't mess with a Kuwaiti Desert Hound and M.C. Glenn!

Wednesday: 6 miles with 4X400 (82, 84, 86, 87) 400 rest. That was my first workout since I was 22 which I can't remember!

Thursday: 7 miles in the cold, November rain with the team. Axel would be proud.

Friday: 2 miles w/ Jimmy. My back didn't want to go any farther. Now that I'm home and stretched out, I feel fine.

Saturday: 9 with 2.5 race in 16:09. The pace calculated to a 20:02 5k. Not too shabby. I was limping during the warm-up. The long warm-up enabled me to actually (nick cash) run during the race. I dueled with James -- but he got me by 8 seconds.

Sunday: 4 with Jimmy and Griffin in Pisgah. I wanted to go 8, but my back wasn't feeling it. Oh well...

Total running: 38
Days lifting: 0

Last Week Miles: 23
Yearly Miles: 370

I was trying for 40+ this week. My back was tight, so I didn't get it. It was a fine week otherwise. I was pleased with the workout on Wednesday and the "5k" on Saturday. I'll try for a good week next week. Bring on Lil' Rhody!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Week of Oct. 24th-31st

Monday: 4 miles w/fartlek with the team. Didn't feel great, but glad I ran.

Tuesday: 0. Walked 1 mile with Gina and Jimmy in Friedsam.

Wednesday: 0. Walked w/ Greg and wolves in Friedsam. Lifted 2x upper body with Greg at night.

Thursday: 2 miles/ with Team. 1 mile walk w/ Gina and Jimmy in Friedsam. Back is tightttt!

Friday: 2 with team.

Saturday: 3 in am solo. 3 miles with team. Had fun at the Division meet.

Sunday: 9 miles. Madame Sherie Trail Race. Fun course. Should make Lil' Rhody seem like cake. Felt pretty good.

Total running: 23
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 15
Yearly Miles: 332

Average week. The race on Sunday was fun. XC is over, so now I can really get some good training in before Lil' Rhody. I've got to catch up to Jonny and Bentley some how...

Monday, October 25, 2010

week of Oct. 18th-24th

Monday: 0

Tuesday: Class S meet in Newmarket. 2 miles on the race course. Both teams were 6th place.

Wednesday: 1 mile in Friedsam with dogs. Too busy to run farther.

Thursday: 0 run. 1 mile hike w/ Gina and Jimmy. Beautiful night for a hike. 2 hill sprints for fun. Feeling great, but boy do I need a run!

Friday: 2 mile run before dinner in Keene. Man I felt good, and man I need to get a REAL run in. Probably won't happen tomorrow since I'm going to be on Monadnock all day.

Saturday: 0 run. Spent most of the day exploring the trails of Mt. Monadnock with my class. Great day, cold weather and decent visibility -- we could see Boston.

Sunday: 10 w/ Jimmy. Beals-Nash-4H-Swoods-Beals. Sweet run. That's the longest I've gone since the Pisgah race. Feeling a little zonked...

Total running: 15
Days lifting:0

Last Week Miles: 23
Yearly Miles: 309

Busy week = wimpy miles.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week of Oct. 11-17th

Monday: Walk in Friedsam with Jimmy. 5 sprints.

Tuesday: 3 miles on Derryfield course during XC meet. Boys team was 4th out of 12 schools.

Wednesday: 4 miles. Ran hard up Hubbard w/Jimmy. Great weather for a run! Feeling fit!

Thursday: 3 miles w/team. 2 mile hike w/Jimmy and Griffin. 1.5 mile walk w/Greg and the wolves at night.

Friday: 3 miles w/team. Dreary and bleak today.

Saturday: 2 miles at the Hillsboro Invite. Didn't get a good run on my own today.

Sunday: 8 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy and Griffin. Beautiful day for a run.

Total running: 23
Days lifting:0

Last Week Miles: 21
Yearly Miles: 294

I'll take it. I'm feeling a lot better than last week. I'll try to lift next week and 30+ next week too. Feeling way faster than a month or two ago. I'm rolling on most of my runs. I've got a local trail race on Halloween. Should be good prep for Lil' Rhody.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week of Oct. 4th-10th

Monday: 1 mile hike w/Jimmy + hill sprints.

Tuesday: 3 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah. Cranked the Hill in 2:15.

Wednesday: 0. Did chores after practice. No time to run. Back on Humera.

Thursday: Humera is working already! 2 miles w/team + 2 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah.

Friday: 3 miles with the Jimmster in Pisgah.

Saturday: Easy 6 w/ Jimmy and Griffin in Pisgah. Nice weather!

Sunday: 6 solo in Hinsdale. The first half was on the Rail Trail; second half was on the roads. Roads hurt. I need new kicks.

Total running: 22
Days lifting:0

Last Week Miles: 21
Yearly Miles: 271

The back and crohn's were starting to act up this week. I'm back on the ole Humera and feeling good. It was fun while it lasted. Luckily I didn't wait until it got really bad, so I can get back into full training mode!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekending 10/3

Monday: 3 miles w/team in the pouring rain. Legs are feeling great! I came home and just didn't have the drive to get out the door again and get soaked.

Tuesday: 0. We had a meet, no time to run.

Wednesday: 4 mile tempo in Pisgah w/Jimmy. More like a race than a tempo, I cranked! Lifted at night with Greg.

Thursday: 5 miles w/Jimmy. Another run where I just rolled along at a good clip. Feelin' Good!

Friday: 2 miles on dreadmill at school. Lift upper x2 at night.

Saturday: 7 miles w/team in Pisgah.

Sunday: 2 mile hike w/ Jimmy.

Total running: 21
Days lifting: 2

Last Week Miles: 26
Yearly Miles: 249

Happy I lifted twice. Feeling a little under the weather.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekending 9/26

Monday: Short walk with Jimmy in am. Legs are good and sore. Felt exhausted today. I have a cold.

Tuesday: Am walk w/Jimmy. Had a meet at Monadnock. Girls team won! Got home too late to run.

Wednesday: Am walk. 5 miles smooth and fast on the way back w/Greg and the wolves in Pisgah.

Thursday: Am walk. 2 miles with team at practice. I was going to run but I fell asleep at like 6:30. I think my cold and built up fatigue got to me.

Friday: 3 miles with team + 3 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah. Muggy weather.

Saturday: 8 in am with Greg and wolves, N. Ponds, Baker, Hubbard. Pm 1 mile + 5 hill sprints in Friedsam with Jimmy.

Sunday: 3 in am w/Jimmy. Lifted upper body x2. 1 mile run at night with Jimmy.

Total running: 26
Days lifting:1

Last Week Miles: 35
Yearly Miles: 228

This was a decent recovery week. I finally got in the gym on Sunday to lift. I would like to get over 30 next week.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Pisgah Report

Wow! I'm really glad I didn't try the 50k this year. A talk with Boj two nights before the race had me almost convinced that I should jump in the long one. By Davis Hill, I was thanking the trees and rocks that I had chosen the "short" course. Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself...

I started right up in the front next to Jonny and the herd of 5ok guys that were trying to crack 4 hours and battle for the win. I knew I wasn't going to run fast, but no one seemed to want to start with their toe on the line. I figured what the heck!

We were off, and Jonny immediately went at a pace that I wasn't willing (or able) to match. It was fun watching the 50k guys ease into the race with a little conversation and joking. I tried to really focus on relaxing the long road into the park. I find that the road is just a section to endure- you have to wait for the real fun. I waived to Jess Fyffe at the Horseshoe parking lot and headed into the woods.

My legs didn't feel fast on the long downhill. I remembered the year I ran 2:05 that I let it rip on any down grade. I could tell even before the climb up the Reservoir Trail that I wasn't going to pr. I stayed in control going up to the Monadnock vista. Runners who started behind me began cruising by me up the climb. The first women passed me right before the little section near N. Ponds trail. I've taken a few walking strides here in the past, but not this year. I was climbing decently, but my lack of speed on the downhills was hurting my chances for a fast time.

I felt pretty good coming into the aid station at the Ridge Trail intersection. I think I was at 42 minutes and change. I tried to walk as little as possible while climbing Pisgah Ridge. Again, I climbed with my least amount of walking in my four attempts at the 23k. I gave a little yell when I hit the summit. I always do for "The Bossman" Elijah Barrett. I thought out loud "Well Elijah, it ain't fast but at least I'm running..."

I love the section from the top of the Ridge to the aid station at Kilburn. I had been passed by about 6 runners since entering the woods, but I've never been passed in this section in the years I've raced it (my 3hr plod in '05 not included). No one passed me, but as I finished a Gu and some Gatorade at Kilburn aid station a swarm of runners pulled along side. I saw Keith Bourassa a few meters into the climb after the aid station. We shook hands and he was gone. Next, James Callaway joined me. He told me the Comeback was going strong and I looked good. I sure didn't feel good, but his words encouraged me to keep grinding. I knew the real pain was about to begin.

There's no faking Davis Hill. It just hurts. The grade is easy enough that you know you should be running, but it comes late in the game. I tried to keep James' blue shirt in view as I slowly clawed my way up. This is where knowing you're not going to pr hurts you the most. I could have gone harder, but I just didn't see the point. I gave up on myself. On Hubbard, I pulled over to pee and another runner caught me. While peeing I accidently stopped my watch. I climbed with the runner and passed him. He caught me on one of the steep downhills and asked me what I was hoping to get for a time. I said something like "I don't know, I've run 2:05 before..." He told me right before the the turn onto Winchester Rd that we were at 2:02. That was it; I could stop killing myself. I told him good luck and stopped for some Gatorade and water at the top of Winchester Rd.

I gingerly ran down Winchester Rd. My quads and feet killed on the descent. I knew the little uphills at the pavement were going to be torture. I could here Griffy cheering for me from
Greg's house. It didn't help. I had no fight left. I stopped and was offered a water or margarita from Nate and Tanya. I nearly chose the latter. With former in hand, I limp jogged up the hill. I walked a few more times, chucked the empty bottle into my yard, and got passed by the first woman right on the last turn. The first, first woman that passed me on Reservoir apparently missed the sharp turn up Davis and lost about 10 minutes. I mercifully hit the tape at 2:18 on the nose - good for 19th place.

It wasn't pretty, but it was a blast.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekending 9/19

Monday: 1 mile walk in am with Jimmy. Zero running.

Tuesday: 1 mile w/ Jimmy am. 3 miles in Pisgah w/ Jimmy. Felt decent.

Wednesday: Short walk w/Jimmy am. 6 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy. I wanted to go longer but it was getting dark. Cruised it home the last couple miles. Thought about the upcoming race the whole way.

Thursday: 2 miles warm-up with team. 1 mile walk in early am and late evening with Jimmy. Heard coyotes howling nearby in the morning. Smelled a skunk near Greg's house... poor Griffin

Friday: 3.5 miles in Pisgah with Jimmy. I might need new shoes before Sunday.

Saturday: 6 miles slow pace in Pisgah w/team. Race tomorrow.

Sunday: 15 miles, Pisgah 23k. Ran decently, a little too fast in the beginning!

Total running: 35
Days lifting:0

Last Week Miles: 23
Yearly Miles: 202

Fun week. I need to lift. I'll do a write up on the race soon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

weekending 9/12

Monday: 2.5 mile hike with Jimmy and Jonnydubbs- Anne Stokes loop. Beautiful morning.

Tuesday: 1 mile hike early am (5:00 am). 3 mile run after school with Jimmy in Pisgah. Hot out!

Wednesday: 1 mile hike with Jimmy early am. 2 mile run at night with Jimmy. Used my headlamp-felt great.

Thursday: 2 with team. 2 with fartlek, w/ EZ, Griffin, and Jimmy. Felt good today.

Friday: 1 mile with team. 4 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah. Legs a little tired from last night's speed.

Saturday: 5 miles with team in Pisgah + verdun 10 @ night. That verdun is no joke (Thanks to Nate Jenkins for posting the routine on flotrack).

Sunday: 4 miles in Pisgah with Jimmy. Nice day, a lot of leaves are changing.

Total running: 23
Days lifting:0

Last Week Miles: 31
Yearly Miles: 167

Need to lift; otherwise, I'm feeling great. Bring on the Pisgah race!

Monday, September 6, 2010

weekending 9/5

Monday: Lifted upper body x2. Felt great! School begins tomorrow!

Tuesday: 1.5 with team + core. First day of school and I'm whipped; the heat can't help. Tomorrow, I need a real run.

Wednesday: Still brutally hot. 2 mile run at night. Pushed hard for the first mile, easy second. core with team.

Thursday: Practice was cancelled due to the brutal heat- I agreed with this decision. Ended up running 9 miles with Ferenc and Greg + girls in Pisgah. I purposely backed off on the uphills because of the heat.

Friday: First meet at Fall Mtn. Watching my team got me fired up! Go Pacers!

Saturday: 8 miles in Hinsdale/Winchester. Some of this was on the rail trail, most of it was on the roads. Roads shuck! 3.5 mile run + 1 mile hike with Jimmy! It's nice to have a new member of the family.

Sunday: 1 mile hike with Gina and Jimmy early am. 7 mile run Southwoods trail with Jimmy + 3 short hill sprints. Legs are tired!

Total running: 31
Days lifting:1

Last Week Miles: 17.5
Yearly Miles: 144

Best week since the comeback has begun. Need to get to the gym and lift!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here he is!

Running with Jimmy

Gina and I have a new member of the family - Jimmy (pending name change). We picked him up at the Windham Humane Society in Bratt, Vt. He was born in Kuwait. Apparently, there are a lot of strays there running around the desert. He is 1 and half and kind of looks like a border collie. The shelter said he is a retriever mix, but who really knows what he has in him. He's basically a good old mutt. Weighing in around 55 pounds, he's the perfect size for a running companion.
I immediately took him on a 5 mile run/walk in Pisgah. I ran with him on a leash for about 8 minutes down Old Chesterfield Rd trail. He stuck right to my hip. I could tell he looked like the kind of dog that just sticks, so I let him off the leash. My guess was right. We ran together stride for stride down to the Chestnut Hill trailhead. The stream is just about dry there, but he was able to drink from a stagnant puddle. We turned and headed back via the Hidden Hemlock Habitat Hook-up (4H) trail. You won't find that trail on a map. Greg and Elijah named it that several years ago. I think Elijah and Griffin were the first ones to give it a run. We then detoured to the beaver pond near Wildlife/Habitat trail. Jimmy took a little swim and then we sat on the rock and enjoyed the quiet and scenery. He snuggled up beside me just as if we'd done this 100 times...
I'm home now and he's growling at a flock of geese that just flew noisily overhead. He looks a little restless but happy. I can't wait to run with him tomorrow!

Monday, August 30, 2010

week of Aug 23rd-29th

Monday: Drove back from Rhody. 1 mile warm up with team. Core work. No real run today. Body is feeling pretty good, even with 6 hours of driving in 24 hrs.

Tuesday: 6 miles Hinsdale rail trail. A lot of blowdowns. Apparently this doesn't get used to often. Felt decent.

Wednesday: 1 mile warm up with team + core and form drills. Friedsam 3.5 solo in the evening. Feeling decent. Today would have been the day to lift. School starts tomorrow.

Thursday: Zero.

Friday: 1 mile warm up with team + core.

Saturday: 5 miles morning with team. Lift upper body x2. Beautiful morning for a run- I'm glad some of the team saw Pisgah.

Sunday: 3 mile hike at Madame Sherie's. Busy with chores the rest of the day. Hot weather is back. :@

Total running: 17.5
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 20
Yearly Miles: 113

My body is still feeling good. I need to try to lift and run after school and practice next week. I miss summer already...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week ending 8/22

Monday: 3 miles with the cross country team, +fantastic 5 (form drills). Pm 1 mile walk w/Griffin + 5x15sec barefoot hill sprints in Friedsam.

Tuesday: 1.5 with the team. Moved more stuff into the house. Almost completely moved in. Need to lift and run a real run tomorrow.

Wednesday: Ran 2 miles with the team. Form drills and core routine. Didn't get my "real run" in today. Oh well.

Thursday: Am 2 miles with team. Pm 3 miles with team. Form drills and core routine + 6 striders. Need to lift.

Friday: 1 mile with team. Lifted upper body. Felt good to lift again.

Saturday: 7 miles Southwoods trail. + 4 striders. Felt great.

Sunday: Down in Rhody: Started to run. 2 minutes in it really started pouring and Griffin ran back to the house. I figured she was on to something. log .5- It gets me to 20 for the week, so I'll take it.

Total running: 20
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 6
Yearly Miles: 95.5

Recap: Most of my running was warm up and cool down running with the team. I had a great run on Saturday. Next week school starts. I need to lift 3 days and get at least 20, preferably 30 miles. My general fitness this week feels decent. The form drills, strenghth drills, and striders with the team are keeping me limber. I haven't taken my drugs for my AS in over 3 weeks (it has ridiculous side effects) and I'm still pain free. That's really what this comeback is all about. I don't care if I'm a world beater- I just want to be able to enjoy life and have general fitness. Let's keep it going!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Week ending 8/15

Monday: Ladder ball and some ping pong. I'm 33 today. Celebrated at Cobb Hill with the rehearsal dinner.

Tuesday: Big Day! More ladder ball in the morning.

Wednesday: Zero. Cleaned the wedding site, opened gifts (thankyou, thankyou!), and packed for the White Mtns.

Thursday: Drove to Jackson, NH. It is beautiful up here! Perfect place to unwind from wedding day stress.

Friday: Run 3 miles, early am. Chilly/Gorgeous morning- nice views of Mt. Washington.

Saturday: Drove back from the Whites. Ran 3 miles in Pisgah late pm. Good progression run. Started easy, ended hammering. Core work (not quite the full KG routine).

Sunday: Moved into the new house (not completely). Played a little whiffle and painted the bathroom. No running or lifting.

Total running: 6
Days lifting:0

Last Week Miles: 17.5
Yearly Miles: 75.5

Wedding and Honeymoon week. Low numbers are to be expected. Next week should be back to normal.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding update.

I couldn't be happier with our wedding weekend. The three days flew by. Gina and I are both blessed to have such supportive family and friends. We couldn't have pulled off the wedding we wanted without them...

I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Right now it's time to relax in the White Mountains!

Week of Aug 2nd-8th

Monday: 3 miles in Pisgah, horseshoe rd. Felt great. 2hrs of hoops pm + 1.5 running with team. Feeling stronger on the court.

Tuesday: Lifted chest and back + 2 sets of squat.

Wednesday: 3 miles in Pisgah w/ Griffin. Hot and humid, felt decent.

Thursday: 8 miles in Pisgah w/Jen (Greg and Griffin part of the way). Ran much stronger than last week. 1 hour of hoops pm. Oppressive humidity. After an hour, no one wanted to play.

Friday: 2 miles, felt sluggish even though it was perfect weather.

Saturday: Lifted chest and back. Played whiffle. Boj is unbeatable... for now. No running, too many last minute chores. Excited for the next three days!

Sunday: Packed for the wedding. Arrived at Cobb Hill. Beautiful spot. Had fun celebrating with friends!

Total running: 17.5
Days lifting: 2

Last Week Miles: 21
Yearly Miles: 69.5

Fun week. Monday and Thursday were my most active days. Lifting was great the two days I went. Had a blast on Sunday once we finally arrived.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Week ending 8/1

Monday: Drove back from Rhody. Lifted chest and back. 2 hours of hoops.

Tuesday: 3 miles on roads pm. Roads shuck. Played whiffle at Greg's. Jacked 3 hr's (batting practice). I couldn't do this a few weeks ago. I'm able to swing harder without any pain.

Wednesday: 8 miles am.

Thursday: Lifted shoulders and legs. Played 2 hours of hoops. Also hit a couple more hr's in whiffle.

Friday: 4 miles pm. Beautiful weather. Too bad my stomach was bothering me. Hit two grand slams in whiffle against Greg (I gave up a couple too.). I won 12-10.

Saturday: 6 miles in Pisgah am. Beautiful, 60 degrees. Lifted arms.

Sunday: Zero.

Total running: 21 miles
Days lifting: 3

Last Week Miles: 11
Yearly Miles: 52

Good week. I was pretty active everyday except for Sunday. I can live with that. It was nice to have low humidity weather all week. Gina and I rented a new house which we cleaned and worked on Sat. and Sun. This is our last week before the wedding. Crunch time!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Week ending 7/25

Monday: 2 hours of hoops. Should have run or lifted. I have a crappy cold (in the summer?) and felt lazy.

Tuesday: run 5 miles in Friedsam. No energy today - crappy cold.

Wednesday: Lifted chest and back am.

Thursday: Drove to Rhody. Ate way too much of mom's home cooking(yum:) ). Could barely move around after.

Friday: Ran 3 miles in Burlingame. Caught 4 blues and a fluke in the am. First time I've ever caught a fluke from shore.

Saturday: Sailing, clamming, body surfing. Fun, but not really running or lifting.

Sunday: 3 miles beach running. Caught another bluefish. Spent 4 hours body surfing and getting sunburned. I got my RI fix.

Total running: 11 miles
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 20
Yearly Miles: 31

Rhode Island was fun. It was great seeing family, celebrating my mother's bday, and enjoying the ocean. Now time to get back after it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week ending 7/18

Monday: Run 7 miles. Kilburn, Pisgah Ridge. Swam with
Greg and Griffin after run.

Tuesday: 2 hours of basketball.

Wednesday: Lifted- chest and back x2. Run 3.5 Keene Rail Trail.

Thursday: Lifted- oaken arms. Picked blueberries Pitcher Mtn. 2 hours of hoops.

Friday: Fishing, snorkeling, and blueberry picking at the Pisgah Reservoir. I fear that I might not get a run in today. I'll have to go long tomorrow.

Saturday: Run 7 miles. Kilburn, Pisgah Ridge w/Griffin. Wanted to go longer but my stomach was bugging me.

Sunday: Great run 2.5 miles, 17:47. Friedsam. Didn't feel like running-full on ice cream. Felt great once I got going. Hammered the whole way.

Total running: 4 days. 20 miles. Decent start.
Days lifting: 2. I would like my minimum to be 3 days. Need to do better.

Last Week Miles: 0/ first week of comeback!

Yearly Miles: 20

Welcome to Vermont!

Gina and I headed north up 91 to watch Greg and friends race in the Stowe 8 miler. Vermont has beautiful rustic scenery, decadent Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and absolutely no places to go to the bathroom. Normally on long car rides I use McDonalds as my go to choice for a pit stop (I worked there as a teenager, so I figure I earned a life time bathroom pass), but Vermont doesn't have such vulgar eateries. The lack of fast food joints adds to the quaintness until you have to... go.
I laughed when I called Greg half way up 91 for final directions. He was answering the call of nature somewhere on the side of interstate 89. It was funny until my medium coffee kicked in near White River Jct. I decided I would find a nice place to patronize. Not many places are open at 7am on a Sunday morning. My situation was becoming desperate. I finally found an open diner before disaster struck. Of course it was a small mom and pop place, so I felt obliged to order a coffee to go. One dollar and thirty-seven cents later plus another dollar tip (who really feels good about leaving change for a tip?) and I was back on the highway after a five mile and fifteen minute detour.
The race was fun to watch. Fyffe got second, and Greg was fifth man for CMS. Operation Magnum looked like a success. There really are a lot of fast dudes and dudettes at these New England Grand Prix events. After the race Gina and I headed up into Smuggler's Notch to stretch our legs.
We decided that we didn't want to hike to the top of Mount Mansfield. We didn't feel like driving the 2 and a half hours home with weary legs late in the afternoon. Here was the trailhead sign describing the trail we chose to explore.

We only climbed up the very steep, boulder strewn trail for about 30 minutes before we decided to head back down for a picnic on flatter ground. We ate lunch, farted around in the freezing cold stream, and headed straight to Ben & Jerry's for the tour and ice cream. By 1pm we were back in the car with our sense of adventure and appetites for lard satisfied.

We were seasoned Vermont travelers on our way home. We knew to mind our bladders and other areas much sooner than we would in any other state. I was amazed that there isn't a single rest area from Brattleboro to Stowe. We did switch drivers near Westminster at a Parking Area. This stop further revealed the state of Vermont's baffling stance on ones and twos. They think people want to pull over on the side of the interstate and simply park. It never crossed their minds that people might need to relieve themselves. This parking area was truly disgusting. I saw a few people committing the walk of shame from the surrounding woods. There was trash everywhere. Why wouldn't there be? There wasn't a trash can to be found in the parking area. Then I saw something truly horrific and worthy of documentation. I'm warning you now that the following image is sickening. If you are at all squeamish do not look at the last photo. Someone couldn't hold it and dropped one right on the sidewalk. I know it wasn't a dog because there was toilet paper revealing the criminal's species. It was homo sapiens... probably from out of state!

Warning! Image made small for your safety.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Comeback #33.

The title of the blog says it all. I have had more comebacks (attempts at getting back in shape) than years in my life. I'll be 33 on August 9th, which is one day before my wedding. I was always pretty athletic during my childhood and adolescent years. I played soccer since I was 6, shot hoops almost daily since about that age, and participated in 3 sports my senior year of high school. During my freshman year at URI, I played at least 6 intramural sports: outdoor soccer, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, indoor soccer, basketball, and softball. Sprinkle in running and weightlifting, and I became fairly fit. I even walked onto the cross country team my junior year. I wore the Rhody Blues for one race before an injury ended my short lived career as a Division 1 athlete.
I didn't have my first comeback until I was 23 years old. I needed it. I had just quit a job where I travelled around the country, ate 20 ounce steaks, drank 100's of ounces of beer, and did ZERO ounces of activity. At this time I developed lower back problems. Over the next 9+ years my fitness would seesaw back and forth, but ultimately lethargy would always prevail.
I've done things that would make it seem like I was still an athletic and healthy guy. I've run numerous trail races, including the Pisgah 50k in 2007. I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in 2004. Yet tremendous setbacks have been mixed in with my triumphs. In 2005, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, and this May, I learned my chronic lower back problems were because I have Anklosing Spondylitis.
All this has made me realize that I need comeback 33 to be the final comeback. Enough is enough. I can't even spell one of my conditions. I'm not too old and too sick to have an enjoyable life. I want to be able to live a long and happy life with Gina(my future wife). I want to be able to call up my friends and shoot some hoops or go fishing comfortably in a canoe. I want to be able to run and hike with my family...
In the past ten years I've learned an important truth about life and comebacks:

Lethargy breeds lethargy... and

Yaddaftatattin breeds Yaddaftatattin!