Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week ending 7/18

Monday: Run 7 miles. Kilburn, Pisgah Ridge. Swam with
Greg and Griffin after run.

Tuesday: 2 hours of basketball.

Wednesday: Lifted- chest and back x2. Run 3.5 Keene Rail Trail.

Thursday: Lifted- oaken arms. Picked blueberries Pitcher Mtn. 2 hours of hoops.

Friday: Fishing, snorkeling, and blueberry picking at the Pisgah Reservoir. I fear that I might not get a run in today. I'll have to go long tomorrow.

Saturday: Run 7 miles. Kilburn, Pisgah Ridge w/Griffin. Wanted to go longer but my stomach was bugging me.

Sunday: Great run 2.5 miles, 17:47. Friedsam. Didn't feel like running-full on ice cream. Felt great once I got going. Hammered the whole way.

Total running: 4 days. 20 miles. Decent start.
Days lifting: 2. I would like my minimum to be 3 days. Need to do better.

Last Week Miles: 0/ first week of comeback!

Yearly Miles: 20


  1. Glenn how did I not know about this????

  2. My blog hasn't gone viral yet! ;)

  3. It might go viral after the Vermont post....

  4. But it about to blow up and spread like the bubonic, kid!!

  5. Once you start the core work, you won't want to stop. Plus, your new bride will love you even more. Let me know how it's going. Keep in touch.