Sunday, November 28, 2010

week of Nov. 22nd - 28th

Monday: 0. Feel crippled. First day of Bball tryouts.

Tuesday: 2 in Friedsam with Jimmy. Not a good run. Pain the entire way.

Wednesday: 3 Beals Knob + with Jimmy and Griffin. Didn't feel horrible. I won't be attending the workout today though.

Thursday: 5 + Turkey Limp. 23:14 or so. I limped the whole way. Some how I feel loose now. Glad I went.

Friday: 3 w/ wolves Beales Knob. Feeling a little better.

Saturday: 3. same route as above w/Jimmy. These hardly meet the criteria for running. I always feel better after.

Sunday: 3. Beales w/ Jimmy. 1 inch of snow on the ground made for a beautiful run. Nice sunny weather 28 degrees. Feeling a little better. 1 in Friedsam w/ Jimmy in pm. Back is tighter than it was in the morning. Two tears in a bucket.

Total running: 20
Days lifting:

Last Week Miles: 22
Yearly Miles: 440

This week was not too impressive. My back really hurt early in the week. Truthfully, it doesn't feel too much better now; however, I can tell it is a wee bit better. I'm just going to take it easy. I have no races on the horizon. I just want to keep hitting 20-35 miles a week for the month of December. Hopefully, my back will continue improving. I'm excited for cold, snowy weather and Xmas vacation!

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