Monday, December 27, 2010

December 20th - 26th

Monday: 0.

Tuesday: Game at Derryfield. We lost by 13.

Wednesday: Lifted upper x 4. Benched 180 x 4 on the machine. Not real bench press, but it felt good none the less.

Thursday: Walked w/ Jimmy Davis Hill 45 minutes. I guess I could have run. No desire to slip on the ice and tweak my back. I'm still feeling great. Tomorrow I drive to Rhody for Xmas Eve.

Friday: Drove to Rhody for Xmas Eve. 2 sets power cleans + 2 sets curls.

Saturday: Drove to Westmoreland for Xmas Day. All that driving and my back feels fine. I went running with Jimmy 2 miles in the pm. I'm feeling good. Thank you lifting!

Sunday: Walked Jimmy in the am and pm. No running. Had basketball practice. Did all the drills and scrimmaging. Fun. Here comes the snow.

Total running: 2
Days lifting: 2

Last Week Miles: 0
Yearly Miles: 457

I wish I lifted more. I'm still feeling good. I should get some runs in this week with vacation.

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