Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring on 2011

The New Year is here. My comeback started in the middle of July, so this isn't the end of a year of training for me. I'll keep it short and sweet.

The last month my running has gone out the window with coaching, but I've been lifting 3x per week and playing hoops with the team. I'm feeling better than I've felt in a long time. I realize the importance of strength training.

Today, I did a four mile run in Pisgah. It's amazing how much faster I can run when I'm not in pain. I'm looking forward to continued lifting and sneaking in a run when my schedule allows. I should be back in the swing of things once basketball winds down. Here are some 2011 goals:

1. Keep lifting 3 x week.
2. Run a sub 20 5k.
3. Go to Wednesday workouts this summer.
4. Beat my 2010 Pisgah time.
5. Beat my 2010 Lil Rhody time.
6. Have Fun!

That should do it. Enjoy 2011 everyone!


  1. Nice job, Glenn!! The Hammetts are on track for world domination!!

  2. To clarify: good job Glenny - 2010 was an awesome year for you!!

  3. Good goals, ace. I don't know what's up with church either.

  4. Thanks Jonny! We use "Church" as see you later!