Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week ending 1/2/2011

Monday: 2 running w/Jimmy. I ran to and from Friedsam then ran when I felt like it once in the woods. 4 miles hike/run with 50%running. Oh yeah, it was in a foot of powder. Fun, beautiful stuff!

Tuesday: Lifted upper1X 3 plus lunges.

Wednesday: Lifted upper2x3 plus power cleans. Nice long snowshoe hike in Pisgah w/ Greg and wolves.

Thursday: Hiked in am 2.5 w/ Jimmy. Pm: Beals Knob w/Jimmy mixed in running. 1 mile.

Friday: Am: Beals Knob with Jimmy.

Saturday: Happy New year! 4 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy. Fun run. I saw moose tracks, 2 Pileated Woodpeckers, and Jimmy and I sprinted and dove behind a tree to hide from a fleet of earth rapers I mean snowmobiles.

Sunday: 6 miles w/Jimmy: Beals, Nash, Fullam. Took hard fall. The trails are icy, mushy, and sloppy from the warm weather. Saw some fresh moose tracks near the old ones from yesterday.

Total running: 13
Days lifting: 2

Last Week Miles: 2
Yearly Miles: 470

I love vacation!!!!


  1. "everybody look for moose!"

  2. Hey Glenn, Happy New Year! I hope to be able to run with you some more this year. Talk to you soon,

  3. I hope you have healthy new year! Here's to many good miles and core workouts!

  4. Thanks James and KG! Jen- HA!