Monday, January 17, 2011

Week ending 1/16/2011

Monday: Lifted Upper2 x 3. Went for max on the bench press machine. 220! I know it's not free weights, but it still felt pretty good. I need to get to the gym and try this with free weights to find my real max. Not bad for 140ish.

Tuesday: Beals Knob hike w/Griffy and Jimmy.

Wednesday: Shoveled and played in the snow.

Thursday: Lifted upper1 x 3 + power-cleans. Hiked w/ Jimmy in the deep snow in Friedsam.

Friday: Hike w/ Jimmy in Friedsam.

Saturday: Hike up Beals Knob w/ Jimmy.

Sunday: Lifted upper1 x 3. Hike in Friedsam w/Jimmy. Ran 25 laps w/team. I won't count it. Feeling good!

Total running:
Days lifting: 3

Last Week Miles: 2
2010 Yearly Miles: 460
2011 Yearly Miles: 12

Lifted 3 days; that's good. Ran 0; that's not so good. Oh well, I'm feeling strong!

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