Monday, August 23, 2010

Week ending 8/22

Monday: 3 miles with the cross country team, +fantastic 5 (form drills). Pm 1 mile walk w/Griffin + 5x15sec barefoot hill sprints in Friedsam.

Tuesday: 1.5 with the team. Moved more stuff into the house. Almost completely moved in. Need to lift and run a real run tomorrow.

Wednesday: Ran 2 miles with the team. Form drills and core routine. Didn't get my "real run" in today. Oh well.

Thursday: Am 2 miles with team. Pm 3 miles with team. Form drills and core routine + 6 striders. Need to lift.

Friday: 1 mile with team. Lifted upper body. Felt good to lift again.

Saturday: 7 miles Southwoods trail. + 4 striders. Felt great.

Sunday: Down in Rhody: Started to run. 2 minutes in it really started pouring and Griffin ran back to the house. I figured she was on to something. log .5- It gets me to 20 for the week, so I'll take it.

Total running: 20
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 6
Yearly Miles: 95.5

Recap: Most of my running was warm up and cool down running with the team. I had a great run on Saturday. Next week school starts. I need to lift 3 days and get at least 20, preferably 30 miles. My general fitness this week feels decent. The form drills, strenghth drills, and striders with the team are keeping me limber. I haven't taken my drugs for my AS in over 3 weeks (it has ridiculous side effects) and I'm still pain free. That's really what this comeback is all about. I don't care if I'm a world beater- I just want to be able to enjoy life and have general fitness. Let's keep it going!


  1. nice week man. Hows the new house coming along?

  2. Not too shabby. The bathroom is painted. We're still setting up some of the rooms.

  3. Nice...pain free (and medication free) is awesome!!