Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week of Oct. 4th-10th

Monday: 1 mile hike w/Jimmy + hill sprints.

Tuesday: 3 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah. Cranked the Hill in 2:15.

Wednesday: 0. Did chores after practice. No time to run. Back on Humera.

Thursday: Humera is working already! 2 miles w/team + 2 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah.

Friday: 3 miles with the Jimmster in Pisgah.

Saturday: Easy 6 w/ Jimmy and Griffin in Pisgah. Nice weather!

Sunday: 6 solo in Hinsdale. The first half was on the Rail Trail; second half was on the roads. Roads hurt. I need new kicks.

Total running: 22
Days lifting:0

Last Week Miles: 21
Yearly Miles: 271

The back and crohn's were starting to act up this week. I'm back on the ole Humera and feeling good. It was fun while it lasted. Luckily I didn't wait until it got really bad, so I can get back into full training mode!

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